How to create a blog to share your information


If you want to share your information and become a thought leader with blogging tools so you have to write important blogs. Writing blogs can provide you many benefits including having information, writing blogs could be easy for you, and many more. In this article we are going to tell you step by step that how to create a blog for your information – How to create a blog to share your information

Step 1: Find a Domain

Domain name is important for everyone and everything. When you are creating a blog so domain name is your first step, you have to find out the correct domain name. In case you are having a website, so you probably can make a page for your blogs. If you don’t have a website then you need a domain name. You have to pick an easy name that can be easy to memorize. When you choose a good domain name so you can have very good blogging information.

Step 2: Installation and Hosting

After the domain, you need to have a platform and can set your blog up. You can also prefer to WordPress as more people do which is the most popular blogging platform. It is customizable and easy to use it, it also provide you a huge number of information. If you have created your WordPress account once, so link it to your domain name.

Step 3: Logo Design                          

In this step about the blog is to add some visual elements. You need to provide precious and attractive design logos to your blog. Your logo should be attractive and eye catching and provide an easy text that people can easily understand. Square version should be made because it can easily transfer to your Facebook page and other related and social channels. Create some sources files that can help you in future any changes.

Step 4: Themes

You can add different sort of themes to your blog. Here you can take help from WordPress that provides you a huge variety of themes. Creating or working with develop specializing in the platform allows you to write perfect blogs. You have keep in mind the way your blog looks will affect people’s perception of your business. What you write should be attractive that can be praised by other developers and readers.

5: Content Creation

In the last step we are going to mention you the important step, now your blog is fixing up, so you have to put with content explaining about you and your job. Creating a large number of contents need a kind of value to your customers. Your content also make your SEO ranking boost able, that means you might be appear at first level in search results when someone is searching for topics. You can also contact with other people to help with your blog SEO, taking you to the top of search engines.


These are the important steps whenever you want to create a blog. Hope you can take help from our ideas and steps. For further information you can take help from our website that is WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM