Top Android Apps For March 2017

android apps march 2017

Looking for some cool apps for your android device? We have got you covered. We are sharing Top Android Apps For March 2017.


This is a really simple application that helps you get the lyrics for that song that you just can’t figure out the words to.

All you have to do is start playing a song on your phone the app will detect what the song is quickly grab the lyrics and boom there you go.

By default the app automatically scrolls and highlights the lyrics as the song goes on or you can have it display them normally allowing you to scroll freely.

You can also easily search up lyrics if you choose to do so rather than having to play this song just to find the lyrics.

What’s cool about this is that you can share the lyrics via NFC and you can access saved lyrics offline so you don’t have to copy and paste the lyrics to a Notes app or anything like that.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access song lyrics this is the app you want to download.

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Pixon Icon Pack

This icon pack is very similar to the pixel icon pack. With this one each icon has its own outline to make things look more uniform.

In this pack you get over 2,250 icons along with 12 wallpapers to match.

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Volume Slider

This is a simple yet very useful app for those of you that hate having to mash the volume buttons when adjusting media volume.

So with this you can just slide on the side of your screen to adjust the volume but what’s cool about this is that it’s not just for media volume.

You can adjust notification volume, ringer volume, system volume and you can even adjust the screen brightness.

There is an in app purchase here that allows you to enable four different sliders at once for different settings as well for added functionality.

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Wallzy Pro

This is one of the most solid wallpaper apps that I’ve come across so far this year.

It’s got a great selection of high quality wallpapers as well as a mind-blowing amount of different categories to choose from like nature, typography, minimalistic, food there’s a category dedicated to wallpapers for AMOLED displays and much much more.

There’s also a built-in editor so you can do things like add your own text and if you want you can blur the wall out completely.

The app has a clean smooth and easy to navigate UI with the option to change the theme color and you can favorite the ones that you like the most as well.

This is the pro version it costs 99 cents but don’t worry there is a free version.

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Pizza Boy

This is a Game Boy Color emulator.

With this app you can relive your childhood and play some great games like Super Mario Bros. The emulator has slow-mo and fast-forward capability it supports Bluetooth controllers and the best part is that it’s free and ad free as well.

As far as getting games to play well for legal reasons all I can tell you is that roms are just a quick Google search away definitely try this out.

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This app allows you to make your own notification.

So if there’s something that you need to remember this is a great way to keep you reminded since the notification shade is something we always look at.

You can add notes to your reminders you can set the notification priority and you can select the type of notification as well.

This is a pretty neat way to keep yourself in check and i’d say it’s worth a shot.

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Camera Launcher

Some phones like galaxy phones, Pixel, Oneplus 3t and others can easily access their cameras by double pressing a button either the power or home button.

If your phone doesn’t have that this app allows you to jump straight to the camera from any application by long pressing the home button now if your device has google assistant then this function will replace google assistant but don’t worry you can always change it back into system settings it doesn’t go and delete Google assistant or anything like that.

So, if you’re someone who’s always taking pictures this is a great app.

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This is probably the best quote app you will come across on Android.

So if you’re looking for one Eve quote is the way to go not only does this have a nice user interface with material design a real slick looking dark theme for night reading pictures for whom the quote comes from a humongous selection of categories but there’s also an entire community in this application where random people can post their own quote.

Each quote has three buttons for favoriting sharing and copying the quote to your clipboard.

This is a very well-put-together application and i recommend it to everyone looking for a laugh or perhaps some inspiration.

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Rain Paper

Forget those cheesy low quality video loops with this you’ll get high quality and realistic raindrops on your home screen.

You can customize pretty much anything from the background image itself. You can even replace the rain with snow.

The rain is so incredibly realistic. It does go for two dollars but I highly recommend it.

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Night Screen

This is the simplest app on the list but it might be the most important app on the list.

This app helps prevent your eyes from getting damaged from the screens emission of blue light it not only has a blue light filter which can easily be adjusted but it also allows you to lower the screen brightness lower than what these phones itself normally can.

So if your phone’s screen brightness doesn’t go low enough for your taste you can make it go super dim. If you do a lot of browsing and reading at night the combination of the blue light filter along with the ability to dim the screen to incredibly low levels it makes this app and absolute must-have.

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