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How To Make Material Design Avatar on Android

Material Design Avatars are really famous nowadays. Everyone in Google Plus is changing their profile picture to Material Design Avatar. Most of the people has no special skill to make Material Design Avatar. Below we are sharing the simple way to make the Avatar for yourself. No special skill required.

To make material design avatar you will need an app called Material Avatars by Alex Lionne. This app requires Android 5.0 and up.

This app is still in beta and its open source.

Currently it’s not available in the play store. According to the Developer Alex the app will be available within few months in the play store.

Material Design Avatar

Taking the look at app you will see two tabs, the first one contain Four avatars as of now but we are sure that more will be added soon.

How To Make Material Design Avatar on Android

In the next tab you will see avatars that you have made with this app.

material design avatar

You also get a slider menu from which you can access the settings. There is only one option available right now but more will come soon.

material design avatar size

In the app you can select any one avatar from the four avatars.

Once you have selected your avatar style the first thing you will need to do is to choose the background color or user image instead of the background color.

material design avatar

There are lots of different color from which you can choose to change your background color.

Next is Head where you can select your hair color and hair style. Select the color which suits you the best. There are four or five skin colors which you can use for your head.

material avatar maker

Next is Hand, choose the hand color by selecting from skin colors. Choose the color which suit your avatar the best.

material design profile picture

Next is Clothes, for the clothes you have four different skins to choose from. You can also add image to it.

flat avatar maker

So style again there are four style which you can choose from. You can add color to them and also you can add image.

The last thing is accessories like phone watch and headphones. There is only one phone available right now which is the Nexus 5X. More will be added soon.

There are two smartwatches Moto 360 and LG G Watch.

You can change the color of phone watch and headphone.

material design icons

Once you have done everything you can save it to your SD Card or directly share it.

vector avatar

Its very simple and easy to make this avatar no special skills are required to make it.

That’s how you can make this avatar for yourself.

You can download Material Design Avatar app from Here.

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