Google Helps Kids to Fight Hackers

Google Helps

Google is planning on a new program that might help kids about online safety and teach them how to protect themselves from scams and other troubles. This is an educational campaign that Google is spearheading to teach children how to protect themselves from predators and hacking attacks – Google Helps Kids to Fight Hackers

What is called to the Program?

The program is called “Be Internet Awesome” which is started by Google and small kids ranging from eight to 12 years old are being participated. This is not the first time that Google is starting a project for kids but many times in the past. It was a time when many of children using their own Smartphone and devices to connect to the internet. Therefore, Google and its partners developed a game called “Interland” to teach children about the online safety. Interland is a video game that seems less like a training tool and more like a sweetener to catch student’s interest in the material.

How to support ‘Be Internet Awesome’

Google is motivating teachers and instructors to use elements of its program in their classrooms. The program is including a limit of specific resources for the kids, educators and parents. So everyone is having the tools where they need to participate in the conversation. Google will make the kids to create most part of the web and to make their decisions online. When school out and summer break in, as usual kids give more time to the internet. That’s why, this is suitable time to start ‘Be Internet Awesome’ program. Teachers can even use the game in the classroom as part of the curriculum to the students. Not only have the kids who are learning the dos and don’ts of being online but the adults needed some of these lessons too.

There are many sections in this program that how to limit sharing personal information with online people; prevent falling for scum attacks, creating strong passwords and avoiding bad manner or racist ideas.

Blog of Vice President of Engineering for Kids

The vice president of the Engineering for kids and families, Pavni Diwanji, also present his report on this program. He said that “For kids to really make the most of the web, we need to provide guidance as they learn to make their own smart decisions online. This is a new way to motivate digital safety citizenship”.

This program is compliant with the International Society for Technology in the field of Education standards. “Be Internet Awesome” is the latest in Google’s string of educational programs, that ranges from promoted Chromebooks in the classroom to offering virtual reality field trips by Google Cardboard. Moreover, this program can save the spare time of the kids as well as adults. Most of them spend time by using other internet websites.

By using such site on the internet, kids can be affected by racist blogs or ideas. they are in most of the sites in internet. So ‘Be Internet Awesome’ is source to save the time of kids, because it provides a chance to children to make their smart decisions online.


Finally, Google is having good plans and thoughts for upcoming generation to prevent cyber attacks, hackers and other scum and troubles. You can leave a commit if you like our article. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM