How to Make Money on YouTube

If you are an active youtuber creating consistent, high quality content for an engaged YouTube audience, YouTube is a phenomenal way to make money doing what you love. If you do it the right way! So How to Make Money on YouTube.?

Make Money on YouTube Through Advertisement

The first and easiest way to make money on YouTube is through advertisement and you can do this by enabling monetization on your YouTube videos in your YouTube account settings.

You can enable this and what this will do is it’ll link your YouTube to a Google Ad Sense account. Once you are approved and you enable monetization across all your videos, advertisements pop up next to or right before your video.

If someone hates your video so much (just kidding), that  they decide to click on the ads out of boredom – that’s a success – you will get a small percentage of the fees that the advertiser pays to Google for those advertisement.

That is well known approach to begin profiting on your YouTube videos.

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Make Money on YouTube Through Donations

This might not look a viable option to earn money at first blush, but it can generate coins, trust me on this one.

YouTube let’s your fans support your channel with a feature called Fan Funding. This adds a widget to your Channel homepage asking viewers to donate money to support your channel.

You must have a verified account with AdSense connected in order for Fan Funding to work.

You can also use the site patreon.comhowever it depends on a month to month membership expense.

It is up to you to get your viewers to fund you. You can beg them to pay you, or there is easy way – make videos that are worthy.

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Make Money on YouTube Through Affiliate

The third way is through affiliates. You can also earn money from YouTube by promoting, recommending reviewing affiliate products.

Thanks to Amazon, they have an affiliate program where you can simply sign up for Amazon associate account, and if you are approved you can start sharing any Amazon product with your special link.

someone buys  using your special link you will get a small amount from Amazon for referring customer.

You can also check ClickBank for affiliate products.

Make Money on YouTube Through Sponsorships

The most popular way to get sponsorships for your YouTube videos is a site called

It does requires at least 5000 YouTube subscribers. If you have 5000 youtube subscribers then its the most ideal approach to get connected up with organizations who need to sponsor videos.

What you need to do is simply submit sponsorship proposals to the brands that fit your YouTube videos, and once you are approved they will pay you for doing reviews of their products.

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Make Money on YouTube Through Opportunities

Let’s get real now, you can’t really start a YouTube channel just to focus on making money.

It simply won’t earn you any dime.

Content creators (video making)  on YouTube are knee deep in making videos for single purpose — earn money. That’s not the success path here.

The key to success is to be consistent. And love your work of course. You can’t hope to consistently work on something you don’t love.

Love the process of creating videos. Enjoy your topic. Though you have clicked on this article to learn how to make money, remember — maybe you don’t even realize it yet — but you are not money making machine, YouTube is.

Look at Rory Kramer. He’s made money from YouTube by creating opportunities for himself by uploading the videos he loves. He did it for years without really any type of income strategy and got noticed by some popular DJs and then actually got a opportunity to film a music video for Justin Bieber.

If you upload videos consistently and love what you do you will see opportunities down the road.

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