How to Make Banner in Photoshop

Advertisement is a useful way of promoting all kind of businesses and help to expand the business. However, if you have enough information of making banner in Photoshop for ads, so that’s why in this article we are going to give you easy steps that how you will create banner in Photoshop for different Advertisements-How to Make Banner in Photoshop.

Steps to Create Banner in Photoshop

It’s been clear to you about how to create banners in Photoshop for ads and you will be able to use our steps in your skills when you are creating a beautiful Advertisement.

Step: 1


This is one of the most basic sizes for ad banners which is: 300 x 250px. This step is very easy simply you should open Adobe Photoshop and create a new document which is larger than that. You can use a simple texture on gray or any other color for the background.

Step: 2


You can use the rectangular tool (U) and that should be 300 x250 pixels in size. Then you have to create a dark gray rectangle.

Step: 3


In this step you have to apply an Inner Glow effect, may it will looks blurry at the moment; the inner glow will be a nice touch to our rectangle when you will finish it.

Step: 4


In this step you will apply a transparent pattern to shape. It should be barely visible, that’s why we have set the blend mode to: Soft Light and the opacity is set to 5 percent. The pattern I used is a part of this set.

Step: 5


In this step you will finish the rectangle with a stroke effect and must be 1 pixel in size, finally, it must be a bit darker than the base color of the rectangle.

Step: 6


In this step, you have to take any of ornamental vector set that you can find on the web. There some free which is available on the internet. You can use 2 identical ornamental shapes taken from the web and placed them according to the set. For the headline, you will use the “Bebas Neue” font, which size is 48pixels.

Step: 7


In this step take the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), set the radius to 2 pixels and create a shape of 260×125 pixels. After that apply a drop shadow effect to it. You will have to duplicate the shape two times and reduce the size of the first one by 1 percent and the second one by 2 percent.

Step: 8


In this step, you have to input some text by using the Museo Slab. After that grab any 16×16 pixels icons from the IconSweets 2, set and place them accordingly. By using the Line Tool (U), create two subtle lines (#e6e6e6) which will same like distributors for the text strokes.

Step: 9STEP 9

In this step you should create a red shape (#dc4027) by using the Rounded Rectangle Tool (U), and this will be the base for our call-to-action button. In this step apply a drop shadow effect.

Step: 10


This is the simple step in which you have to apply the subtle inner shadow effect and you have set the opacity to 15%.

Step: 11


In this step you apply to a gradient overlay effect having a soft light blend mode. Set the capacity to 35%.

Step: 12


In this step, you have to finish the button by adding the stroke effect. Set the Fill Type as Gradient so you can apply a darker red color for the bottom part and a brighter one for the “first half” of the button.

Step: 13


In this step you can use the “Bebas Neue” font again to input some text on the button. It could be the same as you want it, and apply some drop shadow to the text.

Step: 14


In this step, you will use PSD file which you can take very easily.

Now finish the button by adding some “hand-written” text or any other sort of text under the CTA button. Use “Journal” to achieve that handwritten like effect. It’s very easy to create the arrow as well. You will have to create any shape, like a slash and then use the “Warp Text” feature to achieve the desired result.

How to Use Retro Style Images and Banners for Advertising

Retro style images are famous style adopted by graphic designers for web and print design. They are good, fashionable, attracting and add to the ‘cool’ factor of the company and its products. There are lots of stock images and are available for download which can be used for web designing. However, if you want something unique or different so it’s better to grab a pencil and paper and do it yourself.

Step 1:


If you are designing a website, it is important for you to choose the image while constructing the wireframe and it should be fit on your all layout. Then have a look at some examples to get an idea. It is important to use them like banners or as full body depiction which encompasses the entire page.

Step: 2 Sketch


If you judge on the layout then start working on an image. So start with a few pencils sketches and try to capture the importance of the product. To make sure that the original product gets the deserved attention because it is necessary to have the attention of the product that you have mentioned and must remain highlighted and looks like a combination of fun as well.

Step: 3 Scan


In this step photocopy the pencil sketch so that it can be used later or for second time, and you can skin the sketch and also add the detail. The detail includes body of the image, hairstyle of the image and dress etc, and if you feel more comfortable on paper then try to sketch the details on the photocopy and then skin it.

Step: 4 Digitally Enhance

If you are satisfied from the scan so open it with Photoshop and plug-in your Wacom. First, you have to use the magic wand tool in Photoshop for selecting as many areas as possible from the image and save the structure in a new layer. Now use the pen tool to select around a shape and copy on a new layer. Finally use the brush tool and with a lot of care movements of the Wacom pen add finishing touches to the image.

A .The using of the magic wand tool to select and copy areas from the scanned image, and construct them again on a different layer

Digitally Enhance

  1. Zoom and use the pen tool and copy the finer details on layer 2.

Digitally Enhance

Step: 5 Integrate

Digitally Enhance

In this step you have to add the mobile phone or any other device or product to the image and adjust the size and contrast of the image for smooth integration. Add the whole image to the banner or the web layout. Then here try a few different backgrounds to see what works best.

So this is a great change if you notice, now we are helping you in the last thing and that is Boost your productivity with some awesome Photoshop cheat sheets.

Improve Your Work Flow:

Photoshop Cheats Sheets and Reference Cards

As you know for busy people time is very precious because they want to fulfill an activity in a short time. So we are presenting you very important tools in place of Photoshop that could be very informative for business or professional people and for those who want to save their time. This could make it simple for you to go to the tools and use keyboard shortcuts like an expert.

Adobe Photoshop CS 5

Adobe Photoshop CS5

Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

There are all shortcuts that are organized and also simplified in one page and there are also corresponding codes for keys.

Adobe Photoshop CS 4

Adobe Photoshop CS3

Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet

Here all keyboard shortcuts are organized into four pages by menu and also alphabetically by key.

Keyboard shortcuts presents

This is a set of keyboard shortcuts which includes dozens of extra shortcuts that is commonly using in commands. Installations instructions are included in the ZIP and self-installing MXF file.

Adobe Photoshop CS 3
Adobe Photoshop CS 3

Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

All keyboard shortcuts are organized into four pages by menu and as alphabetically by key. Another important point is that the (KYS) Keyboard Shortcuts file includes dozens of extra shortcuts for commonly used commands. The installation instructions are included in the ZIP file.

Adobe Photoshop CS 2

Adobe Photoshop CS 2

All keyboard shortcuts organized into four pages, by menu and by alphabetically key.

Keyboard Shortcuts Presents

It includes Keyboard Shortcuts (KYS), Menu Customization (MNU), and Workspace files, all these files contain dozens of extra shortcuts for common command usage. Installation and instructions are included in the ZIP file.

Adobe Photoshop CS

Keyboard Shortcuts Presets

This keyboard shortcuts (KYS) file includes dozens of extra shortcuts for commonly used commands. This is 100% compatible with default keyboard shortcuts. Installation and instructions are included in the ZIP file.

Adobe Photoshop 7

Adobe Photoshop 6

Adobe Photoshop 6

KYS Cheat Sheet 
Here all the keyboard shortcuts have to be organized into two pages, by menu and alphabetically by with the help of keys.

Adobe Photoshop 5


Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet
All keyboard shortcuts are organized into two pages, by menu, and as alphabetically by key.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3All keyboard shortcuts are organized into eleven pages, by menu, and as alphabetically by key.

Adobe Photoshop Light room 2

Adobe Photoshop Light room 2

All keyboard shortcuts are organized into four pages, by menu, and as alphabetically by key.

Tools and Layers Cheat Sheets

Tools and Layers Cheat Sheets

This is a quick reference guide to all tools of Adobe Photoshop 7.0. Photoshop Quick Reference, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Cheat Sheet.

Adobe Pen Tool Cheat Sheet

Adobe Pen Tool Cheat Sheet

Adobe pen tool works much better the same with Photoshop, and InDesign. Though these tools work all-around and works as many tasks, it’s a fact that many people still get confused with how to handle certain tasks, and determine the differences between the various pen symbols. So this would be a great help for all Adobe users.

Keys for Using the Layers Palette

Keys for Using the Layers Palette

Layers are made to organize and categorize your steps for modifying any image. It’ll provide help to navigate by that layers palette and can made easier, faster and important sheet.

Photoshop Brush Tool CheatSheeps

Photoshop Brush Tool CheatSheeps

Here in this sheet you can resize and get from one brush to another in a breeze.

Photoshop Lasso Tool CheatSheet

Photoshop Lasso Tool CheatSheet

This sheet Lasso tool can be used to make selections around an image with very irregular shape. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get it right especially if you don’t have steady hands. Use this cheat sheet to achieve a good selection for yourself using the Lasso tool is very beneficial.

Photoshop ToolBox Reference

Photoshop ToolBox Reference

Final Words

These are tools of Photoshop; the toolbox can make you confuse and may be will lost in sometimes. So use the keyboard shortcuts that makes your job easier and faster and it also saves your time.

So this was the end of our article through which you can make easily a banner in Photoshop for Advertising.


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