Is Programming same like Poetry?


A high-tech poetry competition that expresses that how computer code can be read as same as poetic language. The inauguration of Code Poetry Slam, Stanford University sponsored. This program was held on November 2013 and following its success and organizers are still looking for further code poems. Writing code certainly feels very similar to writing poetry. When someone is writing poetry, it feels like the center of their thinking is in a particular place. The same when code is writing the center of thoughts feels in the same kind of place. So, in this article we are going to tell you whether programming is code or poetry.

 How programming is poetry?

Most of the people think that programming is poetry but as it is. However, translating a program from one system or language to another can be like translating poetry. This is the concept of programming in which you need to keep the meaning and results same. It will not a matter if you can’t find the exact equivalents of the some words. According to a competent programmer who gave his idea about programming which is same like poetry in many important ways. The programmer should confine their expression within the restrictions of the language as well as tasteful coding style. The same thing can be said of poetry though, not all poetry is good poetry. There are many limericks that force ideas onto the scheme in very formulaic ways.

Source Code Poetry 2015

Programmers use code to create apps, websites, cool new features and more. However, there was a contest recently in which they displayed a new ways to utilize the code poetry. The Source Code Poetry 2015 contest showcased programmers who turned their computer skills into literary skills. The contest had four rules:

  • 1: It is important to write in Java, C# or C++ (because dynamical programming languages would make the contest too easy).
  • 2: Compilation is very important.
  • 3: It must be rhyme.
  • 4: The winners seprated into three categories: The Bend the Rules category, the Best Compilable Poem category, and the Popular Vote category. So it must be cool.

Poetry of Unexecutable Code

Well, along with the growth of executable code poetry, code poets are writing poems that draw on the formal and visual dimensions of computer code without focusing on the executability of the code itself. The works of Mez Breeze is one of such examples. Breeze is an Australian net. artist using the internet as a primary medium for to work. Her digital multimedia work combines sound, images, text, code and her writing includes electronic literature, code and poems. Breeze is known for her interventions in code poetry.

IF you want to know about code poem, so it is simply a poem written in any programming language including C++, HTML, C#, SQL, Objective C, Apple-script and Java. Bertran had an idea while discussing with friends that how it was possible to recognize the author of piece of code from any programming language. The people invite to submit poetry in written and any code form language. These code poems will consider for publication in a book.


Writing code certainly feels very similar to writing poetry. When anyone is writing poetry, it feels like the center of thinking is in a particular place. It needs the same kind of concentration. So we hope that our ideas can help you a lot about programming. For further information you can visit our website on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM



5 Games Every Programmer Must Play

5 Games

This is a kind of surprise for every programmer after typing many lines of codes. Most programmers need rest or entertainment to make his/her ready for next task. We’d love to introduce 5 games that every programmer ought to play for memorable moments of life.


I can’t predict several times you might have hit the screen keyboard because of not executing code or errors. Thief is the perfect game that helps you to code patiently. You would act like a thief and steal stuff from Google that could be useful to code a program successfully.


This game is developed by Edos Montreal and published by Square Enix which is a stealth video game. Thief is released in February 2014 and can easily work in Playstation 3 & 4, Xbox 360 & one and Microsoft Windows Video gaming platforms. It has been developed as the revival of curl classic Thief game series and the forth of installment of that. At the first it announced in 2009 by name of Thief 4, then in 2013 that this game is a reboot for series.

Bioshock Infinite

This is a new way to make the programming more interesting than before. With playing of this game you’ll be known about the exact action out of the imagination. There are several powerups in this game such as Killing of crows, kiss of the devil, possession and many more. The interesting part is to using different parts of travelling, ways of cutting by dimensions that is full of possibilities.



Bioshock infinite is the first person video shooter game that is published by 2 K games. It is developed by the Irrational Games and took place in fictional city name Columbia. It easily uses with many platforms like Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

Burnout Paradise

Running games should played for two purposes, run to be fast or be last. Everyone wants to be the first, in my opinion in games only the first is best not second or third.

Note: You have to careful about the details of the aspects of code which can be harmful to your program.

In this game you can go wherever you wanna go because you don’t race a car to backwards. In case you get tired then you can easily have a break down.


Burnout Paradise is an open world car racing video game published by Electronic Arts. This game is the fifth number in Burnout series and developed by Criterion Games. The releasing date of this game is January 2008, 5th February 2009 for Microsoft Windows; it is good for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Dark Soul 3

Every game is providing you help while programming but this game can motivate and make you to never give up. It will help you to choose the programming language you’re distressful with. The eye catching point is the several kinds of weapons in the game which will make you make confuse. You can choose Knights, Assassins either Mages according to your experience with the game.


Dark Soul III is the action role playing game which is same like the previous games in the series. All the players are having weapons to fight against the opponents like bows, swords and throwable projectiles. You can use shields as an alternate weapon however, they are using to deflect the enemies’ attack and also protect players from any damage. You can PlayStation 4, Xbos one and Microsoft Windows.


While your program is not getting online then you are at LIMBO, you are having any solution rather than to code the whole thing from the beginning. In Limbo game you seldom meet to any human and whom you met is already dead, or may be trying to kill you. You won’t have any weapon while playing but can use the surrounding.


Limbo is a puzzle platform video game which is developed by impendent studio playdead. You can really enjoy the way of coding with the help of this game because it will make you confident to as code as you want. You can it on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC, PS Vista and Xbos one.

Finally you can use all these games to help while coding, if you really want more information so you can visit to our website. You can visit on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM