How to Start an Online Store

We are going to show you how to create your own online store step by step. First, you need to prefer to these three things that are very important before starting an online store,

  • A domain name idea
  • Web hosting account
  • Your pure attention of just 30 minutes

Step:1: Choose right Platform 

This is the initial step that is very important and Most of the users go wrong by not choosing the correct/right platform for their online store. We have more important parts in this step that we are going to show you,

What is Shopify?

It is basically a fully wasted e-commerce solution. It’s a hassle-free solution that starts at $29/-month that will make easy for you to start selling after logging in. On other hand, Shopify gets quite expensive, therefore, a lot of users choose WordPress +Woo commerce rather than take of Shopify. For online store you also have to have a domain name, web hosting of a SSC certificate.

What is domain name?

It is basically name or address (website) that your users will type for reaching your website. In domain name there are many points that most of the people don’t know.

Web hosting?  Where your website lives on the internet.

SSC Certificate? It is used for security purposes and adding a security layer on your layer, for example it is required for the accepting credit cards payments on your website. They have got the different costs,the domain name costs almost $14.99/year, Web hosting costs $7.99/month whereas the SSC certificates costs $ 64.99/year.

First, open up your blue host in a new window using this link and more ahead, first you click on the green get started now button to be get started with.

After that, you will select a plan, and then you will be asked for the domain name.

After finishing you have to add your account information. You will be seen by some optional entries on this that you may or may not purchase. After completion, you’ll receive an email that would be having details about how to login to your hosting control panel.

package information

After logging into your c panel you will be greeted with a popup that would inform you that WordPress with Woo-commerce is pre-installed.

You will be taken to your WordPress sites dashboard when you click on “log into your site” button.

Step 2: Setting up WordPress

WordPress and Woo commerce have been installed on your website automatically by blue host. You will see the welcome message after logging in to WordPress. Then you would be asked about help but you will click on “I don’t need help” link.

You would first visit setting>>General page or setup your WordPress site title and description. You would be needed to change your WordPress and site address on this page for using https instead of HTTP.

Then click on the save changes button for storing your settings.

Step: 3 Set Up Store

All the amount related services like Currency, payment and shipping information etc must be set before starting any selling product.

You could easily notice a “Welcome to Woo Commerce” page on your WordPress admin page. So move to forward and click on the “Run Setup Wizard” button, and getting a head click on “let’s go” button.woocommerce

For cart, account, shop and checkout etc Woo commerce need some essential pages. Clicking on continue button will automatically create these pages.

This will take you to the next step. After doing this click on continue button and then get in to shipping and tax information.

Both digital downloads and physical goods can be sold by Woo commerce, it’s optional for you. If are shipping goods  so you’ll need to check the box or leave it unchecked.

Next, you may answer to questions or not, you would be helped by Woo commerce in this case

Going forward click on the continue button to be asked for choosing a payment method for online store. The easiest way to accept payment is using PayPal standard. For this, you would only be needed to add your PayPal email address and click continue button.

Most of the people use both PayPal and stripe. Instructions are given on the Woo commerce page for setting up strip, your store is set up.

Step: 4 Adding products to your online store

Once you are done with the above steps now you are prepared to add products to your online store.

For this you would be needed to visit products>>Add New Page to add a new product.

You will see a “Product Categories” how on the right-hand column.For creating a category for this product then click on the “+ Add new product category”

You will see the product Data box after scrolling down this is the place where you will provide information related to the product like pricing, inventions, shipping etc.

You will see some boxes on your right-hand column to add the main product image and a product gallery.

Now you are able to click on the publish button for adding more products repeat the process.

Step: 5 Selecting & Customizing WordPress Theme

You will give more chances to users to visit your WordPress sites. The user will know the themes control how it look to them. They can also control how your products are displayed in the Woo Commerce list.

Step: 6 Extend your Online Store with Plugins

After having your own online shop now you are able to be get started with other elements to be added to your account. For example about page and much more.

Add features like contact forms, galleries, sliders etc for further customizing WordPress. We have a step by step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin.

Learning WordPress to Grow Your Online Business:

WordPress is very powerful and the largest WordPress free resources for beginners is WP Beginner. We are likely to provide cutting – edge helpful WordPress tutorials at WP Beginners.

*Dictionary of WP Beginner: Learn the commonly used WordPress term and lingo

*Videos at WP Beginner:  For becoming master of WordPress watch these 23 videos.

*Blogging at WordPress: The central place for all over WordPress tutorials.

That’s all, these are the easiest steps to start an online store in internet. You take help from this article and for further information you can visit to our website.

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