4 Advantages of Hoverboard Over Segway


Not so long back, walking used to be our primary mode of commuting over short distances; this was a prime opportunity for a pop culture to show its tentacles and then quickly grab everyone into its influence. Perhaps the biggest and the craziest outcome of a modern-day pop culture is the use of hoverboard , a device which can serve as an efficient, personal transportation device for each person. No wonder these self-balancing scooters can rival the sale of a bike on any given day at the financial as well as the commodities market in the continental America.

Almost all hoverboard available globally are manufactured by Chinese factories, which cost a ton less than self-balancing scooters, be it single wheeled or double wheeled, manufactured by western manufacturers. Hoverboards hold 4 distinct advantages over Segway products:

  1. Medical Benefits and Security Beef Up

    Medical and security personnel need to travel some distance in a very short amount of time to respond to the crises brewing in any part of the neighborhood. Self-balancing scooters are more effective in transportation, as compared to walking, which depends on the level of fatigue, as well as a host of other things. Hoverboards offer a much faster alternative, without causing any serious reservations to the user or to people in immediate surroundings.
  2. Cost Effective, Eco friendly, and Safer

    Self-balancing scooters or hoverboards are powered by a battery pack which is stored inside the framework of the devices itself; the battery pack can be plugged in to any of the electricity source for recharging, hence runs on clean energy. In a world where energy is supposedly the other face of a coin called carbon emissions, this is a smart, welcome break in the field of personalized transportation.

    Since the time factories in China have churned out hoverboards, there has been a steep decrease in their prices, which effectively makes them cheaper at times than using a bike for commute over small distances. Hoverboards, in fact are the cheapest means of personal transport available, provided the distance to be covered is within the scope of walking or cycling, say. Running on electricity on makes it faster than walking, though might be slower than riding a bike. Segways on the other hand, might take a bit more toll on your pocket, as the prices of these generally go up to a grand.

    Hoverboards are controlled by the motion of the body, and does not generally exceed speeds of 6 kilometers an hour, an equivalent to brisk walking. While having to walk less, you don’t have to worry about muscle cramps, or fatigue when you finally reach your destination. Segways, however, require a bit more of a controlling effort, which makes the commute on a Segway a tad too much work intensive.

  3. Comfortable to Ride

    Ask any keen gadget geek to choose between a list of Segwayscooters, and other hoverboards, probability is that the opinion would favor the hoverboards. While it may seem cool to ride a unicycle, that too one propelled by electricity, it might be a little too dramatic when one has to ride it like the chaps on a circus set. The two wheeled hoverboards, albeit a pretty difficult task to master is far simpler solution than the Segway: just stand up and position your body to move in the direction you desire. Nothing in the field of personalized transportations has even been simpler than this.

  4. A Non-conventional way of keeping the Body Sound

    Hoverboards require a much greater flexibility and reflexes to keep it aligned with the body, and to operate efficiently, since both wheels are on the same plane. Electric unicycles, on the other hand, require just a bit of attention and a balancing act like that of traditional cycles for operations. Another aspect is the turning radius, which is quite small for hoverboards; Segway’s products require a much more area to turn around, which might not be feasible in all conditions.

Fund needed for third-party Moto Mods

Moto Mods

Motorola that is an ancient competent mobile company. Motorola is having its own Moto modular accessories.  This Moto modular which is for its Moto Z family of any smartphone. However, a third party developers want to create their own add-on products by using of official Moto Mods Development Kit. You can also say MDK that is trying to have its own product as Motorola is having. Well, in this article we are going to tell about need of third party Moto Mod with multi LED lights.

What is Moto Mods?

In all devices the functions and style is the basic part and is very common. Moto Mods is an interesting features of Motorola’s Moto Z smartphone is its modulator accessories. Such devices are including style and great number of functions for your phone. The functions could be for entertainment, productivity or for other important task. The Moto Mods work needs a magical power of magnets and each Mode is having integrated magnets. The magnets are attached securely to the back of your phone. The magnets are very strong enough to work on for long time and you can swap out one mode for another on as well. According to a new post project on Indiegogo crowd-funding site has an interesting Moto Mod product. This product is called Edge which designed to give Moto Z owners a new way to get notifications on their devices or phone.

Edge Moto Mod

Edge Moto Mod is created by Imagine Tech Company locating from Poland, which will include a built in multi-LED system. It will be placed all along the sides of the add-on and also using a special app. Through this app users can customize the lights in the Edge’s case to show different colors for notifications from Facebook, Twitter, etc. There are four different light patterns to choose from as well. Mod performs different sort of duties at same or specific time when needs. Mod can also be set up to show alerts if a phone needs to charge and with other functions.

How to use Notification?

The notification lights needs to be specific and visual, as users can set up one color to get notifications from family, for friends and for business contacts. Imagine Tech is actually offering two different versions of its Edge Moto Mod. The first one is the Edge Force, which contains a 2000 mah battery. It can help to extend the power use of the Moto Z phones. The second one is the Edge Air that adds wireless charging capabilities to the Moto Z phones.

Launching of Indiegogo campaign

The Indiegogo campaign launched earlier this week and so far it has raisin, as of this writing, $3,667 of the $15,000 goal, in almost one month. In case of joining you should pay $55 for getting the Edge Air Moto Mod. Imagine Tech will begin shipping the Moto Mod to Indiegogo backers at sometime in July. We can expect in coming weeks the Motorola will almost reveal some new first party Moto Mods.


Motorola has shaken things up in the premium segment with its new Moto Z series. Well, let’s hope that you can get enough information about the Moto Mod. You can visit to our website for further information on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM


New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

After the success of iPhone 7, now the Apple Company is going to release three new models of iPhone 8 in next year. In this article we are telling about the new models and the variants of the new models-New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

According to some analysts that the iphone 8 will have three different models. There will be both LCD and OLED technologies in the three different models. You might have enough information about iPhones mobiles and the company (Apple) that is organizing the mobiles. If you want to have a look at the market of iPhone,so there is a good market and a lot of people are earning through the iPhone mobiles because these mobiles are quite different than the others  in the market.

Size of New iPhone Models

Another analyst has claimed that Apple has two LCD iPhones which under work, and he also mentioned the size that the first will be 4.7-inches  and will be having a single camera lens as in iPhone 7 it has, and the other will be 5.5-inches dual-inches lens solution, same like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now it is declared that what will be the screen size of iPhone 8 because no words has appeared yet about the screen size, but it’s possible that the iPhone 8 would be larger than 4.5-inches in size.However,the analyst believes that this device will be featured by two cameras not one.

iPhone in LCD and OLED Models

As we told about the new models of Apple 2017 that is iPhone 8 but in three models, because every model of Apple has changes than the previous one, so in this model there will be some new changes than the others. We will show that are the difference between LCD and OLED.

Difference between LCD and OLED

LCD model will be 4.7-inches in size. It will be having two cameras.

OLED model will be 5.5 inches and it will be also having two cameras with 5.5 inches display. Models will be having different from each other and some analyst has predicted that the market of new iPhones will be more beneficial than the previous one which will be good for the mobile marketers too.

A Japanese publication Nikkei has reported that Apple will sell their 3 new models in next year and every model will have different screen size. According to his report, a 4.7-inch, 5- inch, and 5.5-inch are coming in 2017 year.If we compare iPhone 7 with iPhone so there is difference in features because the new iPhone will have extra features such as in camera, size and many more. Different analysts have described the features of the new iPhone 8 with their own mind. We showed you about those analysts who are working in Apple company.

That’s all were about the new models of iPhone that will be introducing in next year (2017), and with the help of this article you can know easily about the new models and features of upcoming Apple iPhone.

Best Android Games For May 2016

Best Android Games

Google Play Store is updated daily with new apps and games. It becomes very hard to track all the newly released games. Below are the some best Android games of this month.

Dream Machine

Dream machine stars a robot that wants to break free. Doing so sends him on an epic journey where you will encounter unusual contraptions and even some bosses.

The main idea is to get your robot from point A to point B. The robot moves continuously once it started and if it gets to a point where it can’t go forward it reverses it course.

You can also upgrade your robot by collecting cogs. If you love puzzle game you need to check this out.

dream machine

google play

Grand Theft Auto Liberty City

In GTA you accept and complete missions eventually coming across all the other characters who give you their own missions and through doing all of these the greater part of the game slowly revealed.

Liberty city features new character art high resolution texture rebalance controls and enhanced draw distance.

You can also save the game in a cross platform clouds so you can play on other devices and start from where you left off.

gta liberty city

google play

Barrier X

Barrier X is a game that makes you play it even if you fail numerous time.

The graphics are very colorful with techno music. The game has very simple control tap left or right dodge obstacles or enemies.

Overall it’s a very hard game to play but it’s very well design and easy to understand. Its available free on play store.


google play

Last Journey

The game protagonist a small girl wearing a hooded red coat. You can turn the stage around by full 180 degrees.

By doing so you can change the properties of the world around you with the process of flipping the stage turning thin air into solids and causing other objects to disappear entirely.

You can use this mechanics to solve simple puzzles.

last journey android

google play

Sine Line

Sine line is a very fast paced and simple game. What you are basically doing in this game is to tap the screen to accelerate oscillating particle and avoid obstacles.

The long you survived the more score you will get.

You can grab this game free on the play store.

side line android

google play

Extreme Car Driving Simulator

Extreme Car Driving Simulator is one of the best car simulator out there thanks to its advance real physics.

The car details are good and so are the controls. You can switch between three types of controls analog, white left buttons or tilting your phone.

You have your reverse and accelerator button present in all of them. You also have the option to toggle the ABS and Traction control. All in all, it’s an amazing car simulator game.

Its available free on the play store.

extreme car simulator

google play

Tap Tap Dash

Tap Tap Dash is an amazing game. In terms of gameplay this game has only one button that covers your entire screen.

You might think the gameplay might be easy as you just need to tap but in fact your tap need to be so precise.

As the gameplay progresses the difficulty level also increases. The game contains over 1000 levels each more difficult than the other.

tap tap dash

google play

if you know any other game please let us know in the comments below.