Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Securing Your WordPress

Today everybody nags about WordPress security but my opinion is that yes indeed WordPress is vulnerable to all sorts of hack attack. But we shouldn’t blame WordPress – Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Why is the question here? If your website got hacked it completely your responsibly because WordPress have just provided you’re a starting point on which you go and enhance. So today we decided to provide your information on how to secure your WordPress website.

Securing Your WordPress -By Securing Default Login page of WordPress page.

Everybody knows the Default login URL of WordPress, From where you can access the back end of your website and the default URL is the reason why people try to brute force your website for hacking your website, and they can just do this by adding wp-login.php or wp-admin at the end of your domain name and that’s it.

So here we recommend you to customize this to something of your own choice and it should be something that only you know it. This is the first thing you should do for securing your website.

So below given are some step you should take for securing your website.

1. Setting up lockdown for your website and banning unauthentic users

Adding a lockdown feature to your website for failed login user can solve many of your problems. For example, it will avoid continuous brute force attacks. Whenever some buddy tries to attempt a hack attack by inserting repetitive wrong passwords your website will block that IP and will send you an email to inform you regarding the activity.

By doing some research we have found out that Word-fence security plugin is the best for this job, me and many of my clients have been using this plugin for quite some time now. It offer a lot of things in this field of security like you can customize number of attempts a user can make for login in and after this the user will get banned then if that is your authentic user you can unblock him by just one click so it a great plugin you should must try it out on the other hand you can use another plugins too like.

iThemes Security

Login LockDown and many more.

2. Always Use 2-factor Authentication for login in to your website.

Using 2-facture authentication (2FA) for login in to your website is another way you can improve your website security. Once you set up 2FA for your website login your user will be asked two thing to be entered that can be set by the website owner it can either be password and security question or password and security code etc.

We personally prefer to have password and security question while deploying 2FA on our or ourclients websites, Below are listed some of the plugins you can use for 2 factor authentication.

  • Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  •  Two Factor Auth
  • Two Factor Authentication

3. Use Email instead of username for logging in

By default, we have to insert username for logging in but you can customize that you can use email instead which is more secure way to login to your website. Why email why not username the reason is obvious because the username is easy to guess or find out unlike emails, emails are a bit harder also the whenever a WordPress account has been created it created with a unique email id.

Wp email login is the plugin which you would love for this job and it works out of the box for this job you just need to install the plugin and upon on activation it will start it work straight a way no configuration or settings required some of the other plugins are also listed below which does the same job.

  • Email Login                                                                                                                                                                  – Force Email Login                                                                                                                                                        – Email Login Auth

4. Customizing your login URL

Customizing the default WordPress login URL is an easy thing to do. By default, everyone can access the WordPress login page by just writing wp-admin or wp-login.php after the domain name which when the hackers know they will indeed try to brute force your website with their own DWDb which is the tool they used for guessing your password for each username :internetseekho password : internetseekho321 and millions or other such combinations they have stored in their Guess Work Database.

At this point if you have used all of our suggested security tips you have already restricted the user for their login attempts also you have swapped the username with an email and now if you replacement the default login page you will get rid of 99.9 % attacks.

So now here you can again use the iThemes Security for the job just install the plugin and go to its setting from their you can change your default login from

wp-admin to something like is-admin

and from wp-login.php to something like is-login.php or something of your own choice.

Also change the /wp-login.php?action=register to something only you know.

5. Keep a Strong password

Keep on changing the password of your website once in a week at least. Also try to generate a password using a standard free password generator and keep strong password that cannot be hacked easily.

Secure your WordPress Admin Panel

The most engaging part of your wordpress website to hacker is obviously your admin panel which should indeed be the most secured place of your website. And for attacking and hacking the strongest place of website is indeed attractive to hackers and this is the place from where they can do a lot of damage to your website.

Here are some to tips by which you improve your security of your wordpress dashboard.

1. Password Protect your WP-ADMIN directory

As you know everything is has a heart by heart we mean the main component or branch or thing on which the entire thing is dependent. So the heart of wordpresswp-admin directory if this gets hack you are done with your website this is the place from where you can get a lot of damage so let figure out ways you can secure this place of your website.

Ok so lets figure out ways we can protect the wp-admin directory one way to protect the directory is to password protect that directory which would be if the owner of website want to access the dashboard he or she has to give two password one for the website and the other master password for accessing the wp-admin dashboard by submitting tow passwords. If for some reason the users of the website are allowed to some parts you can unblock those part of the website by just making some simple configuration.

You can use the Ask Apache Password Protect plugin for doing the job which will automatically generate the .httaccess file for encryption and password protection configurations and the correct file access permissions which can be changes later own according your own use.

2. SSL Data Encryption

The smart move to secure your website is to Implementing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in website it will indeed improve your rank in google too and it will make your website more secure too. So what the SSL would do it will ensure secure data transfer between the clients browser and server browser, making it nearly impossible for hackers to get hands on the data.

Well setting up an SSL is not a big issue because you can simply request your hosting provider to enable your SSL certificates and they will and the good thing is that it is provided to you free of cost in most of cases.

Once they enable the SSL Certificates you just need to install this free plugin by the name of Let’s Encrypt free open source SSL certificate I use this for my own website as well for my clients too.

All the good hosting provider uses Let’s Encrypt with their packages. As previously described it will also rank you higher in google you can read its complete manual by clicking here.

3. Add User with 100% attention and Care.

If you are running your blog by multiple people like multiple authors write blog for your website so in this multiple user would access your admin panel so in this situation you are more vulnerable to security treats.

Don’t worry in this case you can use a plugin by the name of Force Strong Password to ensure that all of your users get registered and login with a strong password.

4. Never keep admin as your Username.

At the time of installing WordPress You should never keep “ADMIN” as your administrator account. The main key of hackers is guessing and admin is really easy and approachable key for hackers. Now they are one step away from hacking your website which is just guess your password.

I can share the screenshots of wordfence security that how many time they have blocked such attempts.

You can also use the word fence security to block such attempts.

5. Keep Daily check on your files

You can use wordfence security to keep track of changes in your website. It will ensure a bit more security to your website.

Secure Your website’s Database

The entire data and setting of your website is being stored in your website’s database. The most crucial thing it to take proper care of it. Below are some tips to take care of in order to ensure your website’s security.

1. Change your database table prefix.

If you installed WordPress on your website then indeed you might be aware of wp- table prefixits been used by WordPress database table by default. I would highly recommend changing it to something unique because using this default table prefix make to more open to hackers, because they know that wp- the default table prefix and they would really like to try some SQL injection with default table prefix in order to get some hints or even some use information about the table design and table data.

So, change it to something unique like mywp or something else of your own choice.

If the WordPress is already been installed on your website with the default table prefix then in this case you can use the iThemes security plugin to change your table prefix it pretty simple setting can easily help you do that.

You can also use another plugin by the name of WP-DBManager for the same job.

2.Set up a strong password.

Use a really strong password for accessing your WordPress database then one you enter at the time of installing WordPress. As always use the password generator to generate your password.

3.Back up your database daily.

No matter how much you make your website secure but there is always a way to hack in but keeping your self on the safe side is always a better choice so take your website backup daily in case your website gets hack it won’t be a problem for you to restore all you will do would to install the back up you have taken.

Secure Your Website theme and plugins.

WordPress themes and plugins are the most important thing in your website. Butunfortunately, the can also be the target for hacker to hack in your website. Now let’s find out how can we secure them.

1.Update your WordPress its themes and plugins regularly.

As you may or may not know every good price of software product is supported and maintain by developers and it’s been updated with respect to time like the developer try to overcome their mistakes and vulnerabilities in this software product.

So,updating your themes and plugins can save you from a lot of trouble because the hackers do know that many people don’t take time to update their themes and plugins so they will indeed target you through previous versions software loop holes.

2.Hide your WordPress version number.

The current version number of your WordPress can easily be found because it sits next to your source so it always better to hide because if a hacker knows what version you are using the its pretty easy prepare the perfect attack to target and hack your website.

Secure your hosting.

Every hosting company promise to provide the best but still there is always room for improvements lets see them step by step.

1.WP-CONFIG file protection.

Well WP-CONFIG is the file which hold all of your passwords and details about your site like your database name and user name etc which is really crucial data with respect to your website security. The WP-CONFIG is the heart of WordPress if somebody get access to this he can do what every he want to do with your website.

When you the WP-CONFIG file because inaccessible to hacker then its really hard to hack a WordPress website and the good news that its really easy to do so.

All you have to do is change the directory of your wp-config file which means just move it one directory higher and you are done. Now the question is that how will the server know that we have moved the config file one step higher WordPress routing engine is made in away that it searches all of the directories for finding it core file so it wont be a problem for WordPress where to find config file.

2.Disable file editing.

If you have given multiple user the admin access then in this case all of your admin’s can access your website theme and plugins core file, However if you disable this feature then if a hacker gain admin access to your website even then he cannot amend your wordpress core file and doing this really easy just go to your cpanel and in your wordpress directory find wp-config file and add the below given line in it.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

and you are done.

3.Set up your file access role properly.

If you have using shared hosting then having wrong file access permission can lead to very serious problem in this situation setting up proper directory and file permission can really secure your website.

If you are willing to protect your website at hosting level you can set your directory permission to “755” and file to “644” this will protect your whole website at hosting level. Like by doing this your directories, subdirectories and individual file are all secure.

This can be done either using your file system in your hosting or you can do this manually from terminal using the chomd command.

For more info you can read the WordPress codex in order to understand everything about file system for WordPress website.

4.Using .htaccess disable the directory listings.

Suppose that you create a directory on your server or hosting by the name of “Website” and you don’t add index.html then you would be surprised that your visitor can access all of the listing of that directory by just visiting the link like “”. For this they don’t even need a password.

You can stop this by adding the below given code to your .htaccess file.

Options All -Indexes

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how to secure your website

how to your secure website

Website security that is very essential to the success of online businesses. With the help of few simple steps, your website can be a safe place to do business. Hackers are always working to outsmart every new security update. Some of the recent attacks that affected a large number of websites by the hackers. The majority of website security doesn’t want to steal your data, but instead attempts to use your server as an email relay for spam. In this article we want to provide you important tips to help keep you and your website. -how to secure your website?

Why is website security important?

Your website is your brand and your first contact with the customers. If it is not safe and secure, those critical business relationships can be compromised. The next important point is hacking that is not just about stealing data. Hackers want
to create watering holes where they can hide malware as a way to spread the
malware to any visitors to that site. The threats can come in many forms, such forms are the following,

  • Infecting a website with malware in order to spread that malware to site
  • Stealing customer information such as names and email addresses
  • Cheating in credit card and transaction information
  • To add website to a botnet of infected sites, and even hijacking or crashing the site.

Keep your all software up to date

This is something we cannot stress enough here at Sucuri. Countless websites are compromised every day due to the outdated and insecure software used to run them. Most of the sites are exploiting with bots constantly scanning and the next reason is that the hacking has become automated in these days. This is the easiest tip that can save your website from vulnerabilities. You should regularly check for updates to your plug-ins, your CMS and your ecommerce software, and other software that your website runs.

Use secure passwords

You might know most of the users use complex passwords, but that doesn’t mean they always do. It is crucial to use strong passwords to your server and website admin area which is the great resource for securing your website. You should not let anybody to hack your account because the hackers could easily find your birth date or any other favorite personal activity. Password-cracking programs can easily guess more than thousands passwords in single minute. If you have real words in your password, it isn’t random. Set a reminder on your calendar so you remember to update your password with some frequency.

Backup Regularly

Sometime if the worst happens anyway, try to keep everything backup. You can back up on-site, back up off-site and back up everything many times a day. Users save a file every time that could back up in multiple locations automatically. Backing up once a day means that you lose that day’s data when your hard drive fails. Remember every hard drive will fail. Making backups of your website is very important, but storing these backups on your web server is a major security risk. Most of them are containing unpatched versions of CMS that you find publically.

Invest in a malware detector or install SSC

As you know that Malwares are extremely common because hackers have an interest in infecting any website that people are likely to visit. That means your website could be felled by malware, or by which malware infects your customers’ computers. Secondly, you have to avoid both scenarios that are a strong malware detector. Anti-malware programs can spot malware fast and help you get rid of it before it has the chance to do much damage.

SSL encrypts communications between Point A and Point B – the website server and browser. This encryption is important to prevent anyone from being able to intercept the traffic. SSL is especially important for E-Commerce website security. The SSL certificate also protects your visitor’s information in transit that protects you from the fines.

SQL injection

SQL injection is the attacks when a web form field is used by the attackers. Whenever you use standard Transact SQL, so it is easy to insert rogue code into your query through which you change your table as well delete data. You can easily avoid by using parameterized queries everytime, most web languages have this feature and it is easy into implement. SQL injection vulnerabilities don’t seem like XSS vulnerabilities, they allow hackers to get a hold of the sensitive data stored in your database – which often includes information like your customers’ credit card numbers.

File Uploads

File uploads are a major concern that is the best solution to prevent direct access to any uploaded files. You have to store them outside the root directory and when important, use a script for accessing them. Your web host will probably help you to set this up and it is allowing users to upload files to your website can be a big website security risk, even if it’s simply to change their avatar. There can be a small risk that if any file uploaded, it may look comfort and have a script that when executed on your server to open your website. If you have a file upload form then you need to treat all files with great suspicion.

Not to hide your code

You can buy software that says it will hide the code on your webpage but it doesn’t work. The browsers are trying to get into your code to render your web page. You can get around the web page encryption by many simple and easy ways. The right click disabling is like a way for viewing your website code that is annoying to users. The reason is that it disables the other right click functions that almost all the hackers know.

XSS protection

Cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks inject malicious JavaScript into your pages. After that it runs in the browsers of your users, and can change page content and steal information to send back to the attacker. You need to ensure that users cannot inject active JavaScript content into your pages. This tip gets really technical and you may want to consult with your webmaster. XSS vulnerabilities are the weakest points in the code that you write. They also allow hackers to add code to your website that can infects the devices of visitors.

To reduce XSS vulnerabilities, you need to validate and for reducing the vulnerability, you may be able to insert this string on your webpages. CSP is another sort of tool in the XSS defender’ toolbox which is a header that your server could return which makes browser to limit how and what JavaScript is executed.

Change the Default CMS Settings

CMS applications are easy to use from a security perspective to the end users. Most of the common attacks against websites are entirely automated; these attacks are depending on default setting. This means that you can avoid or prevent a huge number of attacks just simply by changing the default settings when installing your CMS of choice.

For example some CMS applications are writeable by the user, also allowing a user to install whatever extensions they want. There are parts of settings that you can control comments, users, and the visibility of your user information. File permissions are another example of a default setting that is a bit difficult. It is usually easy to change these default details while installing CMS that can change later.

Use a DDoS mitigation service

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is the attacks that occur when attacker uses high number of compromised system to disturb he bandwidth of a website at one time. If you how common DDoS attacks have become, making an additional investment in a DDoS mitigation service can further reduce the risk. You might know that hackers are working to create new methods to get around these protections. In addition, you it allows you to execute server rules, including directives that improve your website security.


So there you have relatively simple steps that you can take to increase the security of your website. Some of the following tips will stop the vast majority of automated attacks. For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media

Promote Your Youtube Videos

To get subscribers and views are very important for any YouTube channels. It seems complicated but possible, if you want to know How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media, it’s quite easy. You can take help from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more sites for your vlogging channel to have as much viewers as you want. Following are the important tips that could be very important for your YouTube channel according to promotion.

What should be the reason to follow?

First you must have a reason for users to be followed and provide unique contents that your users have never seen before. You need to avoid posting repeated posts or contents to social media platforms. In Facebook and other sites submit new and latest posts that your viewer can give more enough attention than before.

Connect to playlist in your Bio

This is the second important tip to promote your channel; it let the people to know who you are and what your role on social media channel is. You don’t have to miss the chance to write a portfolio and bio on each social media site you are using. The result of linking with your YouTube channel, your videos and posts will make a kind of list of your top hits or playlist. This way could be quite necessary for new viewers to get interest.

Use Hashtags for Extending Your Reach

The hashtags are interconnected with the users. If you use famous hashtags related with your vlog content, all your social media posts get to same category with other posts having those categories. You can also receive enough exposure by using hashtags. People who don’t follow you, suddenly they do like and share your YouTube videos.

Motivate your viewers to share your videos

The easy way is to motivate and encourage your viewers to share your YouTube videos without any hesitation. However, you have to make polite requests to your viewers sharing videos. It will show them that they can help you because they have liked your vlogs and YouTube channel, they’ll do it happily. Tell “Thanks” formally to your viewers as they comment, share your video and suggest you according to any new idea.

Twitter Chats

Besides hashtags, you can arrange a Twitter Chat by a proper time table when you can your fans or viewers get online on Twitter. You need to judge an official hashtag for your Twitter chat for example; you should keep the hashtag on your YouTube channel and give name of “chat”. After all you can ask them some questions and motivate them to reply by using such hashtags. When you search for your twitter chat hashtag, there you can notice tweets related with your chat and start rising up.

Start Google + Community

Google+ which is getting famous after each day, if you create a Google + for sake of promoting your channel can give your vlog viewers a productive place. It will be good while discussing topics that are relevant to your YouTube channel. With the help of them, they can post images, make suggestions and asking questions.

Maintain a tumbler blog

This is the important and underrated social networks that can use by a lot of people. It is very good to share with its simple “re-blog” options. This is a micro blogging platform that you make you share your videos with short form blog posts. This will gain more people to watch and share them with their friends. You can have more benefits of it like not only can you discuss your vlogs in detail but create more content. The relevant contents can help well in your YouTube community with Tumblr blog post.

Choose better Social Network for Audience

You won’t be involved in all the social networks related to your audience. It depends on you where your viewers are getting online a lot and try to focus on those networks. The technology is all over Twitter; therefore, tech vloggers have to have active Twitter presences.

Finally, use these social media marketing tips that can provide enough viewers to promote your YouTube channel. For more information you can visit to our website on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make $100,000 with Google AdSense

Make $100,000 with Google AdSense

If you are interested in money so you can earn by many ways like having a good business or online by online business. The simple way is to earn $100, 000 in one year by Google Adsense. The process is to provide traffic to Google Adsense but the questions is how much traffic? No one till predict the income of Google Adsense correctly. The more traffic you provide to Google Adsense, the more bucks will you earn. You can optimize the ads in different ways in order to make the handsome amount of money. In our today’s article we are going to tell the process of earning money by Google Adsense and the traffic to it. However, we want to tell you about the Google Adsense first – How Much Traffic Do You Need To Make $100,000 with Google AdSense

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is a CPC (cost-per-click) advertising program that allows publishers to insert a little amount of HTML in their sites to appear targeted ads and relevant to the content of the site. Anyone can put ads on their websites in order to Google Adsense pay the money. Google AdSense is a program in which enterprises can display Google advertisements on Web sites and earn revenue from hits that creates traffic for Google search engines. It represents businesses of all sizes in different languages and internationally. AdSense is also a refinement and expansion of the concept behind the banner -ad sharing arrangements that are using from many years.

How much traffic you need to make money by Google Adsense?

In case you want to make $100,000 a year from Google AdSense, so first you have to provide great traffic. Secondly, you have to create 274 pages a day that earn $1 a day OR 548 pages that earn 50 cents a day OR 1,096 pages that earn 25 cents a day.  Just suppose you have 1,096 high quality blog posts and you earn $0.25 per click from AdSense.

How to Find the Traffic of any Websites

The most required way is to find traffic for your or any other websites but how? So you can find the average page CTR that is around 1%. It also depends on your niche, website design and some of the other factors.

AdSense According to Math

Just suppose that you are having a Page CTR of 1% and your average CPC is $0.25 that is very achievable target. Finance, Internet Marketing, Technology, Web Hosting, Internet and Computers, Software etc are teh top paying Adsense niches. There are the some niches that are lower paying AdSense for example Entertainment, Arts, Movies, Celebrity Gossips Jokes etc.

As we mentioned earlier that $100,000 a year means you can earn $274 a day. In case your average CPC is $0.25 then you need 100,000/0.25 = 400,000 click a year to earn $100,000 a year from Google AdSense. When you bounce the expected rate or complete 100% so it means that you need 100,000 unique visitors a day itself to generate 100,000 page views a day.

Google AdSense Glossary

Here is the short glossary of Google Adsense including some important points.

Page Views

Page view is the way of process of Google counts in your reports most times a user views a page showing Google ads. Simple is this that if you have a page that is showing 3 ad units and if its viewed twice then you generate two page views.


There are some standards content ads that is very important, if Google counts a click when a user clicks on any ad, so Google counts a click when a user clicks on an ad on the page that is having ads after selecting a link. The links can be any of links inside the link unit.

Page Click through Rate

This is the page of number of ads click that is divided by the number of impressions or the received page will be viewed.  If you receive 5 Clicks from 100 Page Views, then your Page CTR would be 5%.

Cost per click (CPC)

CPC is the amount that you earn through any time user clicks on your ad. The advertiser determines that there are some advisers that may be willing to pay more per click than others.

Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions

Page Revenue per Thousand Impressions (RPM) that is calculated by dividing your estimated earnings by the number of page views you received, and then multiplying by 1000. Just have an example, if you have earned an estimate $0.15 from 25 page views, so your page RPM would equal to ($0.15 / 25) * 1000, or $6.00, which is calculated by RPM.

Estimated Earnings

Your account earned balance or money for the time period has selected. This all Glossary is provided by the Google Adsense.

What are CPM ads?

CPM is stand for Cost per Mille and also stands for Cost per 1,000 Impressions. CPM networks duty is to pay for every 1,000 impressions you generate. If a CPM ad network pays $1 CPM to you, so it means that they’re paying you $1 for every 1,000 page views. It depends on your generations of your views per click.

The earning of CPM network depends on your traffic quality. You can also expect anymore that could be between $1-$3 per 1,000 impressions. If you generate 100,000 page views in a day so you can have $100-$300 in a day from CPM.

How to Optimize Google AdSense According to Math

There are many ways through which you can optimize your Adsense ads. For example, you can only try text ads, image ads, text & image ads to find out that which format is doing well.

There are also some wide ads that have been recommended by Google just like 728 x 90, 336 x 280, 300 x 250, and 160 x 600 as they’re more advertisers friendly. The adsense ads perform better than the recommended ads because of competition. You can focus on creating awesome content and driving more traffic so that it increases your Google AdSense earnings. You can also take help from your contents or blogs.

Traffic Needed for Your Blog to Make $36,000 per Year in Ad Revenue

It tells you how many page reviews are important generate $36,000 in advertising revenue per year. It also depends on real case studies and examples.

Blog Posts needed generate Million Pageviews per Month

This point tells you how many blog posts your website might need to generate one million pageviews per month.

Money Should You Invest In Content Marketing to Generate A Million Pageviews per Month

This point tells you how much money you should invest in content creation to hit your traffic goal. Acually it differs on a case-by-case basis.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Your Traffic Goal

For your site traffic is very important, this point tells you how much time your website will take to hit the traffic. You have to generate the traffic by different ways, especially by using internet.

Finally all your income levels should be a lot whether that is higher or lower than the figures.It also depends upon your website and its different metrics. Hope these steps can help you a lot when you need to increase your traffic to Google Adsense.

Top 14 Free Stock Images Websites

free images no copyright

The Stock Photos which are very important and valuable for businesses, blogging, designing and for other professional organizations. It’s very easy to find the Stock Photos like finding on internet that is provided by the professional companies such as Shutterstock, 123RF and much more. All these companies have charges on each photo that could be $20 or more than it.

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Best Uses Of USB OTG Cable

USB OTG Cable Adapter

OTG cable is very simple yet have so much potential and possibilities. It simply adds a USB port to your Android phone or tablet. With the help of OTG cable you can connect devices with USB output. Not every phone or tablet supports USB OTG Cable so be sure to check it before buying a OTG cable -USB OTG Cable Adapter

Keyboard and Mouse

You can connect your keyboard to your android phone with OTG cable. This come exceptionally helpful when you are writing a long archive or composing a long email.

Or connect USB mouse to your android device using OTG cable. You can open apps, play games as if you were on PC. It comes very handy when you are playing games like Modern Combat. But its better to buy wireless keyboard and Mouse.usb otg keyboard

usn mouse


It will cost you around $1 or $2 but its worth it. I will recommend you to buy Xiaomi Fan. The air from Xiaomi fan is like a cool breeze.

Particularly helpful in load-shedding days to cool you down or when your smart-phone is heating up.

usb otg fan

Card Reader

You can easily connect a Card Reader to your OTG cable. You can copy paste and can also delete the content.

It comes very handy if your device doesn’t support Micro SD Card.

Also if you don’t want to fill up the external storage of your phone.

usb otg

Game Controller

Some people don’t fancy mouse and keyboard for gaming and luckily most of devices support game controllers.

If your device doesn’t support game controller you need to root your device.

Games like Dead Trigger and GTA can be played very easily with the game controller.

game controller

USB Light

Working or studying late night? sure you have flash light in your phone to help you out with dark, but what if you need a powerful flash. OTG flash light can help. Very powerful and useful.

usb light

LAN Cable

That’s sound interesting isn’t it? Yes its possible to connect a LAN cable to your android device if you have an OTG cable.

If you don’t have WiFi in your home but have a broadband connection in your home and wants to access Internet on your cell phone you can easily connect a LAN cable to your device, but to do this you will need to buy a controller called LAN TO USB.

It will cost you around $5 but it’s worth it. So once you buy it just connect it with your OTG cable and enjoy Internet on your device.

usb lan otg

Hard Drive (HDD)

If you don’t have enough space left on your device you can connect a portable HDD to your device using OTG cable.

If you have a portable HDD like 500 GB, 1TB, 2TB. just connect it using OTG cable and do whatever you want to do.

With such storage data you can carry your entire media collection along with you. You can read the content, copy it, paste it, watch movies and many other things.

connect hdd with otg

DSLR Camera

Yes, you can also connect your smartphone to your DSLR camera. If you want to manage your DSLR on your device you must install “DSLR Dashboard” app on your smartphone.


Charge another Phone

Make your phone a power bank. Charge another cell phone with your phone. Connect OTG cable to your phone and then connect normal USB cable. That’s it, Another phone will start sucking charge from your phone immediately.

charge phone with otg


Some Useful Google Chrome Tips And Tricks

Chrome Tips And Tricks

Right from the beginning google chrome aimed to be a simple and user friendly browser. That’s the main reason why most of the people love Chrome as a browser. Even though Google Chrome has some advance features other than just browsing the web. That you may or may not know before – Chrome Tips And Tricks

Use Google Chrome as Calculator

The google chrome omnibox work as a calculator. Type any numbers like 1+2 and the result will be displayed in the auto suggestions.


Use Chrome as Image Viewer

Google Chrome supports most of the image formats so why not use Google Chrome as image viewer. Just drag and drop image directly into Google Chrome and see the result.


Use Google Chrome as Media Player

You can not only watch online videos, audios and photos on your Google Chrome but here you can also play anything you have on your PC whether offline or online.

Just drag and drop the particular file to the chrome and chrome will start playing the video. You will also see the media controls here.

chrome video

Use Google Chrome for Quick Note

You can open a text editor on your browser and can easily take any notes. For getting to text editor on Chrome go to this link data:text/html, <html contenteditable>.

Copy and paste this link in your chrome address bar and press enter.

chrome notes

Pin Frequently Used Tabs

If you open lots of tabs and want to save some space in your browser then simply pin the tab.

it will definitely free up some space for you. To pin a tab simply right click on the tab and click on Pin Tab option.

pin tab

Chrome Secret Pages

Chrome has some hidden set of pages. These are hidden because its too complicated to use and only for coders and developers. To access these pages just type chrome://chrome-urls in the address box.

chrome secret url

Task Manager

Just Like Windows and OS X Chrome has its own Task Manager. Chrome Task Manager shows all the processes running in the background and also shows the system resources which chrome is using.

Chrome Task Manager comes very handy when you get any problem in the browser and want to fix it. In Chrome task manager you will be able to see the CPU resources, Network Activity and the amount of memory used.

There are three different ways to open task manager on Google Chrome.

Firstly you can open the task manager by pressing Shift+Esc key.

Secondly right click on the upper side of the chrome and click on task manager option.

Thirdly go to the upper left corner of the chrome and click on the hamburger menu>more tools and here you will see the task manager option.

chrome task manager

Autofill Feature

Chrome Autofill is a very nice feature. it will save you a lot of time if you are shopping online or filling the registration form, instead of typing again and again just used the autofill feature. It’s a huge time saver.

To use the Autofill feature, go to the hamburger menu at the top right side of your chrome. Now go to settings and scroll all the way down you will find show advanced settings hyperlink. Just click on it. It will show the advanced options. Scroll again and click on Manage Autofill settings. From here you can add your information’s. if you go to forms or any signup procedures it will fill up literally everything for you.

chrome autofill

Reopen Accidentally Closed Tabs

If you are doing some important work and accidentally close all the tabs, and want it to open it again. Well you can easily open all the recently closed tabs by pressing Control-Shift-T.

ctrl shift t
Shortcut for Opening Recently Closed Tabs

Enable Guest Browsing

If someone wants to use your Laptop and you don’t want any changes in your browser then guest mode is the perfect option for this. Just enable Guest Browsing and don’t worry if your friends sign out you from gmail, facebook or other social accounts.

To activate guest browsing go to chrome settings scroll down and in the people section Enable Guest Browsing. To switch to the guest account, at the top right corner click on your username , then choose Switch Person and click on Browse as Guest.

guest browsing

if you know any other Google Chrome Feature, let us know in the comments below.