How to make verified PayPal Account in Pakistan

In Pakistan not only the PayPal but there are some other internet services that have been closed for Pakistan that has made the people frustrated. Almost 190 countries around the globe are entertaining with PayPal good services. However, there’s a solution that we’re going to tell you step by step that how make a verified PayPal account in Pakistan – How to make verified PayPal Account in Pakistan


This method isn’t illegal and many points have to be noted, the third party services will have been using to help us to verify a PayPal account. Following are the important resources to be need and it’ll be cleared how to get them,
• USA bank account
• Credit card or debit card
• USA address
• Patience of some days

Ordering a Payoneer Master Card

In the first step a Payoneer master card is important to have, but I’d like to elaborate you what Payoneer is.

What is a Payoneer?

Payoneer is the online payment of any solution like PayPal through which you can send and receive money. It’s registered Master Card Merchant Service Provider having partnership with USA bank that delivers the services around the globe. When you sing up for Payoneer, there you could be able to get a free real Master Card shipped to your address. It can take from any ATM of the world and in Pakistan standard chartered bank, allied bank and MCB supports the Payoneer Master Card.

Free Pyoneer MasterCard is very important to get to the verified PayPal. In the first step you submit a kind of application to order your card

1: A window will open for you that give a little information about the Payoneer as shown in the picture below.

2: In this step click on the Sign up Button

3: In new window you’ll have a signup form that should be filling with your authentic details. The details are including first & last name that should be identical according to Government Issued CNIC. Put your valid email address that’ll be your username as well in PayPal and we prefer to create one email on Gmail. At the end, submit your real date of birth as mentioned on your documents and CNIC.

Note: You have to be at least 18 years old in order to apply for personal Payoneer MasterCard. Otherwise, you can apply by the name of you parents or elder siblings from the family.

4: Select Pakistan from down menu on the next page, after that enter a street address, postal code and city as you have on your CNIC. Then at the end provide a valid Mobile or any contact number and hit next to submit.

5: In this step you need to enter your password and some security question. The best thing is to write it on any paper and store the paper on secure place. After all choose an easy password which is easy to memorize and hit the next if done.

6: In this step select the type of identity you are going to provide and pay attention to your CNIC. Then enter the CNIC number without any spaces or dashes.

7: This is the last step in which you’ll scroll down a little on the same page and accept all terms, agreements and rules as they have applied.

After a few minutes a confirmation message will receive from Payoneer, if their support team has verified your application and details so they’ll give provide you a welcome email from Payoneer.

Eventually, you are done to get a verified Paypal account in Pakistan. Now you can easily login to your account from>My Account. Just enter your email address as your username and the password that you provided while signing in.

When to get your Master Card?

The Payoneer is responsible to ship your card to the given address. The card often takes 10-15 days to ship and sometimes within a week. However, shipping depends on your location as well, if your location is in a suburb so it’ll take a few days more.

Steps for after receiving Card

Activating your Master Card
1: Get login to account.
2: Click on the “Activate Card”
3: Enter the username and password again.
4: Type the digit card number that consist of 16 numbers.
5: Choose a four-digit PIN.
6: Click on Submit.

Submit Questionnaire, CNIC Scanned Images and Get free USA Bank Account

1: Log in to your Payoneer Account
2: Under the menu option on the top menu bar click on US Payment Service

3: Move down a bit where you can see your personal USA “First Century Bank” account number with routing number. It’ll use to verify PayPal later.
You’ll see an option under your bank account number, the option is about to submit a questionnaire and CNIC Scanned images. You’ve to click on the questionnaire and next page that is written 2-5 lines telling why you are using Payoneer. Then you have to write that you want to receive payment from Freelancing sites or provide any other reason.
Here you will submit your documents for this you have to click on Submit, choose the type of identity and upload the front and back of your CNIC and hit submit. Using all these steps will make done with Payoneer MasterCard. Now the first head to do is towards PayPal and verify it with the help of Payoneer.

Sign up for PayPal & verify it Using Payoneer

At least we here almost at the end, now head over to Then you’ll hit the sign up button.

Select “Personal Account” and click on continue.

Now here you have to enter the same email that you have used on Payoneer, choose a random Password and hit continue button.

Here on the next page, you’ve provide the first and last name. It should be the same as on your Payoneer MasterCard. In street address you have to enter the same street address that you have given on Payoneer. For the City you have to type “New York” and for state “NY”, for Zip Code type “10001”. For city you may enter any city of United States and for mobile number type the seven digits number which you gave on Payoneer. In case your mobile number is 0300-4323543, then just remove the first four digits and type the remaining seven digits like 4323543. If you are agree to the terms and conditions then click on Create Account.

Here you need to enter your 16 Digit Payoneer Card number, expiration month, date and 3 digit CVV/CSS which should on the back of your card. After this step click on the Link Card. So there’ll be a form that you can skip as well because we don’t need that.
Wow! This is the time that we have successfully created a PayPal account but not verified. In the top right corner click on the “Account” button. In the next step, confirm your PayPal account by clicking on “Confirm Email”. You might be asked for setting any security questions, so select some random and memorize it. You may be asked to set a security question. Just select a random and learn it.

Coming to the interesting part, click on a “Link a Bank”, next click on the next window click that is “I have a different bank”. Here you will select your bank type “checking”. You’ll require a routing number and bank account number then login to your Payoneer Account.

In this step you’ll click on Receive Payment>US Payment Service, then scroll down and copy paste the routing and account number. If you have done then click on Agree and Link!

PayPal will send two small transactions in your Payoneer card after one or two days. Then you’ll receive an email containing that amount. Now head upon the PayPal account and click “Confirm Bank” and you have to enter the two amounts you have already received. Hit the “Confirm” button

Congratulation!! Now you successfully verified your very own PayPal account in Pakistan. However, the simplest point is the mobile number verification that’s left. It isn’t a problem but better for safety and you can buy virtual USA number and verify PayPal. You can also take help of your friends or family members who is living in USA.

Important points to be note

• Never login again and again in your PayPal
• Don’t use various proxies for logging in
• Do send payment to a verified PayPal
• Try to enjoy whenever you want.


The steps that we mentioned are 100% useful and working. In case any mistake or loss, the author isn’t responsible. You can take help from them and for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.

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