What would happen if the Smartphones eventually go die

Smartphones eventually

I sometime think if the Smartphone gets vanish then what would be the things looking like. Such companies that have laid down the basic for the demise of the Smartphone are Microsoft, Elon Musk, Amazon, Facebook and other startups that are still having a part of working. It’s better to inform you that when the Smartphone does die, that’s when all the things will get really weird for you. It’s all to state in term of how we are living our everyday live. Here are such terms that show the Smartphone’s shaping after the death of it – What would happen if the Smartphones eventually go die

The Short Term

The Short Term

Most of the mobile users think of the iPhone and Smartphone it inspired as revolutionary devices that are having many characteristics. Such phones are small enough to carry anywhere, lightly enough to handle huge number of regular tasks and also having other interesting features like camera and GPS sensors. All these features are making the apps like Snapchat uniquely possible.

The desktop PC or the laptop that are made up of different parts like mouse, keyboard and monitor. The Smartphone just used the same model and has made the input touch based and virtual. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S8 that unveiled this week having an amazing bezel less screen and impressive. The Samsung also promises which will let the users to control all the features & apps with a voice. There are also strong possibilities to ship with new version of the Gear VR virtual reality headset.

Similarly, the iPhone is also said to be shipping with the help of upgrades to Siri assistant and the features that aimed to come up with augmented reality into to the mainstream. Such devices like Amazon Echo, Sony Playstation VR and the Apple Watch that keeps on enjoying limited success.

Medium Term

In this medium all these technologies will start to gel into something familiar but unusual. The technology companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Google Magic Leap all are working to establish a separate augmented reality headsets that forms 3D images directly straight to your eyes. Even the Apple is even working on this new project. Microsoft has recently admitted to the Business Insider that the augmented reality could able to flat out replace the TV, Smartphone, and other devices having screens.

You won’t use it for a separate device on your amusement center or sitting in your pocket if all your chats, calls, videos and games are beamed into your eyes. The Amazon Echo or Apple’s own Airpods which become more and more popular in the world. The Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Samsung Bixby and Microsoft Cortana get smarter; there’ll be a rise in having them talk back. The high tech companies have promised that the future means a world of fewer technological distractions and more balance. It’s same like the physical and digital world become the same way.

The Weird & Crazy Future

All the decades and the investments of future depend on the gadgetry which you ought to wear. It can be anything even it could a pair of glasses. Well, this week we are going to introduce you the first look at Neuralink. The Neuralink which is a company founded by Musk, it intends to build computers in our brains with the help of “neural lace”. This is a very early way of technology laying on your mind and makes it to a computer. If the Smartphone provides access to info and augmented reality, puts the exact information in front of our eyes whenever we need. After all putting neural lace in our brains to vanish the gap.

The Musk has stated this because of the rise of artificial intelligence that underpins the other technologies like virtual reality & voice assistant. This all means that the human will must augment themselves for keeping with the machines.

What makes the human in the first?

The technology and ideas which human/machine fusion is terrifying with technologists, science fiction writers and philosophers. This causes the question that what really makes us the human in the first place. So if the smartphone dies what this world would like in reality. Actually it would be a kind of ruin to the world and the end of an era in somehow ways. It’ll be also the end of the machines that we are using now for producing many facilities to life and it’s going to get weird indeed.

Moreover, most of technologists already mentioned that Smartphone gives the human superpowers accessing to knowledge, wisdom, and abilities beyond anything nature gave us. Finally, if the technology ends, there’ll be a world without nature and live inside the world.

Microsoft Hololens and Realities



HoloLens is a holographic computer that interacts with holograms in the world around you. Hololens built into a headset that lets you see and hear within an environment with holograms such as in a living or dining room or an office area. The HoloLens allows developers to start making games and apps for the forthcoming headset in the future. So in this article we are going to tell you about the features and importance of Microsoft Hololens.

 What is Microsoft Hololens?

As we mentioned that is Hololens is a holographic computer that makes you able to see things clearly. Microsoft has built the headset that can connect to PC without the any need of wireless. This headset has used high-definition lenses and spatial sound technology for creating, immersive to create interactive and holographic experience. When you wear Hololens, you’ll see the real world in front of you without any problem. You can walk and talk around the others without anxious about clashing with people or walls.

How does it work?

Hololens has semitransparent which generate multi-dimensional full-color holograms. HoloLens uses colored glass for creating images in order to make you able to interact from many angles. You can have a camera that looks at the room; the camera will let Hololens to know whatever is in the room. After that it uses the information to project 3D images on top of and even inside them. Hololens is having specialized components like multiple sensors, advanced optics, and a custom holographic processing unit that can take us to go beyond the screen.

How Microsoft Hololens provides service?

In today’s modern world you take help from videos about any sort of issue. The usual Microsoft has also presented the important uses in video. HoloLens can make it very easy for you to view and interact with work projects that include assembling 3D models, video chat with hologram versions of Skype contacts, and also watch live content. An on-stage demonstration further emphasized the ability to create 3D objects, from assembling to choosing the colors, all using simple gestures that in real sense very Intel. There is one fascinating use for NASA, that makes HoloLens is the potential to control the Mars curiosity by HoloLens.

To use the HoloLens in practical ways Microsoft is also having partnership with many companies. The Volvo is expected to bring the technology to its car showrooms where customers will be able to view different color options for their chosen car and see safety features in action. The car maker is also expected to integrate HoloLens technology into its autonomous vehicle projects.

Microsoft Apps Hololens

This is very important for Hololens that Windows 10 universal apps, Office apps, and the new Photos app, will work with HoloLens in upcoming future. Windows 10 will include the APIs to enable developers for creating holograms. Some of the universal apps including Skype, that you can add holographic start menu. With the usage of HoloLens app, you can say “Follow Me” to follow you by content everywhere. You can also scale any of the content windows to fill your wall and any space with HoloLens.

Update and Price of Microsoft Hololens

Microsoft has been released the Hololens and Windows 10 before 2 months. The specific date is May 31, 2016 that Microsoft released an operating system update for the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition.

The price of Microsoft Hologens is not fixed yet. However, we are sure that it will be having the price for both enterprise and consumers to have it in an office or house. You might know that any technology innovative at the first generation isn’t cheap, the same is Hololens. Anyhow, this kit is going to have the cost of $3,000 at the initial stages.

Features of Hololens:

You have many features of Microsoft Hololens; some of the most important features are the following,

  • Multitasking which run up 3 “flat apps” at a time.
  • Pin Photos which is without app and makes bar the wall different
  • New Hologram Voice Commands
  • HoloLens Emulator now supports logging with the help of Microsoft Account
  • File picker has been updated
  • Edge browser updates
  • Providing facility of mix reality photos by pressing volume up and volume down button continuously progressively
  • Photos app now streams Video from OneDrive rather than downloading full video before playback
  • Improved memory of where you’ve placed holograms
  • For entering the email address keyboard needs improvement.
  • Faster app registration
  • Faster auto detection of Time Zone
  • New Storage sense app



Finally, this HoloLens kit is very important for developers to make our life easy and facilitative. We hope that our ideas could help you a lot to know about the Hololens. You can visit to our site for more information at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.