5 Educational Games That Are Perfect for the Classroom

Don’t you think it would have been better if our instructors taught us addition and subtraction in a rather fun way? Like creating a song out of the lecture maybe? It would have been easier to retain the knowledge in our heads that way. Well, life is easy said no one ever and we have had our share of problems to deal with as students. We had to learn the concepts in the dry, rather boring way. However, I teach my students in a more engaging way (that is what the school asks of us). The classrooms in the school have excess to internet and exams dumps. This way I teach the students by showing them informational videos, educational movies and at times play games with them.

In my 7 years of career as a teacher, I have taught the students through various educational games and have found the following most effective:

Supersized Dice

Majority of my students find it challenging to learn the concepts related to Math. So, I started taking 3-D dices to the classroom. I make the huge dices out of cardboard myself and divide the students into pairs (sometimes in small groups). I then teach them addition and subtraction. The kids find it rather funny to carry the big dices around the class but they learn during the process. And the concepts that they learn this way, get engraved in their brains. They learn faster than they usually would as a result of this as well. You can come up with various games of your own to play with the dices.

Spelling Game

To teach spellings to the little ones, I divide my class into groups of 4-5 and play scrabble. Here’s the twist. My class does not know what actual scrabble boards look like (or that’s what I am assuming). They play scrabble on the floor of the classroom with the huge flashcards (that have alphabets written on them). I provide each group with a set of flashcards (with all 26 alphabets) and make them compete against each other. This instills a sense of healthy competition in the students apart from teaching them difficult spellings.

What is Condensation?

I remember explaining condensation to my students using the following experiment:

  • I filled a glass with water and added blue food color to it
  • In another glass of water, an added shaving foam to it (it did not sink)
  • I then started adding the colored water in this glass that had shaving foam drop by drop

There came a time when the water beneath the shaving foam started getting blue as well. It became easier for me to explain to the kids the concept of condensation after they witnessed this experiment. I told them that when the clouds become saturated with water and cannot hold any more water, they start showering rain upon us. Till date, my students refer to rain as the shaving foam experiment, which is cute.

What Do the Different Nations Do?

Things learned through rote learning or cramming do not stay with you for long. However, if the basic concept is clear in your mind, the lesson stays with you for the rest of the life. I did not ask my beloved students to learn what a certain country produced or was famously known for. Instead, I drew an outline of the world map on a classroom wall (using sticky notes) and labeled the countries. I would then write a new thing about a particular country in that country’s section. My students would notice and read it every day. They would then research more about it and we used to have elaborate in-class discussions. This way the students developed two skills:

  • Debating
  • Patience (because they had to wait for their turn to share the knowledge they had acquired about the topic)

Oh, and they did learn facts about the countries too.

Silence Please!

This game is my favorite to play with the students. So, I would tell my students to arrange themselves according to their height without uttering a word. Or I would assign each student a state capital which they would display on their foreheads. And ask them to arrange themselves in alphabetical order. This way they developed the habit of maintaining silence (not an easy habit to adapt to) and learned the names of various states, animals, games etc.

There came a time when the students started suggesting game ideas to me. I was glad to learn that they are enjoying the whole experience while not learning in the process. I teach all my students the technique of conversing with people on phone as well. I remember asking a student to explain the problem our cable network was facing by calling the Cox Customer service number and talking to the rep. To my surprise, the little kid was quite confident while the whole conversation.

Difference between Unity Source 2 & Unreal Engine

Unity Source 2

There are several engines to be used for developing games. If you want to develop game, you have to consider a few important things before starting your journey. Free game engines like Source 2, Unity etc that provides guidance to develop any game. But which one is essential among them, for this question follow our step by step information -Difference between Unity Source 2 & Unreal Engine

The most powerful game engines that are using in a large expanse are Unity, Unreal Engine 4, Source 2 and CryENGINE. Using any game engine depends upon you whether you develop a 2D, 3D or mobile game. All these engines are cheap and better features while using. You can decide which one to choose, but first read about each engines that we are going to describe them.

Source 2:

During 2015 GDC, Valve had many announcements where the biggest in gaming world was Source 2 engine announcement. Source 2 is also used in the most famous games of Valve like Counter Strike, Half-Life 2 and some others. In a press conference Valve’s Jay Stelly said that the Source 2 engine available for free to all the content developers. This seems that Valve is ready to be in game engine race with Epic and Unity and also providing more options to game developers. Source 2 are using by professional developers, also enabling gamers to take part in the development of their games. As Jay Stelly suggested that Source 2 is going to be free and also going to be a strong contender against the Unity and Unreal Engine 4.

Unity Game Engine

Unity game engine offers a high array of features and is very easy for interface. The games are very easy and quickly can port onto Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 etc. This is a great engine for the development of mobile games. It has the ability of development for consoles. However, keep in mind that new developers are not able to get access to console SDK. So if you are a new developer getting access is not as easier. The game engine supports assets from the massive 3D applications for example, 3ds Max, Maya, CINEMA 4D etc, means that there is no restrictions to any file formats. Unity 4.3 also has a native 2D capabilities, supports sprites, 2D physics and making it a great game engine. The engine supports integration of any 3D application. Unity has no real modeling or building feature  but few primitive shapes so everyone need to create in a third party 3D application.

License Fee list of Unity

There are different licensing fees for Unity, the first one is the Pro version that is $1500 and you can also have for $75 monthly per seat. The Unity 5 Personal Edition is a free and including many of same features. The features are as the Professional Edition, including Profiler, Physically-based shading and more. If you want to qualify for Unity 5 Personal Edition, you need to have a small studio earning almost $100,000 per year.

Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)

Unreal Engine 4 is the brand new engine that is released from Epic Games and the successor of it to UDK. This engine has interesting graphical abilities like advanced dynamic lighting and new particle system. Whereas it can monitor up to a million particles at a time. Unreal Engine 4 is the successor of UDK, so it is must that there are many changes to the engine. These changes could not be bad and Unreal Engine 4 is much more appealing for fresh and new game developers. In the scripting language for UE4, there is a change to be noticed. The Unreal Script is completely replacing by C++ in UE4 and the Kismet is by more inborn BlueScript.

You might know that Unreal Engine is always running of off Unreal Script. Right now, UE4 games are released on PC, Mac, iOS, Xbox, Android and PlayStation 4. The pricing structure is like that it’s providing enough doors to aspire game developers. You are supposed to pay 5% royalty in case you earn $3,000 per quarter per game. Now if you have four games earning $2,500 per quarter so you won’t have to pay for each royalty.

What’s the right to select?

All the game engines are the greatest choice for you game development process. The Unity is good for mobile, 2D and 3D as we mentioned above. Unreal Engine 4 provides the ability of creating games with graphic or 2D side scrollers along with normal price. One thing is to keep in mind that you won’t face with shortage of game engines. In case your mind is not still sure so you can play almost with all of them and observe which one you are perfect with.

What types of games are interested in?

The important point is to decide with yourself why you need to use game engine. Of course, to make a game because game engines are using for game development. Following are the important questions to be answered while creating a game;

  • Do you like to create a 2D plat former or a 3D action adventure game?
  • Do you want your game to launch on a web browser or mobile?
  • What’s your plan on making money off the game?
  • Do you purchase price alone or through in app purchases?

To answer such questions it’s totally depends upon you whether to use Engine 4 or Unity. All engines can perform well job but depends on what you are creating. Finally, these are the engines that you can select any of them as your favorite. For further information you can visit to our site at


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