Increase Ram Without Buying A New One


RAM Stands for Random Access Memory.
It is a Volatile Memory.
It is a Temporary Memory which means that it Stores Data as long as Computer is ON But if Computer is Turned OFF, All the Data stored in RAM will be Deleted.
RAM is the working memory of Computer it is used to store information
about the programs running on it.


It is different from storage on your Hard disk or Flash Drive, which are used to store data for long term Purposes.

Computer Runs Faster

Computer Runs Faster with More Ram, because there’s less need to move data between RAM & Slower Disks. They can also run more programs at the same time without slowing down, which is naturally useful when you are multitasking between Apps .

General Purpose or Specialized

Most RAMs in a Computer are General Purpose & can be used for any Application But there are also Specialized Video Rams which are used for graphical Operations like Displaying Websites & Video Games

Increase RAM in Computer

If you want to free up RAM in Windows 7 or later versions of Microsoft Operating Systems or Others Operating Systems like Mac OS, Linux, iOS & Android, the principle is the same close Unnecessary applications to increase RAM, especially when you are running a RAM-intensive Process like Playing a Video Game or editing Photos or Videos.

When To Upgrade RAM

In some cases, simply you may need to have more RAM in your computer in order to run certain Softwares , even if you free up as much memory by closing files & programs.

In this Case, you have two options:
1 Buy more RAM To put into your Computer or buy a new computer with enough RAM for what yo want to do.
2 Use your hard disk as RAM

Types OF RAM

There are two types of RAM
(i) Actual RAM
(ii) Virtual RAM

(i) Actual RAM: It is that RAM which you have installed in your Computer or it is Physical Component or it is the hardware. The only way of increasing Actual RAM is to upgrade the Hardware.
(ii) Virtual RAM: It is the Logical Component of Computer.

Steps For Increasing RAM

1 First Open My Computer

2 Click on System Properties

3 Then Click on Advance Settings

4 Click on Settings

5 Then Click on Advance

6 Then Click on Change

7 Remove the Tick from the First Option

8 Click on the Drive you want to use

9 Click on the Drive you want to use

10 Put initial Value in the initial Size

11 Put Maximum Value in the Maximum Size

12 & Then Click OK

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