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What is Fiverr ?

Fiverr is a worldwide online market or gathering place for the sale of provision live stock offering tasks services at a cost of $5, from which it carry out its special position.

This site was initially used by freelancers who used fiverr to present services to customer. Now¬†fiverr’s listing position is more than three million services on the site that is between $5 and $500.

Discovery Of Fiver

Fiverr was established by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman in 2009 and its head office is in Tel Aviv Israel wininger came out with the idea of a market that would represent a two public to purchase different type of digital objects which is represented by freelancers.

What is basically a GIG

Services representation is call a gig with pricing that interact at $5 and can approach to thousand of dollar with Gigs the web application was initiated in 2010 and by 2012 was commending over 1, to 3 million gigs, the web application performance area has reached to 600% fiverr has been reached the approx 100 most famous site in the us and top 150 in the world starting of 2013.
This was occur on third may 2012 that fiverr tightly fixed us $15 million in supporting from Accel partners and bassemer venture partner.

More About Fiverr

In 2013 fiverr presented the IOS app in the the apple app store another fiverr services is released on march 2014 which is android app in the goole palystore in the period of 2014 fiverr declare that it has gained $30 million in a series getting round of support from bassemer venture pair Accel and other investors…
The round brings full supporting to date $50 million in 2015 initiate under laws action against 114 fiverr sellers demaded as once right supply fake general survey of events on the US version of it web application fiverr did not argue amozne allegation and declare as amozone observe that we have worked in a conjunction manner to eliminate services that destroyed our terms of use and respond done to reports of unstable content…
In 2015 fiverr also declared that if it had reached $60 in a series it round of supporting led by square pey capital.The round brings their full supporting to date to $110 million the fiverr declared that they attended the shop place to allow sellers the capability to price productive services price above the actual usd $5.


Fiverr easier the purchasing of GIG directly.Gigs operates from get a well design business card, the carrier consultant an heart touching design help with html javascript and jquery.

For Business Use

Fiverr is a gathering place which is based on the model of the GIG economy which operate buyers of different types of skills presented by freelancers skill full and conscientious as well as small Fred and intermediate companies which mutually sometimes are called smbs…

Coming UP Next

UP coming next tutorial will be on how to create account in fiver….

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