Foldable phones by Samsung and LG later this year

Foldable phones by Samsung and LG later this year

Mobile is such a kind of device that is using to communicate over long distance about any wires. With the passage of time when mobile phones became more famous, they began to have low cost. The less price can help to afford the mobile for all sort of people. Smartphone is the modern form of mobile phone that becomes very popular. The majority of mobile phones which made after 2010 are “Smartphone”. You can use as computers as well as making voice calls and for many other entertainment purposes.

In the future after sometime we would be able to buy foldable phones available in the market. Some of the phone companies like The Korea Herald, LG and Samsung etc are trying to invent fold-able phones later this upcoming year. On this project Samsung has started work on it and it turns into 7-inch tablet in August. The rumors stated that the third quarter 100,000 units will turn out.

Features of Bendable/ Foldable Phones

1: It will create a new take on Google Android, that can work fully when folded up and opened out.

2: You would be able to to flip closed as same as a wallet.

3: You can bend this device and it has a funky 3D display that expresses a different perspective depending on which angle you want to view it from.

4: These phones should be more forgiving than what you are having in your pockets. However, it doesn’t mean they won’t break down.

5: Such kind of fold-able phones that you can hold same like a book and can look at the screen from any angle.

 People Thoughts about Samsung

The rumors states that Samsung in future will not face any problem in making foldable phone as their model (fold-in phone) had. However, company is not fully sure about releasing the device because of market, profit and some other issues. After the disaster of Galaxy Note 7, the Korean company likely doesn’t want to take any chances. You might know that there  aren’t more chances for the company to release any new model of phones.

Samsung did very well with its Galaxy S7 Edge because of the great value and applications, which features a screen that wraps onto the side of the device. The sources states that Samsung will make a decision after a personnel reshuffle of its IT and mobile divisions.

Folded Phones of LG

LG is the second company that is working on a project to come up with its own fold-able phone, 100,000 in the fourth quarter. LG probably has bigger chances to take over because it has been working on this fold-technology about more than two or three years to have this phone. The company is working hard about the new bendable phones for this year and in the future as well.

Folding are such devices that would give you a smaller and more portable package to carry around. It could essentially double the size of your screen. There are many more better benefits of bendable phones that are useful for interested users.


These will be the new bendable phones later on this year; most of the companies are trying on this phone like LG, Samsung etc to bring interestingness for the life. We hope our ideas can help you a lot and for more information you visit our website at INTERNETSEEKHO.COM


Best Hidden Features in Android

Hidden Features in Android

Android is a highly customizable operating system. The user has complete control over his device and can change everything from how the device performs and how the device looks -Hidden features

But did you know there are a set of hidden options in Android settings targeted towards advanced users and developers. It’s called the Developer Option.

The reason they are called Developer option because they are in Android Settings.

To turn on the Developer Option you will have to scroll down in Android settings and go to about device. Now scroll down and tap on the build number six times. It will give you a pop up saying that you are a developer now.

Go back you will see a new tab appear above about devices tab called as Developer Options.

Open the developer options you will see different options. Depending on the manufacture and Android version some of the options might be missing.

                                                             android settings developer options

Most of the options are targeted towards developers but some of these options have a very interesting use like the Mock Location option.

Mock Location

By turning on the Mock Location option you can fake the GPS location to anywhere in the world. To do this you will need to install an app called Fake GPS.

mock locations

Best Android Games For May 2016

Process Stats

Next option down the list is process stats option. This option shows the device memory or the RAM usage.

Here you can check what are the apps that are consuming most amount of RAM in your device.

It also shows the current status of your device RAM. If you find an app in the list that you don’t use much and it’s consuming a lot of RAM, then you can easily stop the app directly from here.

It will help you to save some battery.

process state

Show Pointer Touches

Another option is Show Pointer Touches. When you turn this option on it will show the touches registered in your Android device.

                                                                  Screenshot_2016-05-08-20-08-29 show touch

Hardware Acceleration

Further down the list there is Hardware Acceleration Option. These are the most useful settings specially if you are into heavy apps and gaming.

Forced GPU Rendering

The first option in Hardware Acceleration is Forced GPU Rendering. This option render 2D objects on the GPU. If you have an app or game lagging on your device, then turn this option on and it will run smoother.

Force 4x MSAA

If you have a high end phone or tablet with great graphics performance and you play 3D games on it there is a way to make those games look better by enabling Force 4x MSAA. It will definitely look much better than before.

hardware acceleration

Transition and Animation

Probably the most useful feature in the developer option is the ability to control Transition and Animation of your device.

Here you will have three options windows animation scale, transition animation scale and animation duration scale. All these options control the speed of animation flows in your device.

By default, all of these are set to 1x, but if you change it to 5x the animation will move very slowly. You can lay back and enjoy the beautiful animations, but it will slow your device speed.

If you turn the Animation off it will make your device much faster.

The recommended option for Transition is 0.5x.

animation scale

Show CPU Usage

This options shows overlay at the top right corner of your device showing what processes are running on your CPU and how much load your CPU is taking.

background cpu

And at the very end of the list we have very good options which can literally speed up your device and can be a life saver for low end phones.

Don’t Keep Activities

The first one is Don’t Keep Activities. This option kill app activity as soon as we leave them

android activities

Background Process Limit

Android is a pure multitasking operating system. But too many background activities can slow down your device. With background process limit you can set a limit on how much background activities can run in the background.

background process

The cool thing about all these options is that they are absolutely safe. They won’t harm your device in anyway.

In case any of these option created an opposite effect on your device you can always turn them off.