Skyler App Review: World First True Fashion Weather App

You might know what the weather is going to be like but how exactly does that translate into the clothes that you pick for the day you need help and the app called Skyler is here to help you dress for success by success I mean dress so you don’t get wet when it’s raining outside.

When you first log in you’re going to tell Skyler if you’re a guy or a girl and immediately you’re presented with the current conditions on the right side as you can see with the projected high and the low along with how cloudy it might be or not at all.

And then the left there’s a guy or girl showing you the type of clothes you should wear.

skyler app

Apparently Skyler curates it’s looks from quote hundreds of the world’s top brands. From Gucci, Saint Laurent and Dolce & Gabbana.

There’s no added functionality here to jump to Amazon to purchase the clothes you see they should definitely get on that they can make some money that way. Also it will help other users.

You can tap the forecast button at the bottom to see the day broken down a bit further up top hour by hour and then below that the upcoming weeks’ worth of weather.

Skyler also notifies you about the rain and you Switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

skyler fashion

Skyler has a minimal quality to its design almost kind of like an online magazine and its presentation.

If you need help with your style in the morning and let’s face it, we all know that we do though I’m not throwing stones here I’m part of that club to.

The future of weather is here. Experience Skyler now.

Skyler — fashion x weather is available free on the Google Play store. App is also available on IOS.

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