Learn Welcome Panel Removal – WordPress Dashboard

Learn Welcome Panel Removal – WordPress Dashboard

In this article we will tell you about removing the Welcome Panel in your WordPress Dashboard. We will make it clear to you how to get rid of Welcome Panel.

But first of all let us tell you about the features and purposes of Welcome Panel, then we will make it clear to you about removing of Welcome Panel.

What is Welcome Panel?

Welcome Panel is a meta box which is added to the dashboard screen of WordPress admin area.

Welcome Panel provides some useful shortcuts to different sections of your WordPress site.

Learn Welcome Panel Removal - WordPress Dashboard

Welcome Panel has some good shortcuts for performing different tasks and welcome panel also provides help with the new users in finding their way around.


There are many purposes of Welcome Panel.

Welcome Panel helps the beginners in finding their ways around WordPress.

If you want to be familiar with all these locations so Welcome Panel will be less useful to you.

If you have this on your screen, pushes down other important dashboard widgets and make

them less noticeable.

Now we will tell you how you have to hide and remove the Welcome Panel.

How to hide Welcome Panel?

You can hide Welcome Panel by many ways.

The best and easiest way of hiding this panel is just simple click on the Dismiss button at the top right corner of the Welcome Panel.

Learn Welcome Panel Removal - WordPress Dashboard

Second way of hiding the Welcome Panel by clicking on the Screen Options button at the top right corner of the screen which will bring a fly down menu.

You have to uncheck the checkbox next to Welcome option.


Learn Welcome Panel Removal - WordPress Dashboard

In these methods its mentioned above of hiding the panel.

How to access Welcome Panel again?

If you want to access the welcome panel again so there is a simple method through which you can easily access it again.

Simple click on the Screen Option button and then check the box out next to Welcome will find the panel in your screen.

Learn Welcome Panel Removal - WordPress Dashboard

How to completely remove the Welcome Panel?

Now if you want to remove completely Welcome Panel ever from the screen option in WordPress dashboard which is easy and possible.

You require  here a code for this method.

By this method you have to add code to your WordPress site.If it is your first time or you have never done it before then have a look at our guide on pasting spinets from the web into WordPress.

You require this code to add to your theme’s function.php file or a site-specific plugin.

remove_action('welcome_panel', 'wp_welcome_panel')

Finally you can visit to your dashboard screen.By clicking on your Screen Option menu you will notice that there will be no welcome panel option in your dashboard.

So that’s all.We hope with the help of this article you can not only hide the Welcome Panel but also remove welcome panel in WordPress dashboard.If you use this article you will be able that how to remove the Welcome Panel.

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