5 Features of Vloggers with Popular Youtube Channels

Popular YouTube Channels

You might be confused to decide with many YouTube channels updating content and topics; it’s difficult to trust that all the famous YouTube channels could have one thing in common. However, you don’t have to be worry that how their styles are change, you can know it easily because the famous YouTubers expresses these five features or traits with YouTube video or channel.

YouTubers Daily Engage With Their Viewers

The first step is that you don’t have to upload YouTube videos on daily basis or every day. But you need to engage or get busy with your vlog audience on your daily basis. It’s good to make a plan or schedule for daily social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites that can appeal to your audience.

Try to check the comments on your videos regularly and check in with any Facebook groups or Google+ communities related to YouTube channel. The more you get engage with your audience can make your brand loyality.

YouTubers are Consistent at Uploading YouTube Videos

Interaction and engaging with your audience isn’t enough to keep them with yourself. The famous YouTubers maintain consistent, having regular uploading schedules and they publish the schedules on YouTube channels.  You have to arrange a schedule that can control that you are stick to it. In other words the importance of schedule is also related to the famous YouTubers.

They Create Videos Only to Their Viewers

All the videos they are making are based on viewers’ topic request. The most popular YouTubers most of the time carry out the fans request. If you are making YouTube videos specifically for your viewers and also response to their questions, is a great way to show your care about them.

The next case when you mention your supporters by name by the time they inspire any topic or video, you have to motivate them to carry on with you. All the YouTubers are appreciating their audience the same you have to do.

Their YouTube Content is Having a Unique Angle

Most of the popular YouTubers search for unique angles for videos on their channel. You will always stand out if you find the right angle and niche for your vlog. It’s also very important to think about your personality, your style, your sense of humor, what makes you passionate about your niche and what purpose to create a YouTube channel for. All these detail could help you coming up with a great angle that always help to your content stand out.

They Focus on Creating a Channel Community

All the famous YouTubers are staying focus by creating communities around their channels. It will provide you help when your audience feels like they are in your community so they will do comment on your YouTube videos. They will also comment on you other social media accounts and share your videos with their friends. By creating community for your YouTube channel and producing contents specifically for your audience can make them to stay engage. It can make your YouTube channel to grow in months and years to come.

Finally working for a unique angle can also make you audience engage. We hope this article can help you the most. If you like our article, you can comment and for further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Promote Your Youtube Channel on Facebook

how to promote your youtube channel

Facebook is the most popular and successful social media network in all around the world. If you have a good YouTube channel, you can promote it by Facebook. In this article we’re going to tell you how to use Facebook for promoting YouTube channel – how to promote your youtube channel

Create Facebook Fan Page & Start Branding

You can use your personal Facebook account and create a fan page. Just click on down arrow to right of privacy settings in the upper right corner in your home page. You have to click on “Create Page” and select a category and start filling out the profile to your to your fan page. Moreover, keep on branding in mind as you start filling in fields for Facebook page. As you start filling in the fields for your Facebook page, keep branding in mind. You can also a recognizable logo you’re your YouTube channel. Use another recognizable and branded picture for your Facebook cover photo, and you’ll be set to start marketing.
Also, remember to include relevant keywords and phrases (for search optimization), as well as all relevant links in your Facebook page like your YouTube channel, blog and other social media links.

Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

You’ll have a lot of followers on Facebook after creating your YouTube channel’s fan page. Once the people like your page, you entire posts will be shown in their newsfeed. Then they can like, comment on, share your posts and that can be seen by their friends and followers as they share your content. The more likes you get can make your marketing better while promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook. You have to make the page cool that people can get interest in it to give you more likes.
At every end of your YouTube videos, try to mention your Facebook fan page and link it to the first two lines of your description so that the link looks visible. Simply write like “If you like what you saw so like us on Facebook for fresh and regular updates”. You can also test out Facebook advertising if you have a marketing budget for promoting you channel’s brand.

Promoting Your YouTube Videos Effectively

Facebook is a good service to get more views for your YouTube channel. However, you don’t have to share your YouTube videos too often; it’ll make your marketing efforts to feel like spam. When your videos are getting a lot of views on YouTube so this is when your target audience is most active. So it’s good to start sharing your YouTube videos on Facebook at these times.
The next important point is that also having a look at where the majority of your vlog audience is locating. It’ll let you to keep time zones in mind when promoting your YouTube channel on Facebook. This way is to make you know the timing of your audience.

Sharing More than Just YouTube Vlogs

Related to sharing what more things you have to post on your Facebook fan page. If are posting links just to your videos, so you’ll have to post on Facebook whenever you upload a vlog on YouTube. So it’s better for you to have a schedule about one to four quality and engaging Facebook posts per day on weekdays. At least on the weekdays, you must have something interesting to post on Facebook to hold on YouTube channel on your follower. Following are the important points before posting,
• Try to post behind the scenes shots
• Set a Facebook up poll to determine what your fans wanna see from you
• Post interesting links related to your YouTube channel’s niche
• Create companion blog to your YouTube channel & share articles from it

Maintain an Active Social Presence

You know that Facebook is a social network so you have to get social if you want to get the use of it. Using the mobile technology, you can maintain having an active presence on Facebook throughout the day. You might be posting once or twice but you have to keep on you one eye on comments, shares and likes. In case the people are commenting on your Facebook posts so directly give them response but don’t hesitate. You have to answer to their question and can ask your own as well. You can invite them openly and get involve with them in conversation.
It’ll be a great part of becoming a successful vlogger. When your viewers come to know that you care about them so they will make a positive bond with you with your content. They will watch more of your YouTube videos and also share your content on Facebook and other social media sites.

Start a Facebook Group for Your YouTube Channel

According to your fan page where your viewers can find new information and related videos to your YouTube channel, you can create a Facebook group for debate with audience about your niche. It will show out the interest of your audience to your topics on your channel.
You have to motivate to join the group and post their ideas, tricks, suggestions, questions and tips. Don’t forget to have involved with the group. Try to respond to each post positively and watch grow of your following.

Keep on Attention on Facebook Activity

After doing all these important points, now try to keep an eye on your fan page acitivity. You have to know what’s happening to your engagement, likes and shares after you post. What time of days get the most views and likes? What sorts of posts are getting popular?
You’ll get more traffic by paying more attention to your page activity and tweak your content. You can make a Facebook group getting super involved with your vlog audience. You can keep these marketing tips in your mind while using Facebook to promote your YouTube channel to have more views.

Easy ways to promote YouTube Channel on Twitter

promote YouTube Channel

If you have account on twitter so you might be using it with the intention to share information and to tweet that’ll get hundreds of followers. However you can use your twitter as a great tool for promoting your YouTube channel and vlogs. You can use twitter to promote your YouTube channel and grow your vlogging brands. So following are the best tips to promote YouTube Channel on twitter.

Use Relevant Hashtags for expanding your reach

If you add any hashtag to a tweet, it’ll place it in that hashtag’s file. If anyone who searches for it could easily see your entire tweet. In case you are using famous hashtags which are relevant to your tweets and to your audience so you can spread the word about your YouTube channel. You can look at what’s tending and performing some hashtag searches if you are looking for the best hashtags for your tweet. For your vlogging brand you can also need custom hashtags. Then if any user clicks on this will see your other tweets and can follow them about your YouTube videos.

Host Twitter Chats for YouTube Audience

You can use the custom hashtags to host twitter chats. If you want to do this so you have to announce in advance hosting a twitter chat for specific amount of time on expected day. You have to tell to the users that can participate in order to use custom hashtags in their tweets while chatting. The entire tweets along with chat’s hashtag will be able to group together and you’ll keep on a great conversation with your audience. The conversation could be about topics that are relevant to them.

Tweet Multiple Times Without Spamming

On such platforms like Facebook and Instagram, posting many times or re-posting same ideas can consider spamming. The twitter moves so fast, even if you post a single tweet each day. It’ll be getting completely list in the mix. Twitter is the immediate medium; therefore, you have to pay attention to your social analytics. Do focus of your tweets on the time when your audience is online. Don’t be afraid of tweeting several times, even if the content is very similar.

Promote Your YouTube Channel in Your Twitter Bio

Whenever you are posting big tweets and getting engage with your twitter followers, keep the following points in your mind,

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • What to give to viewers?

You can use your profile bio for describing your channel and kinds of vlogs you uploaded and also provide a link to your channel. Most of the vloggers are committing such mistakes of not taking advantages of this. You can have this step further by linking to a YouTube playlist of your good videos to have more views per viewer visiting to your channel. 

Try to Mention Brands from YouTube Videos

This could be a bit more effective if you gain more exposure by mentioning the brands and products that you use in your YouTube videos. You have to find their Twitter usernames and simply give them “@” mention whenever you’re talking about their products of your YouTube videos. Most of the companies love frees advertising, while showing their appreciations by tweeting your tweets many times. After all that your tweet instantly gets exposure with their audience.

 Tweet More than YouTube Videos

As we once mentioned before that you need to tweet many times and also your must be valuable. It should be as same as Facebook or other social networks. You don’t need to tweet on links to your YouTube videos. The first point is that even if you’re working to make vlog every few minutes, you’ll be making a lot of similar tweets many times. The second point if you are posting funny, entertaining, and informative or providing ideas etc then you’ll get more followers on Twitter.

Do Engage with Your Vlog Supporters

Once you motivate your supporters then you can also get more famous by showing your followers that you’re honest and careful to them. Do appreciate them when they mentioned you in a tweet or give comment about you. Also when they mentioned you in a tweet, re-tweet to their tweet and thank them when they share any of your YouTube videos. Those who help in promoting your content can attract and encourage other followers to share your YouTube videos. This is a great way to show appreciation for your fans and also for your YouTube channel.

Ask Questions on Twitter for Audience Interaction

Asking questions is an easy and good way of sharing ideas or getting engaged with other people that can be on social media sites or else. Well, it’s easy to get engage with people by asking them questions on Twitter. You have to have ask them formally like what they’d like to see in upcoming YouTube video. You can also ask if they had a good experience with a particular product, and you ask for an interesting story if they had. Moreover, you can ask them for different suggestions, thoughts about your topic etc.

Finally, you have to give good response to them that the other people can look at your conversation and keep start joining to your channel. You can use these tips for promoting your YouTube channel that can grow your vlogging brand. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM