Easy Tips to Make your WordPress Site Multilingual

Site Multilingual

You need different tools, plug-in and translation services to make your WordPress website multilingual. According to the new survey, in top 10 languages using on the internet, English ranks first with 950 million users. The Chinese ranks second with more than 750 million users then Spanish with 270 million users – Easy Tips to Make your WordPresss Site Multilingual

These three languages make a great market for the customers all around the world. If anyone want to expand business, it’s better to make the website multilingual. So in this article we’d like to provide you easy tips to for making your WordPress multilingual.

Why to make WordPress site Multilingual?

Making your WordPress site multilingual could help you to get more global customers. For example, if Chinese online store translates its website into English, it can easily provide its product to nearly 900 million extra users. It also helps the people in the daily life when they want a better place for lunch, so just Google it in English version. Multilingual site magnifies your professional image and your brand awareness.

Different cultures and countries can understand your products through multilingual. It’s better for the users to understand your services and the process that your business runs. You can boost your CEO with multilingual and you can get your site visitor’s trust.

Method for Translation

You can translate your site with the help of a few different methods in which the fastest is machine translation. This is very important and good for urgent translations and messages to be translated quickly. However, machine translation is full of misspelling and errors that lead to misunderstanding the actual content.

You can also use a Google Language Translator plugin but the results will unreliable. On the other hand, human translation is a good source of translation and only human beings are able to understand the different cultures, linguistic and lifestyle that are able to understand and translate the context fully. Moreover, human translator is important for things like poetry, jokes, idioms and expressions etc.

You need to follow the method before sending your website for translation. Following are the points to be considered;

  • What effect you need to get?
  • Are you interested to translate your whole site or such parts that allows different language users to find their content?
  • Are users from same cultural circle?
  • Would it work to change only specific website elements language like text, headers, buttons and etc?
  • How the translation will affect the layout of your site?

In most of the cases you don’t need a plug-in like you can create only one page in the second language with required information. Furthermore, if you have enough knowledge, you can run a WordPress multisite installation.

Useful Plugins

We suggest methods for you, if none of the methods work for you then you ought to use a plugin. All these plugins are free and you have to try to check before you choose a premium solution. You have to check that how they work for you.

1: Multilingual Press

Multilingual Press is bases on multi-site and a powerful WordPress core features. It allows you to create a network consist of sites in different languages, all interconnected with each other. You can this plugin in two versions the Free and Pro along with dedicated Premium Support.

2: Polylang

Polylang is also a free plugin through which you can write posts, pages and create categories. You can create post tags as usual and then define the language to each of them. The language is set by the content or by language code in the URL. You can use a different domain or subdomain per language. It comes with customizable language switcher provided as navigation menu or widget.

3: Bogo

You can Bogo easily and it is also a free plugin. It needs to assign one language per post and doesn’t create any additional custom tables in the user’s database. In case this free plugin is not acquiring your needs, there are some other premium options that you can use.

4: Straker Translations

This is a high quality translation services along with top level automation of workflow processes. In this plug-in you need to do is select the content that you want to send for translation. Get the quote and enjoy your content being that are professionally translated and directly published to your website.


This is the most famous paid multilingual plugin. WPML is a massive solution with tons of features and support globally. It allows you to create translator accounts on your website. WPML is highly integrated with translation service (icanlocalize.com) and it allows you to send your content to the translator.

That’s all, most of the common issues are related to performance where the resources are minimal that are less enough to support you website. We hope that you can take enough information from our article. For further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM