Top 5 S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7

galaxy note 7

In case you just ran out and acquired a Galaxy note 7, you will be pretty excited about the fancy new stylus. The new S-Pen has some awesome features. But to get most of it we are sharing some of the best S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7 – Top 5 S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7

S-Pen Tool Box

The app has two triggers one when the S Pen is attached and another when its detached.

The actions are customizable the first option lets you play custom sound when the S Pen is removed.

In Tap execute action you can select any kind of action like a screenshot application and so on.

As we know Samsung air command only allows us to add six shortcuts and that’s where the next feature comes in handy this lets us add an additional four apps to the list.

This app also turns the screen off when you attached the S Pen. The free version has three-second delay for this function.

S Pen Apps

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Scribble Racer

It is actually a game. The object of the game is simple press and hold and try to draw the line inside the road.

The S-Pen smaller dip and enhance precision makes it a lot easier to stay on track.

Scribble Racer

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Adobe Illustrator Draw

If sketching is your thing, then think of this as a mobile full alternative to Samsung default Note apps but just for sketching.

In Adobe Draw you get to work with layers you get some preset shapes to play with and most importantly this app supports the S-Pen pressure sensitivity.

There are also different pressures available to choose from.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

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MyScript Calculator

If you’re someone who uses your smartphone a lot for quick calculations, then this app is for you.

Myscript calculator lets you input handed in problems and then solve them for you. The number recognition is quite good.

myscript calculator

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PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a photo editor pack with some basic editing tools.

While using the feature like cropping an image it’s kind of tedious when you use the finger.  It’s a pleasure to use with the s-pen especially the one on the Note 7, given how precise and accurate it is.

It lets you change filters, the saturation, contrast and more.

Additionally, PicsArt contains options to draw on the image, add a photo, stickers and clipart.

picsart android

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If you know any other S-Pen apps do share with us in the comment below.