Automate your business by different ways

How to Automate your business by different ways

Automation can help in your business to make it more efficient and effective. The question is how to automate, so there are many automation tools available to enhance your small business’s digital presence and marketing campaigns. We want to describe it how marketing is becoming increasingly automated as a result of new technologies. It’s not the aim that the marketing have changed, but important is how to achieve them. By automating your business it leaves you with more time to do the thing that made you start your business in the first place.

How to setup your business by automated ways?

We are going to tell you the simple to use and affordable tools that can help your business for faster growth. With the help of the following tools you can make your business beneficial.

Have a plan

You have focus on your business functions; simply it means that what you need to do to make your business more efficiently.  If you want good for your business is to have a good set of roots that can pass the test of time. You need to perform better if you have the documented your business. Strong roots in your business should include an awareness and even better in case you know doing of your things.

Clear Voice

The content marketing that is a good aspect of today’s sales environment. In ost cases the content takes a bit time to ideate, seed out and create into the world to drive visitors to your site. The content takes time to ideate, create and seed out into the world to effectively drive visitors to your site and get them into your funnel. However, some problem creates but you don’t have to be worry because Clear Voice is the solution for all these problems. Inside the platform you can start ideas, get expert feedback and hire great content creators. You can handle the creation process through its dashboard and when content is completed, use Clear Voice’s third-party publishers to get the content out to the masses.


This is very helpful in business world because it’s the gold standard for small businesses and startups needing sales and marketing solution. Infusionsoft offer a complete end-to-end sales and marketing-automation software that includes customer-relationship management, email marketing and effective lead capture. We would love to tell you that the best thing about Infusionsoft is that the platform’s ability to simply plug in to other applications you might need.


Printful will create a high variety of custom products so you don’t have to carry inventory or risks of printing and shipping. This product also offers a wide variety of print-on-demand products ranging from hoodies and ties to coffee mugs and posters and many more that you can choose. If no products to carry, no shipping to worry about, just make your designs and upload them into your Printful account. Finally when your product sell then the Printful folks ship and manufacture to you. It couldn’t be easier to start creating products.

Have a positive mindset

One thing that I have seen holding back small businesses is the mindset that their current processes work, so why change things in small businesses is the mindset that leads to inefficient ways of doing things. If you are adverse to change, then you are holding your business back. You have to be mindful, understand what you will be changing to, and if necessary seek help. Don’t be afraid of changing and open to new ways of doing things. A healthy company is trying to improve the way that they do things. For making the process efficient, they are often saving time, time that is spent on making more money. So the important point is to think positive, and make better change for your business.

Online Marketing

Marketing is both important and time-consuming. Combine batch processing and these tools to help you automate your online marketing campaigns. The email marketing can be a powerful marketing tool for your business. It tells people to aware of your activities and it builds rapport. One way to automate your email marketing is to create auto responders. Auto responders are emails that are sent out automatically in a sequence that you determine. For example, after someone signs up for your email list that person then automatically receive a new email from you once in a week. Someone can sign up today, and other in a month and so, but they will both receive the emails in order week by week. You can keep a customer engaged in your campaign some time, but depending on the number of emails you set up.

Tasks and Projects

Such companies that need a place to easily collaborate and track projects, so we are having some solution to help automate your business. Trello is a great task tool for businesses. You can easily assign users to each task, and each task can be broken down into a checklist. You can attach files, label, and set deadlines. There are two recommended project management tools that you can use. Asana and Do which are powerful tools you can use to oversee projects in your business


In today’s business the environment requires numerous third-party apps to be successful. Many entrepreneurs are promoting their businesses on Twitter and Facebook, measuring their sites’ performance on Google analytics, marketing email through MailChimp. Such platforms individually are very important at what they do and they provide valuable data, but require unique logins for each platform. The entire platforms can find in a central dashboard that is accessible through a sign in with analytics that work together between platform silos. It’s brilliant for the busy entrepreneur who wants it all in one place.


Shopify can help you to process payments easily, whether you have an online storefront or a physical. In the cases of online entrepreneurs, users are allowed to plug their unique business URL to the Shopify platform. They can also build out a customized online storefront at the inner part of its vast library of templates. You can do change in many ways, like add contacts, exchange policies, setting up tax etc, all with just a few simple clicks of mouse. Shopify has great customer support, it sends informative and helpful set-up instructions. Shopify is having many offers such a retail location application to checkout register in order to get the best of both worlds.


There is the supreme automated way of changing your visitors to client. When you are having a great piece of content you’ve created in a platform such as ClearVoice, then you can get it out to the world. Clickfunnel has the templates for effective and easy to create to funnels. There are many kinds of layouts that you can choose like landing pages for webinars and white paper.  You need to create and ClickFunnel automates the process, if its set up once then the process is automated and perfect.

Sprout Social

Media is the important way for all business purposes. Social media is a necessary tool for every entrepreneur for communicating, sharing and distributing your content. In addition, measuring the engagement, scheduling your messages and interacting with your social followers can get complex and time-consuming. It is important that more than one person on your team is responsible for social media.

Internet Automation

This is the most important automation tools through which you create recipes that perform specific actions on the Web. It is also a powerful business automation tool. There are over 240 third-party app connections that are known as channels by which you can automate your business across the Web. You can access multiple accounts on the same service such as Twitter. Technology can provide you many services, automation technologies make you able to free up valuable time spent on redundant processes. It can also help to focus on your attention on growing your business.

Sales and ecommerce

This is the great variety of products with affordable options. You can also print your logo on many different products, including tote bags, coffee cups and posters. Moreover, printful integrates a variety of ecommerce services and supports custom integration. Sales and ecommerce also automates customer feedback and support ticket tracking for your business. This way is also better for affordable marketing automation service.

Digital Marketing

With the help of this tool you automatically create, target and optimize your digital advertising. To get start, you can upload images, videos and a basic message. This tool also provides lovely features like landing page generation, social media reporting and comprehensive analytics to carry on your company’s presence. With the help of digital marketing you can ensure your WordPress site.


Communication offers a free platform for streamlining communication between team members. You can use its marketing automation features for targeting the customers based on specific data, including behavior, preference and past sales. You can also use application program interfaces to create custom workflows with scheduling and segmentation tools.

Customers and Contacts

You can automate your business with the help of customers and contacts with interacting. People can contact with you through form as you sleep. You can also funnel your responses to go to the appropriate person to respond. You can use FAQ that can reduce the amount of queries and problems that customers and potential customers may ask. It is possible for you to take help from softwares packages like CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to your business grows. A powerful CRM can give you the edge to your business needs.


Automation is very important for growing to your business and it allows your business to make more money. Finally, we hope that our ideas could help you and for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Make Money by YouTube?

New Feature to Make Money by YouTube


There are many way to earn money, online earning money is of them by which you can earn a handsome amount of money. In the internet there are many websites that arrange the chance to earn money. Fortunately, for the first time YouTube has introduced a new app that let you to earn enough money. This app is called “Super Chat” that will help the content writers to make money by connecting with users during live stream. We are going to tell you about the steps and ways of how to earn money by YouTube in this article.

 Earn Money by Super Chat

How to earn by Super Chat

For content creators, it is the easiest way to make money with the help of YouTube’s new feature. You are supposed to connect with their fans during live stream. This new feature is named as Super Chat. If you are live video streamer, so this function is very important to you. Actually live streaming is a traditional and typical method that is using by gamers and other personalities, who are having more than million of subscribers.

Fortunately, this app is very useful for streamer or viewer because it can help them in many ways. You can easily make money from your live content. If you are a good streamer so you can have as much money as you want. According to a competent blogger that when you are watching a live stream which purchases Super Chat, there is a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get your favorite creator’s attention. Super Chats that remain pinned at the top of chat for up to 5 hours and giving more airtime for your messages.

For creators this is very good, because this means Super Chat is doing double keeping their conversations and connections with fans meaningful. It is lively and also giving creators a new way to make money. Anyhow, this is the major step from Google. The feature has added by YouTube which is the official invention of features for creators. There are more than 40 countries viewers about the report of this features survey.

 How to use Super Chat?

If you are interested to use Super Chat, you must give money and then your comment will remain pinned to the top of chat for up to almost five hours. You have to keep in mind creators can blacklist certain chat words and ban harassing viewers. The YouTube creator receives all Super Chat contributions. Basically this is one another way for creators to make money.

Important instructions for using Super Chat

  • Select the dollar sign within a visible live chat.
  • Next you have to select “SEND A SUPER CHAT”
  • You can drag the slider or type any of values to select amount.
  • Enter your specific message.
  • Select BUY AND SEND.
  • In the last finish your purchase and follow the instructions.


Well, these are our steps and methods of how to use Super Chat and how to make money using it. Likewise, Google is providing different ways to make money, the same YouTube does provide a feature that you can make money.  For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.


New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

After the success of iPhone 7, now the Apple Company is going to release three new models of iPhone 8 in next year. In this article we are telling about the new models and the variants of the new models-New Upcoming Expected Models of iPhone 8

According to some analysts that the iphone 8 will have three different models. There will be both LCD and OLED technologies in the three different models. You might have enough information about iPhones mobiles and the company (Apple) that is organizing the mobiles. If you want to have a look at the market of iPhone,so there is a good market and a lot of people are earning through the iPhone mobiles because these mobiles are quite different than the others  in the market.

Size of New iPhone Models

Another analyst has claimed that Apple has two LCD iPhones which under work, and he also mentioned the size that the first will be 4.7-inches  and will be having a single camera lens as in iPhone 7 it has, and the other will be 5.5-inches dual-inches lens solution, same like the iPhone 7 Plus.

Now it is declared that what will be the screen size of iPhone 8 because no words has appeared yet about the screen size, but it’s possible that the iPhone 8 would be larger than 4.5-inches in size.However,the analyst believes that this device will be featured by two cameras not one.

iPhone in LCD and OLED Models

As we told about the new models of Apple 2017 that is iPhone 8 but in three models, because every model of Apple has changes than the previous one, so in this model there will be some new changes than the others. We will show that are the difference between LCD and OLED.

Difference between LCD and OLED

LCD model will be 4.7-inches in size. It will be having two cameras.

OLED model will be 5.5 inches and it will be also having two cameras with 5.5 inches display. Models will be having different from each other and some analyst has predicted that the market of new iPhones will be more beneficial than the previous one which will be good for the mobile marketers too.

A Japanese publication Nikkei has reported that Apple will sell their 3 new models in next year and every model will have different screen size. According to his report, a 4.7-inch, 5- inch, and 5.5-inch are coming in 2017 year.If we compare iPhone 7 with iPhone so there is difference in features because the new iPhone will have extra features such as in camera, size and many more. Different analysts have described the features of the new iPhone 8 with their own mind. We showed you about those analysts who are working in Apple company.

That’s all were about the new models of iPhone that will be introducing in next year (2017), and with the help of this article you can know easily about the new models and features of upcoming Apple iPhone.