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Internetseekho Disclaimers

Internetseekho is one of the greatest and important sites that provide the best content or information related to technology which you can use in your daily life. This site is very helpful for those who are having business because we provide info about apps apps and themes and plugins and websites that is related and could be helpful in business our site is also useful for other people too.

Why is Internetseekho Free?

First of all we don’t have enough amount and big budget to spend on tools and other training stuff, but we are trying our best with the intention to get to success. Our aim is to provide information to small businesses in order to reach to big business or dream’s business. Secondly, we providing our service through Internetseekho  to offer the users information and help.

How is Internetseekho Funded?

We always believe in being kindness and honest with our audience, We are willing to build a community by providing our service to it. Running a famous website like Internetseekho which helps a lot of users every month needs a kind of investments. Our team creates and we maintain thousands of free written Internetseekho tutorials and also free videos and hundreds of contents that are very useful. The way of our earning money is to receive a donation from some of the users. We get donation in order to work for Internetseekho from most of our audience.

How can you help us?

Our site Internetseekho needs a lot of help and investment to operate and provide service to the audience. In order to give you information we need your help and support.

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Why should you motivate us?

There are a lot of fake bloggers that write fake and negative article without testing the product and blog because they want to have quick way of earning money. In our Internetseekho we want to give priority to people because we deal our team like family and our readers and audience are the on the first category.

All our contents are free because our aim is to provide services to help in small or big business, providing information to students, informing the people about different events etc. We see the success of Internetseekho when you tag us or give us your reply and comment because to start moving fast and trying to provide more good information to the users for getting help.

If you like our site and you do take help from Internetseekho then we hope that you will motivate us and with the help of your support we can hold on working towards our goal that we are going to achieve.