Successful Blogs in Every Topic Imaginable

A blog can never be successful  without Meta, because Meta is the only thing that makes a concept to blogging. Some other sources like social media, marketing are very useful for every shorts of blogs. Such resources are very important for blogs, also the topic which should be very attractive. Well, today we are going to present the way of high range successful blogs in which most of them are publishing great content along with guest blogging.


Following are the characteristics that cannot be featured in any of the blog because these are not required to the topic or blog;

  • Have focus on marketing, blogging, and social media.

  • No need of mega blogs or magazines.

  • Must have an involved community.

  • The blog should not be associated with another site or link.

In most sites that have no subscriber count available, so we recommend the Google Reader browse feature, which shows the number of Google subscribers only. Now we are going to start from the first point or blog that is very important and can make you to imagine.

1: Help Scout Blog

Help Scout

The blog Help Scout is support software which has found a kind of trust by thousand small businesses. We run gamut through Help Scout blog, but we make our expenses by customer support. The URL of the blog is The main source of income in this blog is software. A large selection of resources is used to grow for the traffic and subscriber base in this blog..

2: Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School

This blog is having a very profitable niche, Digital Photography School is a bit monster which means it is unaffordable for people. Lots of people buy cameras, and they’re expensive. All of the tips that most expert writes about on Problogger that are put into action here. If you wanna watch the Problogger at work, follow the strategies that this blog utilizes, rather than reading to the next Problogger post.

The main income source of this blog is advertisements, affiliate links and e-books sales. The URL is

3: Freshhome (Interior Design/Architecture)



Design is very important for blog and most users would like the design of this blog because this is quite change from such designs that are on internet. Freshome is an absolutely easy architecture and interior design blog. One of the writers, Ronique Gibson, revealed on Problogger who has posted over 773 posts in 2011 year. It is showing how a “curation” style blog, combined with lengthier posts, and also can create a real winner if it’s on a focused topic

Advertisements and affiliate links are the main income of this site and URL of this blog is

4: PsyBlog


You can predict about blog which is one of the personal favors of the users, because it is easy to know the reasons of a blog to be liked. In this blog the author takes psychology knowledge which they come across. We want to have information to you on this blog which is a bit stressful. The important thing is motivation of your readers, the they interested in your blog the more can be successful.

Income source of this blog is Product Sale and the URL is mentioned here

5: NerdFitness


Experience is very important about marketing and the same marketing needs knowledge for various contents. With the help of this way you can create a successful site having a great personality. In case you want to create a famous blog by a typical topic so you can be offered a story associates to all types of marketing blogs.

Main source of this blog is Product Sale and the URL is

6: 1st WebDesigner


Some of the web design blogs still needs different sort of ways to be successful, but there are some blogs that has been managed at the top web design blog. The blogs also seems to be growing further.

1st WebDesigner is perfect in the industry because of some innovations, it means that the ideas and innovations are important for every WebDesiner blog. The ideas about any new innovations is very precious and valuable for any site.

Main source income of this blog is Affiliate Links and Advertisements and the URL is mentioned below,

7: TinyCartrige


This blog tell you the initial stages of the blog like how to start a blog in a different gaming niche. TinyCartridge is also an easy way of learning many news for mobile gaming with updates. One of the most important from this post is the HUGE take away, and moves onto broader things down the road.

Source of income is Affiliate links, Advertisement and the URL is

8: What I have worn

What I Wore

It shows the personality of the author, anyhow this is not such a blog relating to fashion, but it’s a personal fashion blog. This blog can make logic and the different thing in site, there is a pause in inserted with the personality.Every post is flooded with the author, and it makes the case that a strong personality can make for a great unique selling proposition for the crowded niche as well.

Advertisements, Affiliate Links are the main sources of income and the URL is

9: Nature Mom’s Blog

Nature Mom’s Blog

 The Mom’s Blog is related to your work because if you are serious and like your content so we appreciate your hard working. That’s the point with this blog, from designs to contents, Tiffany is delivering the goods and performs other services. There are two combo niches that are hanging on here that you can learn something from it.

Main source of income for this blog is Advertisement and the URL is

10: AutoBlog


Less people don’t like the car but doesn’t mean all of them, there are lots of fans of auto and more are looking for sweat ride. AutoBlog is incredible for those who are big fans of automobiles. You might have noticed the points that many of the bloggers who are complete opposite of news sites, when you dominating an exact niche well so that your blog be able of breaking news.

Main income of this site is Advertisement and the URL is

11: Art of Manliness

Art Of Manliness

Art of Manliness quite opposite to auto-blog (we have mentioned above), this is a men’s lifestyle blog that has perfectly nailed the concept of strong selling proposition. Brett is a person who preferred on evergreen content and writing very long articles that impossibly change soon. This blog ensures such people who could find old articles and can be praised by the information there.

The source of this article is affiliate links, advertisements, product sales and the URL is HTTP://

12: StudyHacks


This blog is also known as Cal Newport that has shifted to career hacks recently. The important point about the Cal’s blog who isn’t scare of speaking out against the status. It can be done when having data and strong argument to present it. Most of his posts are controversial due to opponents of beliefs which we sometimes hold.

Main income of this blog is Book Sale and the URL is

13: Farm Ville Freak


FarmVille which is very famous all around the world, it’s also one of the best things for becoming hub for anything. In the some tips and news worked out together which did the same like being a source of FarmVille. Try to be careful about long certain topics that will remain in popularity. If you forget about FarmVille so this site will be lost for the purposes but not the evergreen contents.

The main income of this site is Sales Product and the URL is

14: Cute Overload

Cute Overload

In this blog we are going to announce about pet animals that most of you love them to keep. Cute Overload is totally about pet animals. Cute overload is one of the cute animals that can understood the appeal of the tumblogs (blogs that focus on short updates and are generally media rich) .

There are such blogs like Video blogs, Music blogs and image blogs all are related to this site like their short updates that usually come regularly.  and focuseThat’s why the media also focus on these issues. The main income of the site is Advertisement and the URL is

15: Supersonic Electronic


Supersonic Electronic is essential for the new artists because this site is made with its name and top quality selections. This blog acted same like great promotion.In the near future most of the people wiht established name could easily submit arts as the features of the site. If you get famous then the people will text you for being featured rather than to find an alternate way.

Main income of the site is Product Sales and the URL is

16: Stereogum


Stereo-gum is an important site for the audience, businesses and for big breakthrough for this site in past, being early in the scene, and breaking a lot of big artists first. Stereo-gum has the ability to know their audience very well and make them regular.It’s a kind of genuine facility for the audience.

Paid Promotion, Affiliate Links and Advertisement are the main income of this site and the URL is

17: Skepchick


According to a general survey, most of the topics are getting popular related to Christianity due to involving of pastors and also in web development. Actually we are’t the opponents of any religion, we have noticed this point. So this topic is all about the atheism (who doesn’t belief in God) that creates post about the atheist news and some of the events related to it.

The main income of this site is Advertisement and the URL is

18: DeSmogBlog

This is the great and easy to get notoriety for a blog, you can take a topic and have some debate in case maintaining integrity by not being aggressive. This is the best ever blog of 2011 that is having a great press for stirring up a hot issue or event to the users.

The URL of this blog is and the main income of this blog is Book Sales.

19: ListVerse


This site expresses the power of List Posts, but keep in mind that this site get’s author to guests post.The best reward for audience is that you have to consider something while having crowd sourcing for your own site.

The URL is and the main source of this site is Advertisement.

20: Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen

Smitten Kitchen blog is related to all cooking shows and give information about how to cook and what to cook. It is  also benefited by the Pinterest. The small or tiny kitchen and press are the  main points. This blog can provide help to make it easy for you a great meal in small kitchen and the selling point is related to a great number of folks.

The URL is and main income of this site is Books Sale.

21: Canvas of Light

Canvas of Light

Whenever you are planning to travel or having a tour so photography is very useful to you. This blog is related for taking photos where you want. Canvas of light made the cut because of the amazing photo to keep souvenir. You can add anything but you need to be competent whatever you want to do. This is the great example of taking fantastic skills and making correct memorable blog.

The URL is and the main income of this site is e-sales and photography services.

22: Yoga Dork

Yoga Dork

If you want to have a good health or body so you need to have an exercise, this is topic is related to exercise. Yoga is a type of exercise which needs a calm room. Yoga Dork was a kind of topic in which people could write a great content. However, it is still the best and marketing base topic for the bloggers. People used to write news on this site and the people are interesting according to this site.

The URL for this site is and the main income of this site is advertisement and affiliates links.

23: Eat, Sleep & Draw

Eat, Sleep & Draw

Drawing is a free hobby that you prefer in your spare time, this topic is a kind of ability that even we love to watch to person while drawing. There are lots of traditional, weird, and interesting drawing that can attract the people sight. Eat, Sleep and Draw are the actual cater to the artists for their contents.

The URL is and the main income of this site is Advertisement and Paid Promotion.

24: Fluent in 3 Months

Fluent in 3 Months

You can be guaranteed success while having great consistency; there are some topics that are just prime to blogs but only one problem that they are vacant because no one has used them with skills. All the hobbies need a kind of heavy skill to gain success. The best way is that if you step in once so you could be success in case you are having good skills.

The URL is and the main income of this site is Book Sale and affiliate links.

25: Make (DIY Project)

Make (DIY Project)

This is the great example of leading sites of DIY; most of the bloggers are not well familiar to it so they aren’t sure about it. Taking the notes from it is the easy way for DIYer. This topic is very necessary for all sort of professional people.

The URL of site is and the main income of this site is Advertisement and sales on site.

26: Ray Winderlich

Ray Winderlich

This is the one for which you need to be expert like Ray Winderlich an expert and his blogs are very popular for the people in the field. To use your knowledge in growing topics is a good way of getting closer to success and also try to show your expertise the way of doing. Well, we hope you will never face with the music in the future.

The main income of this site is Store and URL is

27: ArseBlog


ArseBlog is the great way for a popular topic, also good for a new blogger and it focus on your blog. According to a saying that having focus on an event is a  fundamental key to blog success being the expert of sub-niche.

The URL is and the main income of the site is Advertisement and Book Sales

28: ThreadBanker




All the DIY users are well famous about this site that is also related with fashion. So everybody knows that the women are more lovers of fashion than the men. All the prediction and realities seem that the women are going to be the future fashionists with their blogs. Such topics that are stereotyped are very competitive because the group of the people knows about the setting of the websites.

The URL is and the main income of this site is Advertisement.

29: The Brothers Brick

The Brothers Brick is the site which can make you to start a blog literally about any topic that can be anyone of the topics. It is also a Lego blog  showing you how to cater to an audience of Lego fans who have been looking for a depository for seeing latest invention including the products.

URL of this site is and the main income of this site is Advertisement.

30: Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt

This topic is related to Matt who used to combine frugal and travel tips that was a great way for him to stand out in a travel niche, it also did a great work of him. Another competitive topic is Topic + SubTopic blogs that are using for smart marketing knowledge. This tip is using to get a lot of traffic, it also can make an email list in a niche having so much competitions.

URL is and income of the site is Advertisement, Affiliate Links and Stores.

31: The Style Bloggers

This is the site through which you can send many things because it can tell you about the men’s fashion. However Bu a short problem that is the criticism about the men’s fashion which can be done by some nosy people. No need of getting worry, many audience are getting happy to hear about the men’s shopping tips and photography.

The URL is and the main income of this site is Advertisement and Stores.

32: Money Saving Mom

An economical and financial blog for everyone who wants to suits the money and bills same like saving money in a depository. You won’t need to spend an extra amount with the help of this site, even you can’t spend wastefully. It can fit or save your money because this site is focused by finance with a big saving by day-to-day things. MomSavingMom is having one another good point that is writing of progressive contents.

The URL is and the main income of this site is Advertisement.

33: Audio Tuts

Audio Tuts+

Another market place including AudioJungle for providing free music; this content is having a lot of interesting readers back to AudioJungle. You can make many things for the first time with the help of this site.

The URL of this site is and main income of site is Advertisement, Premium Access and Affiliate Links.

34: Cats Who Code

Cats Who Code

Some of web development blogs who don’t like cats that can code or tips of programming. Cats Who Code is a standard topic for good content that makes the cats who needs coding to go to web developers site.

The URL of this site is and the main income of this site is Advertisement.

35: Garfield Minus Garfield

Garfield Minus Garfield

This is a humor type blog that creates nothing that can be original and it just takes out the Garfield of its own strip. This is looking like a delusion and this will be a kind of strange humor that needs to be believed.

The URL is and the main income of this site Book Sales.


Finally these are the important blogs, if you are thinking that your blog can’t be famous because of not sufficient marketing value or social media so you are wrong. We hope that you can take a lot of help from this content. For further information you can visit to our website

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