Innovations Brands on Function and Emotion

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Nowadays most of companies focus on what people are currently buying and how can be the consumers motivated to buy the company’s product. They also the companies are thinking about how to launch a new product to get the attention of new customers. If I say the reality that most of people don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill but a quarter-inch hole. So it simply means that the customers look to the brand and also to the other people that what are they buying

Innovations Brands on Function and Emotion

Snapchat that gives a good example of a company which has good industry trends in favor of a customer care service. Snapchat is interesting because it shows how a company is attracting the market share in the social media/mobile messaging etc. While Facebook is focusing on delivering enhanced search functionality which allows you to find fond memories among old posts. Instagram continues to add new filters and photo-editing capabilities, but Snapchat offers only tools that are on par with the earliest versions of Microsoft Paint. Twitter has opened a new world where you can have enough info about anyone but Snapchat restricts you to the posts of added friends.

Snapchat has already grown to reach 6 billion video views per day. If you compare Facebook which has 8 billion, and it has a valuation of $16 billion. Other social media apps have been criticized for creating an atmosphere in which users are awarded with images of fun adventures and expensive vacations

Winning On Functional and Emotional Levels

Customers have both functional and emotional jobs in nature, and companies need to design offerings that win on both levels. First consider the functional jobs, although these can be more straightforward to satisfy than emotional ones. Most of the companies get so excited about adding new functionality that they overlook the underlying jobs. In general, satisfaction is a customer’s functional jobs require pulling three levers:

  • Focusing on real jobs
  • Satisfying those jobs for particular customers or occasions,
  • Designing solutions that make priory jobs over features.

It is important to satisfy real jobs if you give a look so too many companies start with a new idea and then hope that people would like the company’s product. The end result is often a product that solves low-priority jobs or jobs that people don’t really have.

There is different between job and success that determine whether a job achieves or not. Once you have identified a few high-priority jobs, it is important to make sure that you can do and satisfy those jobs well.

Beware of Features Focus

If you are focusing on features it may makes you lose sight of important jobs. As the mobility PC world or mobile company, Blackberry rushed to get on the tablet train. It quickly got out the PlayBook, which had a touch screen and an icon-based display. It was boasted with a great list of features and was actually quite slick in a number of ways. On the other hand, the PlayBook failed to take advantage of the company’s biggest strength. It launched without native email support and the PlayBook glossed over key mobile communication jobs so that Blackberry could have a competing tablet in the marketplace but unfortunately not.

Most of companies may struggle with functional jobs; they typically get more attention than emotional jobs. Emotional jobs may be neglected in business, especially outside of consumer packaged products such as food and cleaning products. Emotional jobs can be difficult to articulate, and solution-oriented managers have a hard time occurring that how their products can satisfy emotional jobs. Now some enterprise software companies are favor of saying how their worlds can be bright. They also struggle to explain why great products are never broadly adopting.

Using Jobs to Design Better Solution

Much like the problem of adding too many features, attempting to satisfy too many jobs leaves you with a complicated, expensive product. Designing is a breakthrough product requires making difficult decisions, at its core, your new solution will need to focus on satisfying a handful of key jobs. Some of the  jobs that are important but under satisfied in the eyes of the customer. These jobs will act as your North Star, helping the rest of the decisions you make when designing the new offering. So at the lower level, you can focus on satisfying secondary jobs that allow you to distinguish your product further.


So our aim is to provide the general facts about branding that depends on function and emotion for the users and customers. The reason is that every company at the initial stage trying to motivate the customers for company’s product. So we hope you can get enough information from our article.

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