How to make YouTube Collaboration work?

You might have watched videos of other vloggers on their YouTube channel that make you wonder what are they talking about. A YouTube Collaboration can be any collaborative effort that has been made by two or more than two vloggers on YouTube. It works to get more exposure and also helps in growing the audience to work together.

Reason for why YouTube Collaborations are effective

There are many reasons for YouTube Collaboration but the collaborations are the most effective marketing strategies in which new YouTubers can get more views and subscribers. These are important to work because when you collaborate with another YouTuber having the same audience, so you two can make your reach double even for a single video. The YouTube collaborations also provide you instant exposures to have more and more audience.

YouTube Collaboration’s Example

Sometime it may happen with you getting wonder how to collaborate with another YouTuber for growing your audience. Well, there are many options but we’re going to tell you the important and effective options;

Guest Appearances::: Do try to approach like as a guest in another YouTuber’s vlogs where they’ll interview you and will know that what you do and how you can add to vlogging environment. It’s easy for you to trade guest appearances for boosting your two YouTube channels. You can also guest appearances that have never been easier, now you can record and add Google Hangouts to your YouTube channel.

Create a Collab Video::: Now you can also make a video together but you have to work on this collab video together. Then you both will upload parts of the video to your individual channel and link to each other in your video descriptions. It could be a bit difficult but very important to motivate your partner’s YouTube channel by a call to have the action at ending of each videos.

Guest Vlogs::: You may have some problem while getting together to made a YouTube collab video. However, Google Hangouts make it easy for you to do guest appearance. It isn’t as same as making a video together but in alternate you can each make own video and after making swap them and upload each video to you channels. If your YouTube channel’s topic areas are relevant so it’ll work very well. The best thing is to write a good and interesting introduction in your video description.

Exchange Mentions::: Finally, we’re going to tell you the easiest way to collaborate that is exchanging mentions and shout-outs in each other videos. In the outro to your video with the thanking to your viewers to watch, you have to say like “If you are interested what I have to say about these topics so check my friend username’s vlogs out”. After all add a link to your collab partner’s channel in a description link on your video, so both of you will get enough views from the audience.

Find a Collab Partner having same Interests

When you want to do a collaboration video so you need to be sure that your partner creates content similar to your own. Suppose that if one YouTuber is having a gaming channel and the other has tutorials. Now it’ll make much trouble to find common ground.  You have to find a collaboration partner who makes his/her YouTube videos that are relevant and same to your viewers’ interests.

Similar Audiences

This is very essential and appealing to find a YouTube collaboration partner that is having 500,000 subscribers. But if you have almost 5000 subscribers so it might not work on both sides because of big difference. It’ll also be impossible if your level of exposure is change to your prospective collab so in this case they may not be interested in collaboration.

Be Clear on Your Intentions from the Get-Go

You might know that it common for a collaboration effort getting fail so it seems very important from the onset that both of you agree to a schedule. Also shows and clearly understand the responsibility of doing anything. This is the fact if your partner and you live at a distance and not able to record the video together in one location. If you both agree to work together once then set some expectations and desire but you both have to be decisive. Moreover, check your partner whether the collab partner isn’t committing well with you so it could be better to understand before dedicating hours to this project.

Reaching Out to YouTubers for Collaborations

If by chance you knew a great prospective partner and not having any contact with them so you can help from social media. It’s good to connect through email, blog and comments. The usual ideal collab partner already knows and commented on your YouTube videos. Whenever you identify the right collab partner then it’s easy for you to grow you viewership and subscriber count.

Finally, identification of right collab partner can provide you many benefits regarding your viewers. So you can use these tips to have a successful YouTube collaboration. If you like our ideas and want to leave a comment or feedback so you can visit at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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