How to Drive More Views on Your Videos to Youtube Metadata Tips

Youtube Metadata Tips

Sometimes we get frustrated when it comes to the points of how to have more views on YouTube channel or videos. You all want your users to see the videos and channel. Fortunately, it’s possible to have more views with the help of metadata tips that we are gonna tell you step by step – How to Drive More Views on Your Videos to Youtube Metadata Tips

What is Metadata?

Actually it’s a data that describes other data and includes all the searchable data related to your videos which could help YouTube, Google and another search engines. The YouTube metadata will provide titles, descriptions, tags and other source of detail for your videos. Well, it’s time to give your undivided attention to the important tips that how you can get more views on your videos.

 Produce Effective Video Titles

For search engine’s ranking the YouTube video titles are very important and useful. It’s good to make your titles to include relevant keywords and must be engaging. For example you made a video about WordPress Themes, so you have to type the keywords with an interesting way like “Top Most important WordPress Themes”.  Try to use searched keyword to your titles that can easily drop in search result that can give you a higher ranking.

Optimize the Video Description

This is the area that can make chances for getting more YouTube view along with good search result ranking. If you do keywords to find some phrases that are searched a lot by audience, it’ll provide more views. After all include the phrases and keywords throughout your description.

Add Relevant Video Tags

When you upload your videos, YouTube allows the option for adding video tags. So the best way is to add relevant tags, niches and specific keywords to the video. Give enough time by searching the most relevant keywords to provide enough views on your channel. Don’t add such tags that aren’t related to your video and may be penalized for this action.

Upload Custom Thumbnail Images

This isn’t related to metadata however, your thumbnail image will tell to viewers about your content. You’ll use a little from your video, but it’s not important than Creating Custom Thumbnails image for YouTube. Now take any of the photos as you film vlogs, later on use Photoshop or photo editing software for adding your video title, logo and graphics that stands out your thumbnails.

The thumbnails will help your viewers to pick your videos over other search result. It’ll never help search engines to find your videos.

Difference Maker is Video Watch Time

If you could give attention to the details, think that how accurate your titles, descriptions and thumbnails are. In one way this is important because YouTube’s algorithm is designed to “notice”. In case your video gets too much bounces so off course it appears lower in search ranks. It’s impossible that the people will watch the video from beginning to the end. The last and most important point is that you don’t just need to improve only the ranking but the goal to get more people watch and engage with your videos.

Update the YouTube Metadata of Previous Posts

Without any restrictions and rules you can update and change the YouTube metadata for videos uploaded to your channel. Optimize your metadata properly for your older vlogs to get many views.

Finally, try to focus on these tips that will make your able to make your YouTube channel gets more views. Creating the best and relevant titles, thumbnails and video titles will motivate your audience to get interest in your contents.

How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media

Promote Your Youtube Videos

To get subscribers and views are very important for any YouTube channels. It seems complicated but possible, if you want to know How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media, it’s quite easy. You can take help from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more sites for your vlogging channel to have as much viewers as you want. Following are the important tips that could be very important for your YouTube channel according to promotion.

What should be the reason to follow?

First you must have a reason for users to be followed and provide unique contents that your users have never seen before. You need to avoid posting repeated posts or contents to social media platforms. In Facebook and other sites submit new and latest posts that your viewer can give more enough attention than before.

Connect to playlist in your Bio

This is the second important tip to promote your channel; it let the people to know who you are and what your role on social media channel is. You don’t have to miss the chance to write a portfolio and bio on each social media site you are using. The result of linking with your YouTube channel, your videos and posts will make a kind of list of your top hits or playlist. This way could be quite necessary for new viewers to get interest.

Use Hashtags for Extending Your Reach

The hashtags are interconnected with the users. If you use famous hashtags related with your vlog content, all your social media posts get to same category with other posts having those categories. You can also receive enough exposure by using hashtags. People who don’t follow you, suddenly they do like and share your YouTube videos.

Motivate your viewers to share your videos

The easy way is to motivate and encourage your viewers to share your YouTube videos without any hesitation. However, you have to make polite requests to your viewers sharing videos. It will show them that they can help you because they have liked your vlogs and YouTube channel, they’ll do it happily. Tell “Thanks” formally to your viewers as they comment, share your video and suggest you according to any new idea.

Twitter Chats

Besides hashtags, you can arrange a Twitter Chat by a proper time table when you can your fans or viewers get online on Twitter. You need to judge an official hashtag for your Twitter chat for example; you should keep the hashtag on your YouTube channel and give name of “chat”. After all you can ask them some questions and motivate them to reply by using such hashtags. When you search for your twitter chat hashtag, there you can notice tweets related with your chat and start rising up.

Start Google + Community

Google+ which is getting famous after each day, if you create a Google + for sake of promoting your channel can give your vlog viewers a productive place. It will be good while discussing topics that are relevant to your YouTube channel. With the help of them, they can post images, make suggestions and asking questions.

Maintain a tumbler blog

This is the important and underrated social networks that can use by a lot of people. It is very good to share with its simple “re-blog” options. This is a micro blogging platform that you make you share your videos with short form blog posts. This will gain more people to watch and share them with their friends. You can have more benefits of it like not only can you discuss your vlogs in detail but create more content. The relevant contents can help well in your YouTube community with Tumblr blog post.

Choose better Social Network for Audience

You won’t be involved in all the social networks related to your audience. It depends on you where your viewers are getting online a lot and try to focus on those networks. The technology is all over Twitter; therefore, tech vloggers have to have active Twitter presences.

Finally, use these social media marketing tips that can provide enough viewers to promote your YouTube channel. For more information you can visit to our website on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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