How to Run the Same App Side by Side in Nougat Multi Window

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Nougat finally introduced true split-screen multitasking in stock Android but one slightly disappointing limitation that you can not run two copies of the same app side-by-side in Nougat Multi Window.  If this were possible you can do things like copy and paste between two documents keep two SMS chats going or even respond to Reddit comments while you’re reading the original post.

So this is why developer IJP created a new app called Parallel windows for Nougat.

So today I’m going to show you how to run two instances of the same app in the Android Nougat Multi Window .

The app Parallel Windows for Nougat doesn’t require root or anything like that but it makes it easy to run two copies of the same app in split-screen.

The only requirement for this one is that you must be running Android Nougat 7.0 or higher.

When you first launch the app it’s going to tell you that this is a brand new app and you agree to test this app to your own risk.

Honestly though it works pretty well already so take the box next to I understand and press continue from here.

Now you will see two switches the first one is Permit to draw over other Apps and the other is Enable Accessibility Service.

Make sure the first switch “Permit to draw over other Apps” is enabled but it should be already then from there enable the second switch and enable Parallel Windows for Nougat in Accessibility section.

After that tap your back button twice to head back to the app.

In the app there will be two fields to adjust the hotspot dimensions.

This is a trigger area for an overlay that helps you select your split screen apps and while it’s red here it will be transparent once you set everything up.

Parallel Windows for Nougat

But once you’ve got it all sorted out the app is pretty simple to use to start just open the app that you like to run two copies of, next swipe in from the trigger area you will see the parallel windows interface from here the top button the one you want because the other two are just multitasking shortcuts that you already have so select that one you will see a list of all your installed apps to run the same app side-by-side just select it from the list.

android multitasking

It will open in split-screen mode from here the same app should be at the front of your recent apps list so just select it to fill out the rest of your screen with a second instance.

From here on out things will behave exactly like the stock multitasking interface so you could long-press the recent apps button to go back into full screen view.

Nougat Multi Window

The only difference is it now you’ve got two copies of the same app running which opens up a ton of possibilities that we didn’t have before.

Running two instance of the same app like comparing two YouTube videos side by side won’t be possible with default Nougat Multi Window but with Parallel Windows for Nougat, you can do this pretty easily.

google play

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