Prisma App for Android Review: Turn Every Photo into Art

Most of the people are still going gaga over Pokémon go but now people are all googly-eyed over a new app that uses neural networks in the cloud to mimic art styles and apply those styles to photos. After an explosive release on iOS last month and then followed by a brief beta around one week on Android. Prisma is finally available on the Play Store.

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Prisma is not a photo editing app. Prisma is a photo art app that utilizes artificial intelligence and neural networks.

You won’t find the traditional endless supply photo editing tools here but you do get a few from the start you can either snap a photo or import an existing photo from your gallery.

First import your photo, once imported you can rotate and crop to taste and that does it for actual photo editing functions.


Now the part that Prisma is known for.

Across the bottom of the screen is a long carousel of artistic filters.

We’ve heard that line before but these filters actually mimic the art style of famous artists the world over.

You’ll recognize many of these immediately.

Select the filter to apply that to the picture that you’ve chosen from your gallery and send it off.

That image is then uploaded to Prisma servers. Where their neural network processes the image in the style of that filter and eventually usually or somewhere around 15 seconds or so later sends it back to you with the changes made.

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Those neural networks have been trained to detect patterns in those original art styles and it applies those lessons to how it treats the photos creating incredibly realistic looking works of art.

It’s actually pretty astounding how good it is at times.

Do be aware that there are a ton of Prisma copycats in the play store so do yourself a favor and search for Prisma by typing in neural Prisma one word when you go to search.

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