Top Android Apps June 2017


Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top 10 Android Apps June 2017.

Flick Launcher

For those of you who love experimenting with new launchers flick launcher is now another choice.

It’s still an alpha so expect plenty of bugs but it’s open source and inspired by the pixel launcher bringing in some sweet features that we all know and love.

You have apps shortcuts notification dots support for custom icon packs a custom search widget like the one found on the pixel the ability to lock outs with a fingerprint swipe up gesture to get into the app drawer and so much more there’s still a lot that needs to be done and you’ll definitely notice the issues right play


This app is filled with plenty of stunning wallpaper from a lot of these pictures are in high resolution which you can download and set as your wallpaper for free.

You can search for a specific genre, set some as your favorite, tap on the owner’s name to go to their profile page and even come back daily for a newly featured play

Text Converter

With this app you can convert text into a number of different formats whether it be Morse code binary hex you can flip the text upside down you can write it backwards and more.

You can also choose from a number of different text styles you’ve got different effects and if you want to go the extra mile when you’re messaging someone why not decorate your text to each style and effect.

It has a copy and share button as well to help you quickly show off to play

App Sales

If you’re always on the lookout for discounted apps on the Play Store you should check out app sales.

If you didn’t already know app developers have the option of making their paid app become discounted or even free for a short amount of time and app sells keeps track of most apps that go on sell in the Google Play Store.

For example, just recently simple for Facebook pro and runtastic push-ups workout pro were made available to download for free and you would have never known about these huge discounts if it wasn’t for this app.

Not only that but you can also see the price history filter the list of sales by category any description of every play


This app Instagram your brain with some cool facts you probably didn’t know about in a quick and simple fashion.

Each fact is accompanied by its own background you can like bookmark and share facts you’d like to keep track of you can also flag facts if you feel the need to do so if you’d like to know more about a certain fact you can get a shortcut to a wiki page or an article online where you can learn more and if you’d like to check out facts of a specific type you’ve got 47 different categories to choose from so if you’re totally bored or if you really want to learn something new then give this app a play


This app automatically enables do not disturb mode when you’re at a certain place or timeframe.

It’s perfect for when you forget to silence your phone while you’re at the movies library class or even at night.

It’s really simple to use just add a location by circling a spot on Google Maps within the app set the amount of hours or minutes you would like the mode to be enabled while being at that location add exceptions to who or what can override your silence phone and even create automatic message replies to people who are trying to call you.

If you’re worried about battery drainage you shouldn’t be as Wandle doesn’t require a continuous internet connection to find out where you are.

You can also do this with schedules as play

Aerial Live Wallpaper

This app provides you with some pretty dope drone shots taken from different places across the world you’ve got New York City LA Hong Kong Dubai Hawaii and more.

The shots are nice and smooth and you’re now given the ability to slow down the clips or speed them up if you wish.

There are quite a few wallpapers to choose from in the app so if you’re looking to bring your homescreen to life then check out aerial live play


If you have a tough time staying away from time consuming apps then you should use Zen lock .

This app lets you choose an addicting app such as Instagram and then allows you to choose a set amount of time before opening the app to remind you that your time is valuable.

Then it will give you an X amount of minutes to use the app normally once the timer is up the same countdown message will appear when you open the addicting app again.

It’s not meant to lock you out of any app but let you know how much time you’re play


If you’re someone who’s easily distracted while doing something important download  Engross. This app aims get better focus on the task at hand.

So you start off by setting a timer for how long you’ll be working on your task then whenever you get distracted hit the button in the middle.

The main objectives here is to end your work sessions with the least amount of tabs on this middle button as possible so the lower your score the better and the more you do this the better you should want to do the next time moving forward by getting lower and lower scores.

You can set specific times for breaks so that’s good and you can even set the app to turn off Wi-Fi while you’re working so if you find yourself daydreaming or wanting to check your phone or pretty much anything that will take your focus off your play

Radio Player by Audials

This app is for those who love listening to the radio and want a free alternative media player to Pandora or tune in radio. It has over 80,000 radio stations that you can choose to listen to it.

it has every music genre, hundreds of channels from different countries and when you’re in a station you can see the previously played tracks.

You can even record whole songs while they are playing live to listen to them later and an option called alarm clock to have audios wake you up in the morning with your favorite radio stations.

Not only that but you can listen to over a hundred thousand podcasts ranging from technology, games comedy, sports, movies and more.

If you don’t like either of those options then you can just listen to your own music found on your play

Top 10 Best Android Apps of May 2016

Best Android Apps

There’s are lots app of applications in the Play store. No one has enough space on their smartphone for those – and to be completely forthright, a large portion of them you wouldn’t really need. That is the reason you require basically the Best Android Apps – Android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Below are some best apps for May 2016.

Best Material Apps

This app shows the list of best Material Design Apps that you can get for your Android.

There are three categories which are Hot, Trending and New. According to the categories you can search for the app. You can also up vote the app by liking it or you can check it at play store.

In slider menu you can choose between Phone, Tablets and Android Wear. Also there are option for Dark Mode and showing the rooted app.

Overall it’s a great app if you are looking for some cool material design apps.

android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma keyboard is one of the best keyboard for your Android.

Basically Chrooma keyboard is a material design keyboard which changes its colors according to the apps color.

The best thing is it’s available free on the play store.

You can change the size of the keyboard and also the language. Some features are available in the PAID version.

chrooma keyboard - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Gallery Doctor

Some time you take a lot of similar photos and forget to delete it. It takes lot of space in your device.

Gallery doctor scans your phone for unwanted junk, photos and videos.

At top of the app you will see gallery health, space left and all the information about your gallery.

You can also go to settings and custom scan your gallery. Overall it’s a great app for gallery if you are running low on space.

Gallery Doctor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

ML Manager

ML Manager is an apk extractor for your android.

ML Manager lets you extract and share the apk on android.

Looking at the app you will see the list of all the installed application. On the next tab you will see all the system apps. You can also take the apks of the system apps.

You can also uninstall the apps but uninstalling the system app will require root permission.

ml manager - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Pixolor is very useful and simple app for android. Basically this app gets the color codes that are present in your screen.

If you tap the app it will start giving you the circle which detects and show the color to you. Once you get your color you want to copy you can check it in your notification panel.

You can also share the code with other people or just save it on your clipboard.

Pixolor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Unclouded is a really clean material design app and all in one file manager.

You can link all your cloud services in this one app.

If you want to add more than two services than you need to buy the premium version.

unclouded - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Universal Copy

Sometimes when you want to copy text from an app like youtube and you are unable to use the default Android long press. This is where this app comes handy.

By using this app you can copy anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Universal Copy - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Wallpaper HD

This app provides ton of HD wallpapers. Open the app and you will see recent wallpapers.

You can also go to the slider and check different categories.

wallpaper hd - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Instadict is very unique dictionary app. Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to get its meaning.

No need to interrupt what you’re doing. You can also use it offline by downloading the full mode.

Instadict app - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Xda Labs

Xda labs is a completely material design app. On the home screen you will four tabs News, Apps, Xposed and Wallpapers.

It also has slider menu which contains Xda Labs updates, Xda forums and app xposed updates.

xda labs - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Best Android App Store Alternatives For 2016

Android App Store

Android devices are known for giving user options. You can choose between apps, launcher, themes, icon packs and even change your entire Android System into something else. When it comes to play store you only stuck with this one app, well not any longer. Today we are sharing some best Android App Store Alternatives.

Android App Store Alternatives

Below are some best alternative to Google Play store.

Amazon Underground

Amazon underground is also known as Amazon app store. Amazon underground is really need place to download apps for your android device. Most of the apps available on play store can be find here.

The cool thing about Amazon underground is they are giving away the paid apps for free. Amazon underground is giving away a huge collection of apps and games which is paid in google app store.

They are also giving away free in app purchases such as coins, credits on popular games like Angry Birds.

The app is very user friendly and it’s easier to use.

The Amazon app store also has a huge collection of books, movies, and songs often at a lower price than google play store.

amazon underground


Aptoide looks pretty similar to Play Store. Aptoide has a huge collection of apps under various categories. It has a depository system where you can grab new apps and games on daily basis.

The best thing about Aptoide is that apps that are not available in play store like Tubemate, Lucky Patcher can be found here.

Whenever you download an app you actually download .apk file of that app which mean you can uninstall and reinstall the app as many times as you want without the need of re downloading the app.

Play store Alternatives

SlideMe Market

Slideme market is the most polished and well-made market. The app has a tile based user interface. It provides a combination of free and paid apps as well.

Apps are categorized excellently, which makes it very easy to find the app. Apps on the homepage are arranged randomly.

You well come across with very cool apps that you haven’t seen before. Apps that you might like are featured at the top.

The best feature of this app is it has reward system in which you get paid apps for sharing apps with your friends. You can use the reward money to buy paid apps on slideme market.

slideme app market

F Droid

F droid provides free and fresh approach towards getting apps on android. The app itself is pretty simple straightforward and gives a great list of productive and free apps.

Other than a brief description the app themselves don’t have any review or rating but all the apps that you are gonna get here are absolutely free and open source.

All the apps in F Droid light useful and completely ad free.

F Droid store is pretty basic and it’s very easy to use and has a list of categories with hundreds of apps.

You won’t find a single app with advertisement, Popups, user tracking or in app purchases.

fdroid app store

9 Apps

9 app is the lightest and the most diverse app store on the list. This app provides a lot of features which other don’t. Here you can download beautiful wallpapers for your home screen.

It also has a huge collection of ringtones, stickers and emoji to share with your friend. There is also a video portal which categorizes some of the most popular videos and fun videos from YouTube for the entertainment.

This app also has reward system. You will get paid in the form of coins for simply using the app.


If you know any other play store alternative let us know in the comments below.