Best Android Apps October of 2017

A bundle of apps have been released in a duration of one month.they cannot be accessed at once. to acquire your favorite apps released in last month, this  list have been accumulated the following are the best android apps of  the month Of October  Search all of the apps.


Everybody know about blue apron. It is a home meal kit delivery service ,   Previously they had  an app oniso and then they launched an android app.the app includes all the step by step guidelines needed to make delicious meals which allows you to access your subscription.


Most of the times we don’t contact each other,but there are a lot of for people to connect with you. Can’t talk can auto respond to a group of different apps.,which include facebook messenger , whatsapp , slack  SMS and phone calls.


IF you are passionate about ellen tube app, the ellentube app is just right for you. Ellentube belongs to its own youtube app. Ellentube show can be accessed inside the app. You can put photos and videos and get ticks for the show


The artificial intelligence have been  processed by engkoo.  it can accurately find the English pronunciation,pitch and speed.


Fenix launched it’s app in 2014 and has been popular for some time. the evolution of the app has been remained for years.  a new design and some new attributes have been created by them. some include several accounts, changeable feeds, gorgeous UI ,mighty mute system and more.


Findit is similar to medium and tumblr, everybody can make a findit website. findit website can be accessed by everyone.  it’s easy to produce a findit site and the results provide visibility


Hide the disturbing “running in the background” information with this easy and small app.install the app and this disturbing app won’t come again.


This is a new app for all the people of runtastic. With a big database of regional foods, you can get all snacks and meals. Food values have been  automatically you can be  informed whether your consumed calories, fat and protein are perfect for what is suggested for achieving your goals.


Fuel pump skimmers can thieve your debit or credit card information without letting you know. This app utilizes your phones Bluetooth to discover  a common radio component in modern fuel pump skimmers (HC-05) and warn you if you’re about to get scammed.


Sleep mapper is an app from Philips that helps you make better your sleep . The app works with Philips Somneo, which is a sleep and wake-up can change the color of your sunrise and use breathing exercises to fall asleep.


Tinycards is a new app from duolingo. the amazing thing about the tinycards is that it creates learning into a game..enjoy opening new levels and keeping your memory strength bar full while you learn.

Top Android Apps September 2017

android apps new

Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top Android Apps September 2017.


Sign for Spotify

If you use a Spotify as your primary music player you will love this.

Sign basically lets you create widgets shortcuts to your favorite Spotify content whether it be a playlist an album and artists page single tracks and more.

All you have to do is go into Spotify and just head over to the content that you want on the widget hit the share option copy the link go back to the sign app hit add you can change the title and whose playlist it is and then after that you’re good to go.

The widgets themselves are very resized friendly you can customize the cover shape so you can customize the background colors and overall, I think this is a really nice add-on if you’re a heavy Spotify user.

google play


Text Repeater

This is basically an application for those of you that would like to spam the same thing over and over whether it be a word a phrase or even an emoji yep that’s pretty much it just spam stuff.

google play

TV Time

If you’re someone who watches a lot of TV shows then this is easily an application you should try it out.

With this app you can create your own TV show calendar for the shows you’re choosing you can set up reminders and notifications for when shows are live and you can also keep track of the shows you’re currently watching.

The app will also suggest other shows you should watch based off the ones that you do watch and on top of all of this the application is also sort of a community so when you’re done watching an episode you can check out what other people are saying about the episode which takes things to the next level.

google playChanges

This app basically gives you the change logs of all of the applications installed on your phone. The application itself has a very clean user interface and has a dark mode as well and if you’d like to keep up to date on everything new, everything fixed and everything updated in your applications definitely give this app a shot.

google play

Eye Shield

This is a blue light filter application these filters of course are meant to help you shield your eyes from the blue light emitted from our devices which can in fact cause negative effects to our health things like migraines chronic headaches and a lot more.

What’s cool about this app is that you can create your own presets set to the levels optimal for your needs with different colors different color temperatures different filter intensity and brightness levels.

You can also schedule these filters to automatically enable themselves at different points during the day so that you don’t have to go in and turn them on and off yourself.

This is a super handy tool to have on hand and a it can help you sleep better.

google play

AMOLED Live Wallpaper

The main focus of this app is to show off the capabilities of an AMOLED display. You’ve got these colors flying around and of course wherever the colors are not displayed those pixels are not lit up so in terms of battery consumption this live wallpaper drinks a lot less than most of the ones out there overall it looks great and it even reacts to your tabs in your swipes and if your phone has an AMOLED display then this is a play


Vinilo Icon Pack

This icon pack has over 1,700 icons and Counting and it comes with over 40 different wallpapers as well.

The icons are high quality and very well made and the great thing about this pack is even if an application doesn’t have its own unique icon just yet it’ll still get masked with its own white outline so that it matches the rest of the icons.

google play

Amazing Weather

Amazing Weather give you weather information in a super clean and very simple live fashion.

Each location will be accompanied by the proper live weather animations in the background and there’s also a live wallpaper that will reflect the weather patterns in real time again this application is still very young but I’m sure as time goes on it’ll continue to get better and play

Seven Time

Seven Time is a super simple resizable clock widget that’ll look great on pretty much any home screen setup.

In the app itself you’ll find a handful of different themes to choose from. You can also head into the color editor to edit the color and adjust the shadow effect as well.

You can also adjust the widget size and its overall spacing.

google play

Split Screen Creator

Now one of the features that debuted with the Galaxy Note 8 was the ability to open two applications simultaneously into multi window mode but with this application you can get that feature on your phone as long as it’s running Android 7.0 or higher.

All you have to do is add the widget to your home screen select any two applications that you want give the combo a label and you’re set.

Just know that not every application will work 100% here there is a pro mode that unlocks the ability to hide the application from your launcher and it also enables icon pack support too.

So if you like to multitask this is a great way to quickly hop into two applications you need to use at the same time.

google play

Top Android Apps May 2017

android apps may 2017

Google Play Store is updated daily with new apps . It becomes very hard to track all the newly released apps. To help you out we have gathered Top Android Apps May 2017.


Rullo a very neat game that tests your math and puzzle solving skills.

The objective here is to make the complete sum of the numbers outlining each row using the provided numbers in red but what’s tricky is that you have to do the same for the outlining numbers on each side meaning you just might run out of numbers to use and you’ll have to make some adjustments.

The UI itself is great it runs smoothly complete with nice sound effects and overall, it’s a great brain teaser.

google play


This app allows you to create some pretty neat graphic posters with pictures that you’ve taken.

You’ve got different photo filters, text fonts, font sizes and more. Using this app is super simple and you can come out making some pretty legit looking stuff definitely give this app a shot.

google play

Flick Launcher

Flick Launcher is inspired by Google’s pixel launcher but it does have a nice selection of tweaks.

You can adjust your home screen layout, you can edit the app drawer, you can edit the search bar you can add gestures, icon packs and more.

Very rarely do we come across a launcher this solid clean and loaded with these many features.

google play

Icon Pack Studio

This app will allow you to actually create your own icon pack. You can change the icons shape, background, you can add special effects and more.

This is a serious addition to the Android customization space and it’s especially great for those that enjoy making their own stuff.  The app is pretty easy to use and it’s supported by most of the major launchers out there.

google play

Wall Ethics

Wall Ethics is a pretty solid wallpaper app that’s sure to keep your home screen looking fresh with a nice collection of walls spread across ten different categories.

The app itself has a clean and simple UI and the walls themselves are pretty clean as well.

google play

PIX IT Icon Pack

This icon pack #is easily one of the best icon packs out right now. We’ve got nearly 5,000 different icons with new ones added regularly and a handful of wallpapers to match.

The best thing about this icon pack is how the icons just jump out at you. They’re colorful bright vibrant.

google play

Particle Garden

If you’re looking for a new live wallpaper give particle garden a shot.

It’s a super chill live wallpaper with a bunch of particles flying all over the place. The customization is somewhat limited but it does let you adjust a few things.

Overall this is a fantastic live wallpaper. It runs smoothly and it just looks great.

google play

Zed for Zooper

This is a very solid skin pack with 60 different widgets to choose from. Half of which are dark and the other half is light and along with that you’ve got over 60 different wallpapers to match.

The widgets themselves are nice clean and simple and will definitely add a minimalistic touch to your home screen.

google play

Best iPhone Apps For May 2017


Micron is yet another puzzle game. All you have to do here is place specifically tilted pieces on the grid to deflect these little energy dots towards the exit to complete the level.

The app is rhythm based as well which is a nice touch you get 51 levels and after that you get 12 bonus levels to keep you entertained.

google play

Geometric Weather

Geometric Weather is a super simple weather app that’s got a very nice and clean material design user interface.

You get a 15-days weather forecast as well as the forecast for the next 24 hours and you also get a bunch of widgets to toss on your home screen.

google play

Top Android Apps For March 2017

android apps march 2017

Looking for some cool apps for your android device? We have got you covered. We are sharing Top Android Apps For March 2017.


This is a really simple application that helps you get the lyrics for that song that you just can’t figure out the words to.

All you have to do is start playing a song on your phone the app will detect what the song is quickly grab the lyrics and boom there you go.

By default the app automatically scrolls and highlights the lyrics as the song goes on or you can have it display them normally allowing you to scroll freely.

You can also easily search up lyrics if you choose to do so rather than having to play this song just to find the lyrics.

What’s cool about this is that you can share the lyrics via NFC and you can access saved lyrics offline so you don’t have to copy and paste the lyrics to a Notes app or anything like that.

So if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to access song lyrics this is the app you want to download.

google play

Pixon Icon Pack

This icon pack is very similar to the pixel icon pack. With this one each icon has its own outline to make things look more uniform.

In this pack you get over 2,250 icons along with 12 wallpapers to match.

google play

Volume Slider

This is a simple yet very useful app for those of you that hate having to mash the volume buttons when adjusting media volume.

So with this you can just slide on the side of your screen to adjust the volume but what’s cool about this is that it’s not just for media volume.

You can adjust notification volume, ringer volume, system volume and you can even adjust the screen brightness.

There is an in app purchase here that allows you to enable four different sliders at once for different settings as well for added functionality.

google play

Wallzy Pro

This is one of the most solid wallpaper apps that I’ve come across so far this year.

It’s got a great selection of high quality wallpapers as well as a mind-blowing amount of different categories to choose from like nature, typography, minimalistic, food there’s a category dedicated to wallpapers for AMOLED displays and much much more.

There’s also a built-in editor so you can do things like add your own text and if you want you can blur the wall out completely.

The app has a clean smooth and easy to navigate UI with the option to change the theme color and you can favorite the ones that you like the most as well.

This is the pro version it costs 99 cents but don’t worry there is a free version.

google play

Also Check Top 10 Must Have Free Android Apps

Pizza Boy

This is a Game Boy Color emulator.

With this app you can relive your childhood and play some great games like Super Mario Bros. The emulator has slow-mo and fast-forward capability it supports Bluetooth controllers and the best part is that it’s free and ad free as well.

As far as getting games to play well for legal reasons all I can tell you is that roms are just a quick Google search away definitely try this out.

google play


This app allows you to make your own notification.

So if there’s something that you need to remember this is a great way to keep you reminded since the notification shade is something we always look at.

You can add notes to your reminders you can set the notification priority and you can select the type of notification as well.

This is a pretty neat way to keep yourself in check and i’d say it’s worth a shot.

google play

Camera Launcher

Some phones like galaxy phones, Pixel, Oneplus 3t and others can easily access their cameras by double pressing a button either the power or home button.

If your phone doesn’t have that this app allows you to jump straight to the camera from any application by long pressing the home button now if your device has google assistant then this function will replace google assistant but don’t worry you can always change it back into system settings it doesn’t go and delete Google assistant or anything like that.

So, if you’re someone who’s always taking pictures this is a great app.

google play


This is probably the best quote app you will come across on Android.

So if you’re looking for one Eve quote is the way to go not only does this have a nice user interface with material design a real slick looking dark theme for night reading pictures for whom the quote comes from a humongous selection of categories but there’s also an entire community in this application where random people can post their own quote.

Each quote has three buttons for favoriting sharing and copying the quote to your clipboard.

This is a very well-put-together application and i recommend it to everyone looking for a laugh or perhaps some inspiration.

google play

Rain Paper

Forget those cheesy low quality video loops with this you’ll get high quality and realistic raindrops on your home screen.

You can customize pretty much anything from the background image itself. You can even replace the rain with snow.

The rain is so incredibly realistic. It does go for two dollars but I highly recommend it.

google play

Night Screen

This is the simplest app on the list but it might be the most important app on the list.

This app helps prevent your eyes from getting damaged from the screens emission of blue light it not only has a blue light filter which can easily be adjusted but it also allows you to lower the screen brightness lower than what these phones itself normally can.

So if your phone’s screen brightness doesn’t go low enough for your taste you can make it go super dim. If you do a lot of browsing and reading at night the combination of the blue light filter along with the ability to dim the screen to incredibly low levels it makes this app and absolute must-have.

google play

Top 10 Android Apps February 2017

android apps 2017

Looking for some of the best apps? Here is our Pick for the Top 10 Android Apps February 2017.

Macro Droid

Macro Droid allows you to set up your own task and the trigger so when the trigger is activated the task will actually happen.

The free version allows you to set up a maximum of Five tasks. You will need Pro version to create more than Five tasks.

Macro Droid

google play


This app only works on Nougat devices. This application will round your display corners to merge it with your case corners.

There are not too many options in here however if you buy the pro version you can change the radius and some extra settings and stuff like that.

google play

Pixel Widget

Pixel Widget allows you to get the google pill widget on any Android device. This app works with all launchers, therefore, there is no need of downloading additional launchers.

You get three options here you get the weather which is nice.

You also get simply just the solo pill option which has nothing else to it simply just that little Google pill and you also get the final one which is the date so it just tells you the month the year the date stuff like that if you click on it brings to your calendar.

google play

Candy Zooper Widget

In this zooper pack, you can find 25 beautiful widgets. There are some really nice widgets inside here other than that there are some really material design ones there’s some really nice google search bars as well as clock widgets and stuff like that.

Candy Zooper Widget

google play

Summary Scanner

summary scanner this is a really nice app if you actually have a printed out tax document and you don’t actually have the original file.

This app allows you to scan in the printout and it will convert it back into a tax document so I think this is really cool it’s scan all the texts and it makes the editable on your device you can share it with anyone in your contacts list you can email to people so you can change it within the app as well or you can export it to word or something like that.

You can also translate this into different languages which are also really cool.

Summary Scanner

google play


This app allows you to live stream to a bunch of different viewers. You can meet new peoples and also allows you to just have a little bit of fun by watching people’s day, talk to people, you can send them stuff as well like little prizes thumbs-up, likes things like that.

You can meet new people so quickly you can add them as friends they can come back and talk to you and watch your live streams.


google play


This app allows you to select a photo from your gallery and edit it quite a bit with different shapes.

You can actually import a photo and add a shape on top of it.

There’s a bunch of different ones to choose from there are only three sections but there’s still quite a lot if you want more you can buy the pro version.

Android Apps February

google play


This app gives you the Bluetooth battery level of your devices.

Let’s say my headphones are connected to my phone it will actually tell me how much charge is left.

google play

Get Current Wallpaper

Current wallpaper is a really nice app which actually allows you to export your current wallpaper and share it with other peoples.

It’s really simple there’s nothing else to at all it’s simply just get your current wallpaper and that’s it and you can share it.

Get Current Wallpaper

google play

Pixel Wallpaper

These are basically the wallpapers on the google pixel and allows you to get them on any Android device.

You can easily go and set them straight away as well as cropping them and you can download them if you want to share them with other people or you just want to save them offline on your device.

google play

Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017

android app 2017

There are millions of apps in Google Play Store. We cannot check each and every app because we don’t have enough space in our smartphone. That’s why we have gather some of the Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017.

Pixoff: Battery Saver

This app allows you to switch off your pixels. This app only works on AMOLED devices. When AMOLED screens display becomes black they simply switch off the pixels so in effect you can save power.
You can also make your own template overlay or you can choose from four options you can also change your density.

There’s also options to simply keep your screen off when facedown in your pocket you also have the AutoStart option.

Pixoff: Battery Saver

google play


This is a really nice app which allows you to make ugly icon slightly better looking.

You can choose from a template on the screen to make icons round square with the material design look a 3d look as well as a page over effect.

You can change your size of the icon within the actual shape outline itself and you can also set the background color as white as well as auto.

You can also search as well as show your system apps. There’s a bunch of cool options in here and overall you can make your own icon pack in this way.


google play

Galaxy Buttons

This app is for guys who have Samsung devices. This app allows you to change the duration time of the backlight on your sensitive capacitive buttons at the bottom.

You can easily turn them on turn them off, set it to default as well as create your own custom time, so you can go between one and ten seconds.

It just gives you a little bit more control over your back lights.

galaxy buttons

google play


This is a really cool widget which allows you to create huge icons on your home screen. All you do is you add the widget to your home screen you scroll through your apps and select whichever icon you want.

You can also add an icon pack affect and change the size and it’s really cool if you want to position apps around it or just make your home screen a little bit more fun.

You can do this on your stock launcher as well overall it’s really simple and I definitely recommend it.

Giganticon - Big Icons

google play


This app is really good if you want to meet some new people some friends and people with similar interests.

You can add your interest like technology photography and it’ll actually search your area from meetup groups around you and it will come up with them all here.


google play

App Info Mini

This app shows you how much data we’ve used on Wi-Fi cellular how much cache is used how much internal storage is used and a bunch of other information.

So it’s really nice definitely recommend it if you’re a little bit nerdy go check it out.

appinfo mni

google play

Urban Wallpapers

This is a really nice clean wallpaper app. There are actual pictures taken by professional photographers. You can save the wallpapers apply them set them as your favorites as well.

urban walls

google play

Gravity Gesture

This is a really neat one if you want to set up tasks for the way you shake your phone.

So you shake your phone is set orientations you can actually trigger things for example if you shake your phone up and down it will actually open google now and then it can go ahead and ask a question.

Now this is really cool if you already have an action save on your home button but you don’t want to turn on your microphone all the time because it uses so much power so this app actually allows you to use gestures by tilting your phone which is really cool.

Gravity Gestures

google play

Sensors Multitool

This app is really cool if you want to experiment around with your settings and your sensors on your phone. I will show you all the sensors information and settings supported by your phone.

Its really cool for experimenting around with you can go through all your sensors even your proximity as well as your light sensor and you can see how much Lux is currently on the screen.

You can also check some compasses and your orientation and loads of settings like that obviously you can go into the settings and change all the measurements so you can change the units from imperial to metric or vice versa.

Sensors Multitool

google play

Flat Material Zooper

So the last one up is flat material. This one has a bunch of really cool wallpapers in as well which I think is good so definitely, if you’re not interested in the widgets, go check it out for the wallpapers.

These widgets are highly customizable you can get some really cool toggles on your home screen to easily access settings switch things on and off the other bunch of really cool search bars as well and weather which is and things like that

Do check it out If you want to spice up your home screen a little bit.

Top 10 Android Apps: January 2017

google play

Top 10 Best Android Apps of May 2016

Best Android Apps

There’s are lots app of applications in the Play store. No one has enough space on their smartphone for those – and to be completely forthright, a large portion of them you wouldn’t really need. That is the reason you require basically the Best Android Apps – Android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Below are some best apps for May 2016.

Best Material Apps

This app shows the list of best Material Design Apps that you can get for your Android.

There are three categories which are Hot, Trending and New. According to the categories you can search for the app. You can also up vote the app by liking it or you can check it at play store.

In slider menu you can choose between Phone, Tablets and Android Wear. Also there are option for Dark Mode and showing the rooted app.

Overall it’s a great app if you are looking for some cool material design apps.

android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma keyboard is one of the best keyboard for your Android.

Basically Chrooma keyboard is a material design keyboard which changes its colors according to the apps color.

The best thing is it’s available free on the play store.

You can change the size of the keyboard and also the language. Some features are available in the PAID version.

chrooma keyboard - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Gallery Doctor

Some time you take a lot of similar photos and forget to delete it. It takes lot of space in your device.

Gallery doctor scans your phone for unwanted junk, photos and videos.

At top of the app you will see gallery health, space left and all the information about your gallery.

You can also go to settings and custom scan your gallery. Overall it’s a great app for gallery if you are running low on space.

Gallery Doctor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

ML Manager

ML Manager is an apk extractor for your android.

ML Manager lets you extract and share the apk on android.

Looking at the app you will see the list of all the installed application. On the next tab you will see all the system apps. You can also take the apks of the system apps.

You can also uninstall the apps but uninstalling the system app will require root permission.

ml manager - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Pixolor is very useful and simple app for android. Basically this app gets the color codes that are present in your screen.

If you tap the app it will start giving you the circle which detects and show the color to you. Once you get your color you want to copy you can check it in your notification panel.

You can also share the code with other people or just save it on your clipboard.

Pixolor - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Unclouded is a really clean material design app and all in one file manager.

You can link all your cloud services in this one app.

If you want to add more than two services than you need to buy the premium version.

unclouded - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Universal Copy

Sometimes when you want to copy text from an app like youtube and you are unable to use the default Android long press. This is where this app comes handy.

By using this app you can copy anything from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.

Universal Copy - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Wallpaper HD

This app provides ton of HD wallpapers. Open the app and you will see recent wallpapers.

You can also go to the slider and check different categories.

wallpaper hd - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016


Instadict is very unique dictionary app. Just copy the word and shake your device horizontally to get its meaning.

No need to interrupt what you’re doing. You can also use it offline by downloading the full mode.

Instadict app - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016

Xda Labs

Xda labs is a completely material design app. On the home screen you will four tabs News, Apps, Xposed and Wallpapers.

It also has slider menu which contains Xda Labs updates, Xda forums and app xposed updates.

xda labs - android apps, top apps, best apps may 2016