Top 10 Android Apps April 2017

Top 10 Android Apps April 2017

If you are looking for some cool android apps we have got you covered. We are sharing Top 10 Android Apps April 2017.

Today Weather

Today Weather is easily one of the best weather apps I’ve come across in quite some time from its clean user interface with nice colors customizable icons and weather animations to loads of weather information getting thrown at your face.

The app comes with a number of awesome looking widgets and overall the app has a very attractive UI and it is an absolute breeze to use I highly recommend you guys try this out.

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It’s pretty refreshing to come across games like this all you have to do here is tap the screen to release these orbiting projectiles into green circles and that’s pretty much it.

But what makes this a great game is its minimalistic design as well as its chilling music and sound effects as you progress the game does get more difficult challenging your reaction and timing skills.
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My Walls

This app is yet another very solid unsplash client. Each photo is manually selected from the site ensuring that you’ll be getting the best of the best.

The walls are displayed in a simple grid order you can favor walls to better keep track of them and there’s a dark mode.

Other than that you’re getting some very attractive and high-res wallpapers that are sure to keep your home screen looking extra fresh.

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PixUp for Zooper

In PixUp each widget is very well made and you’ve got nearly a hundred of them to choose from.

The pack is mostly based off of Google’s looks. You’ve got things like search bars weather widgets Google now inspired stuff the list just goes on and on.

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Poet Assistant

Poet Assistant is a handy tool that’s got a thesaurus dictionary and a rhyming engine all in one app, making it the perfect assistant.

This app does have other functionality like a text-to-speech engine where you can plug in your own text and have it read it back to you.

You can also favorite certain words to keep better track of them and I think the best part is that the app doesn’t need an internet connection because everything is built into the app.

On top of that, the app comes with a dark mode and speech settings allowing you to adjust the pitch and the speed of the voice and even the voice itself.

Lastly, if you want to make sure that you’re learning something new every day there is a word-a-day notification you can get using this application.

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This app allows you to extract all the main colors of a picture giving you the hex codes for each one so if you’re some sort of designer or artist and you need to get the exact color code this is the app you want.

It’s super easy to use you can choose photos directly from unsplash or you can select your own from your gallery.

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Lookup is a really handy tool for those of you that read a lot and perhaps come across words that you need the definitions of.

When it’s enabled long press on a word hit the three-dot menu and there you’ll see look up tap on that and up will pop the definition of that word and everything else you need to know about it along with the audible pronunciation a translate button and add favorite button.

This is a really useful tool especially for those that are coming over from the iOS side of things and missed the lookup feature from over there.

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Real Notepad

This app is pretty much a direct port of the Notepad app you’ll find in Windows.

You’ve got the usual font formatting and you can actually open up .txt files and you can save files as HTML CSV and pretty much any format that could be opened up on the desktop version.

So whether you’re a coder or you just want to take some notes in Windows fashion then go for it.

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Elegance UI Icon Pack

This icon pack supports the look and feel of the icons that you’ll find on the galaxy s 8. The pack is over 300 icons as of now more to come soon of course and 30 different wallpapers to match.

This is a great choice if you’re looking to get that clean bright and colorful galaxy look on your device definitely check this one out.

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Xim Icon Pack

This pack is easily one of the most unique icon pack out there. Each icon supporting bright punchy colors complete with a dark outline which adds a nice contrast.

As of know, the pack has 2370 icons and 35 quad HD wallpapers with muzei support.

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Top 10 Android Apps February 2017

android apps 2017

Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top 10 Android Apps February 2017.

Macro Droid

Macro Droid allows you to set up your own task and the trigger so when the trigger is activated the task will actually happen.

The free version allows you to set up a maximum of Five tasks. You will need Pro version to create more than Five tasks.

Macro Droid

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This app only works on Nougat devices. This application will round your display corners to merge it with your case corners.

There are not too many options in here however if you buy the pro version you can change the radius and some extra settings and stuff like that.

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Pixel Widget

Pixel Widget allows you to get the google pill widget on any Android device. This app works with all launchers, therefore, there is no need of downloading additional launchers.

You get three options here you get the weather which is nice.

You also get simply just the solo pill option which has nothing else to it simply just that little Google pill and you also get the final one which is the date so it just tells you the month the year the date stuff like that if you click on it brings to your calendar.

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Candy Zooper Widget

In this zooper pack, you can find 25 beautiful widgets. There are some really nice widgets inside here other than that there are some really material design ones there’s some really nice google search bars as well as clock widgets and stuff like that.

Candy Zooper Widget

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Summary Scanner

summary scanner this is a really nice app if you actually have a printed out tax document and you don’t actually have the original file.

This app allows you to scan in the printout and it will convert it back into a tax document so I think this is really cool it’s scan all the texts and it makes the editable on your device you can share it with anyone in your contacts list you can email to people so you can change it within the app as well or you can export it to word or something like that.

You can also translate this into different languages which are also really cool.

Summary Scanner

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This app allows you to live stream to a bunch of different viewers. You can meet new peoples and also allows you to just have a little bit of fun by watching people’s day, talk to people, you can send them stuff as well like little prizes thumbs-up, likes things like that.

You can meet new people so quickly you can add them as friends they can come back and talk to you and watch your live streams.


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This app allows you to select a photo from your gallery and edit it quite a bit with different shapes.

You can actually import a photo and add a shape on top of it.

There’s a bunch of different ones to choose from there are only three sections but there’s still quite a lot if you want more you can buy the pro version.

Android Apps February

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This app gives you the Bluetooth battery level of your devices.

Let’s say my headphones are connected to my phone it will actually tell me how much charge is left.

google play

Get Current Wallpaper

Current wallpaper is a really nice app which actually allows you to export your current wallpaper and share it with other peoples.

It’s really simple there’s nothing else to at all it’s simply just get your current wallpaper and that’s it and you can share it.

Get Current Wallpaper

google play

Pixel Wallpaper

These are basically the wallpapers on the google pixel and allows you to get them on any Android device.

You can easily go and set them straight away as well as cropping them and you can download them if you want to share them with other people or you just want to save them offline on your device.

google play

How to Make Money by YouTube?

New Feature to Make Money by YouTube


There are many way to earn money, online earning money is of them by which you can earn a handsome amount of money. In the internet there are many websites that arrange the chance to earn money. Fortunately, for the first time YouTube has introduced a new app that let you to earn enough money. This app is called “Super Chat” that will help the content writers to make money by connecting with users during live stream. We are going to tell you about the steps and ways of how to earn money by YouTube in this article.

 Earn Money by Super Chat

How to earn by Super Chat

For content creators, it is the easiest way to make money with the help of YouTube’s new feature. You are supposed to connect with their fans during live stream. This new feature is named as Super Chat. If you are live video streamer, so this function is very important to you. Actually live streaming is a traditional and typical method that is using by gamers and other personalities, who are having more than million of subscribers.

Fortunately, this app is very useful for streamer or viewer because it can help them in many ways. You can easily make money from your live content. If you are a good streamer so you can have as much money as you want. According to a competent blogger that when you are watching a live stream which purchases Super Chat, there is a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get your favorite creator’s attention. Super Chats that remain pinned at the top of chat for up to 5 hours and giving more airtime for your messages.

For creators this is very good, because this means Super Chat is doing double keeping their conversations and connections with fans meaningful. It is lively and also giving creators a new way to make money. Anyhow, this is the major step from Google. The feature has added by YouTube which is the official invention of features for creators. There are more than 40 countries viewers about the report of this features survey.

 How to use Super Chat?

If you are interested to use Super Chat, you must give money and then your comment will remain pinned to the top of chat for up to almost five hours. You have to keep in mind creators can blacklist certain chat words and ban harassing viewers. The YouTube creator receives all Super Chat contributions. Basically this is one another way for creators to make money.

Important instructions for using Super Chat

  • Select the dollar sign within a visible live chat.
  • Next you have to select “SEND A SUPER CHAT”
  • You can drag the slider or type any of values to select amount.
  • Enter your specific message.
  • Select BUY AND SEND.
  • In the last finish your purchase and follow the instructions.


Well, these are our steps and methods of how to use Super Chat and how to make money using it. Likewise, Google is providing different ways to make money, the same YouTube does provide a feature that you can make money.  For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.


13 Important Android Hacking Apps for Security Researchers

13 Important Android Hacking Apps for Security Researchers

Hacking is related to network and security which is very common in this modern world, every online business or other websites need to be secured and safe because there are many ways for hackers to interrupt it and can enter into the site and can easily create some changes. So there are two type of hacking that we’ll make you aware about the best Android Hacking Apps for Security Researchers


hacker can be a person who keeps on hacking. The “hacking” term historically referred to constructive and clever technical work which is not related to computer systems. Hacking and hackers are commonly affiliated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet, websites and other networks. Following are the two ways of hacking;

1: Ethical Hacking

The easiest way of hacking in which Security researchers try to hack into organization with their permission, if they found bug or they report to the company and receive the reward from companies that is providing such facilities.

2: Strange hacking

This is the 2nd hacking is strange and happening in all around the world right now, Hackers get into Organizations networks illegally without permission of testing. Once they get in then they make the changes unwanted by company into their system. Following are the useful Android Hacking Apps that we will make you aware with the help of easy steps.

1: AndroRAT

AndroRat is Remote Administration Tool for Android that can be a client or server application developed in Java Android for the client side and in Java for the Server. This was developed in a team of 4 for a university project with the intention of learning and has been realized in a single month.

2: Hackcode

Hackcode is the hacker’s Toolbox application, with the help of Hackcode a hacker can easily get in to tester, Ethical hackers, IT administrator and Cyber security professional for performing different tasks like that scanning and performing exploits, and many more ways of using of it.

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3: Burp Suite

An integrated platform for observing security testing of web applications. It has various tools that work together to support all the testing procedure, even from beginning mapping of an application’s attack surface, through to finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities and many more.

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4: APK Inspector

APK Inspector is a powerful and very important GUI tool for analysts for analyzing the Android applications. This project has brought many responsibilities including aide to analysts and reverse engineers to visualize compiled Android packages along with corresponding DEX code.

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5: zANTI

zANTI as much comprehensive as the other networks diagnostics toolkit which enables complex audits, it is also penetration tests at the push of button. zANTI also provides cloud based reporting that gives you easy and simple guideline to get into any network safely.

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6: Droid Sheep

Droid Sheep can be easily used by those who are having an Android device, but only the provider of the web service can protect the users. Anyone who wants to test the security of his/her accounts by himself and can decide whether to carry on using the web service.

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7: dSploit

dSploit is very easy to get into and is an Android network analysis and penetration suite which aims offering to IT security experts. This is the most complete and perfect professional toolkit. It can perform network security assessments on a mobile device whether Android or any other sort.

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8: Shark for Root

You might know that most of traffic sniffer works on 3G and Wi-Fi. If you want to open dump use WireShark or similar software, or for preview dump on phone use Shark Reader that bases on TCP dump.

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9: Arpspoof

Arpspoof is basically a tool for network auditing written by Dug Song as a part of his sniff package in lifetime. Arpspoof helps in redirecting the traffic on the local network by forging ARP replies and sending them to either a specific target or all the hosts on the local network paths.

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10: Nmap for Android

Nmap or network mapper is one of the best network scanner tools. It originally created for Unix and OS however, all the people can have it on Windows and Android as well. After scanning you can email the results, this application is not an official app but its good.

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11: SSHDroid

Secure shell or SSH is the type of best protocol which provides while connecting to any device, but this is an extra layer of security. SSHDroid is an SSH server implementation for Android. This application will let you connect to your device from a PC and make you able for execution of commands.

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12: SSLstrip

SSLStrip is a famous mobile app useful for Android having almost 10000+ downloads, install and experience. This app can make it easy to download in short moments, also famous for behalf of good in downloading.

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13: Wi-Fi Analyzer

This app turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer, shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. It also helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. It can bring some other benefits while using WiFi.

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That’s all, the following Android Hacking Applications mentioned above are just for Security Researchers and should be used for Security purpose only. Let’s hope you can take enough information from our ideas. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



New Innovative & Latest Technology Inventions

New Innovative & Latest Technology Inventions

The IT Professionals who has predicted about the latest technology inventions showing how to we have to use our computers and mobile devices. As you know that all the innovative technology has features and disadvantages. So in this article we’ll show all the inventions with features and many more.

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BMW remotely locked a vehicle & can trap a thief while stealing a car

BMW remotely locked a vehicle & can trap a thief while stealing a car


Skills are very important for every profession to earn money and spent the life through that money. There are many professions inluded stealing a car which should not be neglected. Well, stealing a car for a thief is a kind of profession somehow people are suffering from it. Especially the auto thieves who use their easy techniques to steal an expensive car. However, you don’t have to be worry car lifting because of bases on the new technology in this modern world there are some well equipped vehicles are introducing to the market. We are going to make you aware of a new BMW car that can remotely locked and trap the thieves inside the car

Stealing a new BMW  

The auto thieves will think twice before jacking a brand new BMW vehicle because of willing to get trap inside a stolen car. There is a report mentioned about these events;

According to the CNET report, The Seattle Police received assistance from car-maker BMW to judge a criminal by remotely track a locking him inside the very same vehicle that he was managing to grab.

He added furthermore “A car thief who awoke from a sound slumber Sunday morning to find, who locked remotely inside a stolen BMW car”

On the bases of the mentioned report that the suspect allegedly decided to take someone else’s car for a spin when he stumbled upon a key fob by mistake and left inside the vehicle. The owner had submitted his report about missing the car, then got in touch and asked about the stolen car from the manufacturer BMW company. So the company who used the car’s tracking system answered that the vehicle is locating in Ravenna closer to Seattle. They got reached to exact place and near to the stolen automobile and found the exact car. The car was parked at the parking lot with the thief who was snoozing behind the car.

The thief was almost 38 years old suspect was then taken into police custody on charges of theft and drug possession. He was also having a small amount of heroin and marijuana, the Seattle Police Department has an extended tradition of infusing their criminal reporting.

BMW employees could remotely lock the car’s doors rather than any other chance for thieve to get out of the car. Such does many important tasks like;

  • Trapping the suspect inside the car
  • Presumably while hissing something terrifying
  • A line from the popular superhero movie Watchmen.
  • Users great choice

That’s all, this BMW new model car which remotely locked a vehicle for trapping a thief inside the car during stealing the car. So we hope you can learn enough from our article and for further information you can visit to our website.


Top 5 S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7

galaxy note 7

In case you just ran out and acquired a Galaxy note 7, you will be pretty excited about the fancy new stylus. The new S-Pen has some awesome features. But to get most of it we are sharing some of the best S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7 – Top 5 S Pen Apps for the Galaxy Note 7

S-Pen Tool Box

The app has two triggers one when the S Pen is attached and another when its detached.

The actions are customizable the first option lets you play custom sound when the S Pen is removed.

In Tap execute action you can select any kind of action like a screenshot application and so on.

As we know Samsung air command only allows us to add six shortcuts and that’s where the next feature comes in handy this lets us add an additional four apps to the list.

This app also turns the screen off when you attached the S Pen. The free version has three-second delay for this function.

S Pen Apps

google play

Scribble Racer

It is actually a game. The object of the game is simple press and hold and try to draw the line inside the road.

The S-Pen smaller dip and enhance precision makes it a lot easier to stay on track.

Scribble Racer

google play

Adobe Illustrator Draw

If sketching is your thing, then think of this as a mobile full alternative to Samsung default Note apps but just for sketching.

In Adobe Draw you get to work with layers you get some preset shapes to play with and most importantly this app supports the S-Pen pressure sensitivity.

There are also different pressures available to choose from.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

google play

MyScript Calculator

If you’re someone who uses your smartphone a lot for quick calculations, then this app is for you.

Myscript calculator lets you input handed in problems and then solve them for you. The number recognition is quite good.

myscript calculator

google play

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt is a photo editor pack with some basic editing tools.

While using the feature like cropping an image it’s kind of tedious when you use the finger.  It’s a pleasure to use with the s-pen especially the one on the Note 7, given how precise and accurate it is.

It lets you change filters, the saturation, contrast and more.

Additionally, PicsArt contains options to draw on the image, add a photo, stickers and clipart.

picsart android

google play

If you know any other S-Pen apps do share with us in the comment below.