4 Advantages of Hoverboard Over Segway


Not so long back, walking used to be our primary mode of commuting over short distances; this was a prime opportunity for a pop culture to show its tentacles and then quickly grab everyone into its influence. Perhaps the biggest and the craziest outcome of a modern-day pop culture is the use of hoverboard , a device which can serve as an efficient, personal transportation device for each person. No wonder these self-balancing scooters can rival the sale of a bike on any given day at the financial as well as the commodities market in the continental America.

Almost all hoverboard available globally are manufactured by Chinese factories, which cost a ton less than self-balancing scooters, be it single wheeled or double wheeled, manufactured by western manufacturers. Hoverboards hold 4 distinct advantages over Segway products:

  1. Medical Benefits and Security Beef Up

    Medical and security personnel need to travel some distance in a very short amount of time to respond to the crises brewing in any part of the neighborhood. Self-balancing scooters are more effective in transportation, as compared to walking, which depends on the level of fatigue, as well as a host of other things. Hoverboards offer a much faster alternative, without causing any serious reservations to the user or to people in immediate surroundings.
  2. Cost Effective, Eco friendly, and Safer

    Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are powered by a battery pack which is stored inside the framework of the devices itself; the battery pack can be plugged in to any of the electricity source for recharging, hence runs on clean energy. In a world where energy is supposedly the other face of a coin called carbon emissions, this is a smart, welcome break in the field of personalized transportation.

    Since the time factories in China have churned out hoverboards, there has been a steep decrease in their prices, which effectively makes them cheaper at times than using a bike for commute over small distances. Hoverboards, in fact are the cheapest means of personal transport available, provided the distance to be covered is within the scope of walking or cycling, say. Running on electricity on makes it faster than walking, though might be slower than riding a bike. Segways on the other hand, might take a bit more toll on your pocket, as the prices of these generally go up to a grand.

    Hoverboards are controlled by the motion of the body, and does not generally exceed speeds of 6 kilometers an hour, an equivalent to brisk walking. While having to walk less, you don’t have to worry about muscle cramps, or fatigue when you finally reach your destination. Segways, however, require a bit more of a controlling effort, which makes the commute on a Segway a tad too much work intensive.

  3. Comfortable to Ride

    Ask any keen gadget geek to choose between a list of Segwayscooters, and other hoverboards, probability is that the opinion would favor the hoverboards. While it may seem cool to ride a unicycle, that too one propelled by electricity, it might be a little too dramatic when one has to ride it like the chaps on a circus set. The two wheeled hoverboards, albeit a pretty difficult task to master is far simpler solution than the Segway: just stand up and position your body to move in the direction you desire. Nothing in the field of personalized transportations has even been simpler than this.

  4. A Non-conventional way of keeping the Body Sound

    Hoverboards require a much greater flexibility and reflexes to keep it aligned with the body, and to operate efficiently, since both wheels are on the same plane. Electric unicycles, on the other hand, require just a bit of attention and a balancing act like that of traditional cycles for operations. Another aspect is the turning radius, which is quite small for hoverboards; Segway’s products require a much more area to turn around, which might not be feasible in all conditions.

10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know

cool websites

Websites!!!  There are at least a thousand of them but which ones are the best? Obviously, we can’t really answer that but we can at least tell you about some that you should definitely know about. So we are sharing 10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know.

Virus Total

This website is in the extremely useful category it’s called virus total. It’s actually owned by Google now. What it does is lets you upload any file and it will be scanned with pretty much every virus scanner software out there which is over 60 of them.

This obviously can’t replace having antivirus software on your computer because it only scans individual files but it’s great if you come across something suspicious maybe you download something and your antivirus software says it’s fine but you want to be sure or maybe your antivirus says it’s a virus but you think it could be a false alarm in both cases you can use virus total to compare it with all the other anti-viruses out there to get a better idea.

Also, they even have a feature to search websites as well. So, if someone sends you a link that you’re not too sure about you can check it out.

But don’t rely on it completely if it’s a brand new phishing site or something we don’t know if it would be able to detect it.virus total

Have I Been Pwned

It seems like all the time now, we hear about a new website getting hacked and passwords being leaked but how are you supposed to know if your data has been leaked?

Well that’s the point of this site.

You just type in your email address and it will tell you if your email address along with your password and any other potential info was included in any breaches in any of the databases they have.

That way you know not only to change your password on that site but also never use that same password again that’s because hackers frequently use leaked databases to try email and password combinations on a bunch of sites.

So if you use the same password on multiple web sites they can easily get in.

Another really important feature of this site is you can sign up to receive an email notification if your email has been found in any future breaches going forward.10 Cool Websites Everyone Should Know

10 Minute Mail

This website generates a temporary email address for you that expires in 10 minutes.

This is great if you come across a website that requires you to sign up for an account to use it but you’ll probably never use it again and you don’t want to give away your real email.

Now you can just sign up with a throwaway email address get whatever you need from the site and leave.

10 Minute Mail

Windows 93

This site is just for fun it’s called Windows 93. This website emulates a theoretical version of Windows that would have been from 1993.

It’s not exactly historically accurate in fact it’s mostly just humorous but is actually surprisingly complex it has an internet themed often Stein game a drawing program like paint even half-life 3 which apparently never finishes loading and you can also start a virtual machine which runs Windows 93 inside Windows 93.


Get Human

This website is for anytime you call customer service for any company and you just can’t seem to talk with a real person with this you just type in the company and it will tell you exactly what steps to take to get connected to a human customer service agent assuming it’s possible.

For example, if we try Sony it tells us the phone number to call and then what numbers to press that will get you through to someone in this case you press 5 then 0 and then 0 again.

They also apparently have a paid service where they will literally call the company on your behalf.

Get Human


This is an awesome stock photo site accept every single one of the pictures are royalty-free.

Specifically, the pictures are all released under a creative commons zero license meaning they are released into the public domain.

There are a surprising numbers for stock photos on here like right now there’s over a million and that’s nowhere near some of the page stock photo sites that might have over a hundred million but hey you can’t really complain its free.

There are still a ton of really cool high quality images on here that you can use from anything from desktop wallpaper to being put in YouTube videos.

You’re also able to filter for specific types of images like actual photos or vector graphics or ones that have transparent backgrounds for example.


Down for Everyone or Just me

This website is great and it’s so simple it’s called down for everyone or just me.

All this site does is tells you if any website you type in is currently up or down. I’m sure it’s happened to you a million times you try to go to a site and it either takes forever to load or won’t load at all and you’re wondering if the problem is on your end or not.

There’s not really much more to say about what it does if the websites up it’ll just tell you it’s just you and if it’s down it will say it’s not just you.

Just Watch

You can type in any movie or TV show that you want to watch and it will tell you what streaming service is having and it supports pretty much every streaming service out there or at least the most popular ones.

It also works for movies so if we type in something like Doctor Strange right in the results we can see that it’s streamable on Netflix and most of the other services allow you to either rent or buy the movie.

The results will definitely vary by country but at least it seems like it also supports a bunch of European based streaming services as well so it should work no matter where you live.

just watch


This website basically connects the API’s of a ton of different websites and services all together to interact however you want.

For example, you can make it so anytime you get a new Twitter follower your smart light bulbs blink or any time you post a photo on Instagram it automatically posts it to Facebook as well.

The possibilities are pretty much endless you could even do weird pointless stuff like any time you upload a YouTube video it turns your thermostat up or something like that completely ridiculous but you get the idea.

ifttt examples

Product Hunt

Product Hunt is a really cool website to find out about brand new products that have just been released or announced.

These might be physical products apps or services on websites.

New products are posted every day and a lot of them are from random startups you’ve probably never heard of but you’ll also see people posting stuff released by major companies like Apple or Google and usually before they’re widely advertised.

product hunt logo

Tesla Model X The Safest SUV Ever


Tesla announced that the Model X is now the world safest SUV in the history of vehicles and also scored as the fastest SUV ever. It’s important for the company which is more obsessed with vehicular safety rather than anything else. In this article you’ll have further description of                      – Tesla Model X The Safest SUV Ever

Comparison of Tesla Blog Post 2013


As compared to the Tesla blog post in 2013 about the S Model, time to break the NHTSA’s record. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has awarded the Model X five-star ratings in every one of its nine test categories. The NHTSA’s testing has shown that the Model X is having the lowest probability of injury. All the cars that NHTSA has checked out, the Model X is having less injury and second to the Model S. The Model X boasts calling Tesla “Bio-weapon defense mode” uses for a state of the art air filtration system. This system is using for cleaning the air inside the cabin.

There is one reason that why the Model X performed as well as it did. Well, it has the lowest center of gravity, a result of the vehicle’s hefty battery pack being positioned on the bottom of car that decrease the chances of a rollover incident in any crash.

Structure of the vehicle

NHTSA’s tested the structure of the vehicle and stated a report that the car absorbs much more energy. The seat-belt and airbag restraint system maximize injury mitigation in the event of crash. Tesla’s track record at this point is as same as speaks for itself. Over a few years in the past, you might have noticed the steady stream of events involving Model S and Model X passengers surviving horrifying crashes. Earlier this year, a Model S got had an accident that ends up with flying 82 feet up in air. Luckily, all of the passengers in the car emerged with no life harmful injuries.

Tesla Model X to Receive 5-Star Crash Rating

The new Model X is trusted to be the safest SUV ever and NHTSA states after testing, it has awarded Model X a 5-star safety rating in every category and sub-category. This is the first SUV ever that is going to earn the 5-star rating across the board.  The data from NHTSA’s testing shows that the Model X has the lowest probability of injury that no one SUV has ever tested before.  Model X performs much better in any crash than gas-powered SUVs because of electric architecture design. Moreover, the fortified battery pack that powers Model X, is mounting below to the floor of car. In the past no other SUV has ever come to meeting and exceeding as close as to this rollover requirement.

Finally, never get confuse about the event of a serious crash, Model X occupants have an overall 93% probability of driving without having any serious injury. For more information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

BlackBerry offers software to run PC on cars


Blackberry said that it has developed new software that will help automakers create safe and secure connected vehicles. This will be the best service in running complex computer systems on vehicles. Well, in this article we are going to tell you about the new software of BlackBerry that will help in running complex computer systems on vehicles.

The company has not pointed out any automakers that have used this technology neither intended to recommend any company to use. But the senior BlackBerry executive, John Wall, told that many companies are incorporating this technology. So other description about the software that BlackBerry launched for running computer systems on cars, are mentioned below.

Structure of the Software

The new software platform called “QNX Hypervisor 2.0” that bases on QNX SDP 7.0. It is secured by BlackBerry 64-bit embedded operating system which can enables developers to partition and isolate safety-critical situation from non-safety critical situation. It also provides a chance to minimize risk. The new BlackBerry’s QNX Hypervisor 2.0 secures all the hackers attacks.

How QNX Hypervisor 2.0 Works?

The QNX Hypervisor 2.0 is a way to make vehicles more secure from hacking. It can isolate multiple systems to run on a single piece of silicon and won’t create vulnerabilities in other domains of the car. It also allows them to isolate functions critical to safety from systems exposing to wireless networks. The company also announced that Qualcomm Technologies has adopted this software as part of certain digital cockpit solutions. The Vice President of Qualcomm Technology said that this software will assist automakers in taking greater advantage of the power of their Snapdragon automotive platform.

Example of using QNX Hypervisor 2.0

Just suppose a burglar is getting into a room in a house. As the burglar gets into that room, the door is locked, now he can’t get out of that room. Even if he gets into the hall, the other rooms are locked. So you can use this software as same as the burglar and rooms. The parts of vehicles won’t let hackers to attack on them. QNX is having strong position in the market for internet-connected car systems. Moreover, it is looking to boost sales by expanding into more of the vehicle.

Automotive Industry in Technology Market

Now a day the automotive industry is the fastest-growing parts of the technology market. The automakers race to produce more autonomous features and seek to build self-driving cars. The Qualcomm Inc has said that the new hypervisor is compatible with its Snapdragon 820Am automotive processor. It’ll easy enable carmakers to reduce hardware complexity and costs by putting many systems on a single platform.

The BlackBerry shares had changed a little in morning trade. They have flown up almost 63 percent since late March. Finally, as we mentioned that the company declined to name any automakers to use the technology but in near future this software will be using in the market.

If you like our article, you can leave a commit or share your idea with us. For further information or asking any question you can visit to our website. You will have more information by visiting our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM