Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Securing Your WordPress

Today everybody nags about WordPress security but my opinion is that yes indeed WordPress is vulnerable to all sorts of hack attack. But we shouldn’t blame WordPress – Tricks You Should Know for Securing Your WordPress Website

Why is the question here? If your website got hacked it completely your responsibly because WordPress have just provided you’re a starting point on which you go and enhance. So today we decided to provide your information on how to secure your WordPress website.

Securing Your WordPress -By Securing Default Login page of WordPress page.

Everybody knows the Default login URL of WordPress, From where you can access the back end of your website and the default URL is the reason why people try to brute force your website for hacking your website, and they can just do this by adding wp-login.php or wp-admin at the end of your domain name and that’s it.

So here we recommend you to customize this to something of your own choice and it should be something that only you know it. This is the first thing you should do for securing your website.

So below given are some step you should take for securing your website.

1. Setting up lockdown for your website and banning unauthentic users

Adding a lockdown feature to your website for failed login user can solve many of your problems. For example, it will avoid continuous brute force attacks. Whenever some buddy tries to attempt a hack attack by inserting repetitive wrong passwords your website will block that IP and will send you an email to inform you regarding the activity.

By doing some research we have found out that Word-fence security plugin is the best for this job, me and many of my clients have been using this plugin for quite some time now. It offer a lot of things in this field of security like you can customize number of attempts a user can make for login in and after this the user will get banned then if that is your authentic user you can unblock him by just one click so it a great plugin you should must try it out on the other hand you can use another plugins too like.

iThemes Security

Login LockDown and many more.

2. Always Use 2-factor Authentication for login in to your website.

Using 2-facture authentication (2FA) for login in to your website is another way you can improve your website security. Once you set up 2FA for your website login your user will be asked two thing to be entered that can be set by the website owner it can either be password and security question or password and security code etc.

We personally prefer to have password and security question while deploying 2FA on our or ourclients websites, Below are listed some of the plugins you can use for 2 factor authentication.

  • Google Authenticator – Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  •  Two Factor Auth
  • Two Factor Authentication

3. Use Email instead of username for logging in

By default, we have to insert username for logging in but you can customize that you can use email instead which is more secure way to login to your website. Why email why not username the reason is obvious because the username is easy to guess or find out unlike emails, emails are a bit harder also the whenever a WordPress account has been created it created with a unique email id.

Wp email login is the plugin which you would love for this job and it works out of the box for this job you just need to install the plugin and upon on activation it will start it work straight a way no configuration or settings required some of the other plugins are also listed below which does the same job.

  • Email Login                                                                                                                                                                  – Force Email Login                                                                                                                                                        – Email Login Auth

4. Customizing your login URL

Customizing the default WordPress login URL is an easy thing to do. By default, everyone can access the WordPress login page by just writing wp-admin or wp-login.php after the domain name which when the hackers know they will indeed try to brute force your website with their own DWDb which is the tool they used for guessing your password for each username :internetseekho password : internetseekho321 and millions or other such combinations they have stored in their Guess Work Database.

At this point if you have used all of our suggested security tips you have already restricted the user for their login attempts also you have swapped the username with an email and now if you replacement the default login page you will get rid of 99.9 % attacks.

So now here you can again use the iThemes Security for the job just install the plugin and go to its setting from their you can change your default login from

wp-admin to something like is-admin

and from wp-login.php to something like is-login.php or something of your own choice.

Also change the /wp-login.php?action=register to something only you know.

5. Keep a Strong password

Keep on changing the password of your website once in a week at least. Also try to generate a password using a standard free password generator and keep strong password that cannot be hacked easily.

Secure your WordPress Admin Panel

The most engaging part of your wordpress website to hacker is obviously your admin panel which should indeed be the most secured place of your website. And for attacking and hacking the strongest place of website is indeed attractive to hackers and this is the place from where they can do a lot of damage to your website.

Here are some to tips by which you improve your security of your wordpress dashboard.

1. Password Protect your WP-ADMIN directory

As you know everything is has a heart by heart we mean the main component or branch or thing on which the entire thing is dependent. So the heart of wordpresswp-admin directory if this gets hack you are done with your website this is the place from where you can get a lot of damage so let figure out ways you can secure this place of your website.

Ok so lets figure out ways we can protect the wp-admin directory one way to protect the directory is to password protect that directory which would be if the owner of website want to access the dashboard he or she has to give two password one for the website and the other master password for accessing the wp-admin dashboard by submitting tow passwords. If for some reason the users of the website are allowed to some parts you can unblock those part of the website by just making some simple configuration.

You can use the Ask Apache Password Protect plugin for doing the job which will automatically generate the .httaccess file for encryption and password protection configurations and the correct file access permissions which can be changes later own according your own use.

2. SSL Data Encryption

The smart move to secure your website is to Implementing an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in website it will indeed improve your rank in google too and it will make your website more secure too. So what the SSL would do it will ensure secure data transfer between the clients browser and server browser, making it nearly impossible for hackers to get hands on the data.

Well setting up an SSL is not a big issue because you can simply request your hosting provider to enable your SSL certificates and they will and the good thing is that it is provided to you free of cost in most of cases.

Once they enable the SSL Certificates you just need to install this free plugin by the name of Let’s Encrypt free open source SSL certificate I use this for my own website as well for my clients too.

All the good hosting provider uses Let’s Encrypt with their packages. As previously described it will also rank you higher in google you can read its complete manual by clicking here.

3. Add User with 100% attention and Care.

If you are running your blog by multiple people like multiple authors write blog for your website so in this multiple user would access your admin panel so in this situation you are more vulnerable to security treats.

Don’t worry in this case you can use a plugin by the name of Force Strong Password to ensure that all of your users get registered and login with a strong password.

4. Never keep admin as your Username.

At the time of installing WordPress You should never keep “ADMIN” as your administrator account. The main key of hackers is guessing and admin is really easy and approachable key for hackers. Now they are one step away from hacking your website which is just guess your password.

I can share the screenshots of wordfence security that how many time they have blocked such attempts.

You can also use the word fence security to block such attempts.

5. Keep Daily check on your files

You can use wordfence security to keep track of changes in your website. It will ensure a bit more security to your website.

Secure Your website’s Database

The entire data and setting of your website is being stored in your website’s database. The most crucial thing it to take proper care of it. Below are some tips to take care of in order to ensure your website’s security.

1. Change your database table prefix.

If you installed WordPress on your website then indeed you might be aware of wp- table prefixits been used by WordPress database table by default. I would highly recommend changing it to something unique because using this default table prefix make to more open to hackers, because they know that wp- the default table prefix and they would really like to try some SQL injection with default table prefix in order to get some hints or even some use information about the table design and table data.

So, change it to something unique like mywp or something else of your own choice.

If the WordPress is already been installed on your website with the default table prefix then in this case you can use the iThemes security plugin to change your table prefix it pretty simple setting can easily help you do that.

You can also use another plugin by the name of WP-DBManager for the same job.

2.Set up a strong password.

Use a really strong password for accessing your WordPress database then one you enter at the time of installing WordPress. As always use the password generator to generate your password.

3.Back up your database daily.

No matter how much you make your website secure but there is always a way to hack in but keeping your self on the safe side is always a better choice so take your website backup daily in case your website gets hack it won’t be a problem for you to restore all you will do would to install the back up you have taken.

Secure Your Website theme and plugins.

WordPress themes and plugins are the most important thing in your website. Butunfortunately, the can also be the target for hacker to hack in your website. Now let’s find out how can we secure them.

1.Update your WordPress its themes and plugins regularly.

As you may or may not know every good price of software product is supported and maintain by developers and it’s been updated with respect to time like the developer try to overcome their mistakes and vulnerabilities in this software product.

So,updating your themes and plugins can save you from a lot of trouble because the hackers do know that many people don’t take time to update their themes and plugins so they will indeed target you through previous versions software loop holes.

2.Hide your WordPress version number.

The current version number of your WordPress can easily be found because it sits next to your source so it always better to hide because if a hacker knows what version you are using the its pretty easy prepare the perfect attack to target and hack your website.

Secure your hosting.

Every hosting company promise to provide the best but still there is always room for improvements lets see them step by step.

1.WP-CONFIG file protection.

Well WP-CONFIG is the file which hold all of your passwords and details about your site like your database name and user name etc which is really crucial data with respect to your website security. The WP-CONFIG is the heart of WordPress if somebody get access to this he can do what every he want to do with your website.

When you the WP-CONFIG file because inaccessible to hacker then its really hard to hack a WordPress website and the good news that its really easy to do so.

All you have to do is change the directory of your wp-config file which means just move it one directory higher and you are done. Now the question is that how will the server know that we have moved the config file one step higher WordPress routing engine is made in away that it searches all of the directories for finding it core file so it wont be a problem for WordPress where to find config file.

2.Disable file editing.

If you have given multiple user the admin access then in this case all of your admin’s can access your website theme and plugins core file, However if you disable this feature then if a hacker gain admin access to your website even then he cannot amend your wordpress core file and doing this really easy just go to your cpanel and in your wordpress directory find wp-config file and add the below given line in it.

define('DISALLOW_FILE_EDIT', true);

and you are done.

3.Set up your file access role properly.

If you have using shared hosting then having wrong file access permission can lead to very serious problem in this situation setting up proper directory and file permission can really secure your website.

If you are willing to protect your website at hosting level you can set your directory permission to “755” and file to “644” this will protect your whole website at hosting level. Like by doing this your directories, subdirectories and individual file are all secure.

This can be done either using your file system in your hosting or you can do this manually from terminal using the chomd command.

For more info you can read the WordPress codex in order to understand everything about file system for WordPress website.

4.Using .htaccess disable the directory listings.

Suppose that you create a directory on your server or hosting by the name of “Website” and you don’t add index.html then you would be surprised that your visitor can access all of the listing of that directory by just visiting the link like “”. For this they don’t even need a password.

You can stop this by adding the below given code to your .htaccess file.

Options All -Indexes

How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress Menus without Plugin

Font Awesome Icons

If you want to add icons to your site’s menu, it’ll give your visitors some visual clues about the content. You will also be able to add a nice design touch to your own site by following our step by step instructions. Well, in this article we will show you how you can easily add icons to custom WordPress Menu without any plugin or images. At end when finish you’ll have some icons next to each item in your navigation menu. Moreover, you won’t need to upload any images or files which make your site slow down – How to Add Font Awesome Icons to WordPress Menus without Plugin

Create a Child Theme

In case you don’t have a theme, then you will need to create one to work with. We recommend you the child theme that is the easiest way of an existing theme. It means that you can easily add your own changes without doing even a single thing to original theme. You can create a child theme of the default theme. If you are new to the child theme then you can need some guidance from our site or internet.

Activate the Font Awesome Library

In next step you need to activate the Font Awesome library in your theme.

The Font Awesome is the library of icons created to sue icon font. Simply it means that it doesn’t use any background images. In place of it uses CSS classes, to add a pseudo element to anything with an icon class.

The pseudo element adds a special character before the element along with the icon style. You have to get start by activating Font Awesome in your theme. Then create a new file called function.php in your theme folder. Furthermore, if your theme has a functions file, start to open it.

Add CSS to the Menu Items

Up to this stage your Font Awesome is registered, now you can use CSS classes which provides adding icon to your menu items. Go to Appearance>Menus in the WordPress Admin where you can edit your navigation menu. In case you are not having or haven’t created a navigation menu, create on the spot and tick the checkbox in the menu screen. So that it is in the ‘Primary Navigation’ slot in your own theme.

WordPress is letting you to add a CSS class to every item in your menu. However, you are not able to see the field to this by default. First you must switch on it;

  • Click the Screen Options tab on the top of the screen
  • Check the box next to the CSS Classes
  • Close the Screen Options tab

Finally, you can add a class to any of your menu items. You can start with the ‘Home’ menu item. After that click on the downwards arrow next to the menu item, it will view more options related to that menu item.

fa fa-lg fa-home


is used for all items with a Font Awesome icon


sets the size of the icon to large


relates to the specific icon you want to display.

Give Style to the Menu Item

First take a look to your site’s menu in the front end, the fonts in your menu will have changed. The icons will be above the text when you want them to the left. All of your menu items will be next to each other when they need to be one above the other.

If you are working with your own theme, you could know that your menu looks worse or better than before or for the first time. You will also need to make some different tweaks.

When you want to fix the problems in your site, you need to add some styling to your style sheet.

Keep in mind that if you are working with your own theme, you might need to target different classes or IDs to your menu. It depends on how you have coded your theme. So let’s start by making the menu items that are one above the other. First open your theme’s style sheet and add the following code;

  • .main-navigation ul li {
  •        width: 100%;
  • }

This will ensure that each menu item takes up 100% width of its containing element. Now when you refresh your screen, the menu will be looking better than before.

Your menu items are in the right place now, however, the icons should be to the left of each menu item. For doing this, fix the following by adding to your style sheet.

  • .fa::before {
  •      float: left;
  • }

Finally, save your style sheet and then refresh your screen. All the icons will be in right and better place. So that’s all, we are sure that you can take enough help from our article and instructions. For further information you can visit to our stie at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

5 Free Important Plugins for WordPress Blog

Important Plugins

Most of the bloggers get confuse initially introduced to WordPress. User interface is quite important, so for the user’s initial experience with the user interface is plugins. There is stunning number of plugins for the WordPress platform. You can have many free plugins at Plugin Directory but to find plugin that matches with your needs is very difficult. Luckily, in this article we’ll make you to take the essential plugins for your WordPress blog – 5 Free Important Plugins for WordPress Blog

Page Load Speed

This is very important for all the bloggers and one thing is proven that site speed can affect Google ranking and visitors. You blog is same like an engine; if there isn’t someone on the throttle then you can’t go or leave anywhere. If you enter you new best friend WP Super Cache so the plugin changes the dynamic content into HTML that is produced by WordPress. This way it loads faster.

Social Media

Social media is the best source of blogging and it is same like a body part for blog. As search engine provides a lot of traffic, social media delivers the highest level of targeted visitors to your site. We recommend you Digg Digg plugin which is very effective, easy to customize and free. You can download it if you want and it has the best customization and allows you to add services you like.


After getting famous of blogging, one of its prime selling points is the concept in the community. The concept is derived from ability for a visitor to communicate through commenting. Comments connect you with the visitors and very crucial for a blog. You should motivate your visitors for commenting or asking questions through comment. This way your site or blog will get as famous as you have considered.

Comment Spam Protection

Comment spam is destruction for many bloggers. However, it’s good that WordPress comes re-bundled with Akismet Spam Blocker. Most of high profile blogs have protested many times that it has become unreliable. In simple term, plugin provides a check box that your commentors should click. The click will just confirm that they are not spammers. You can also use GrowMap which is without problems and many other bloggers do so.

Contact Form

At the end point, a contact form is required to your blog because your visitors are able to contact you. Most of the bloggers don’t wish to publish email address because of the potential spamming implications. But doesn’t matter, Fast Secure Contact Form is a plugin that easily delivers by the promise of its name. The plug-in features all of the functionality you really want has got more customization options that you can install.

Finally, these are five must plugins for your blog that can help you in many ways. We hope our article can help enough. You can comment for any feedback or asking any questions. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

Beginner Guide

All the companies are trying to create different experiences to their customers. However, some companies willing to bring some changes required delivering on the promise and some don’t realize how bad their experiences are. This year 2017, WordPress crossed the 27% mark which runs fast than a quarter of entire websites. In this article we’re going to provide the best way to run a WordPress website for those who either are new or regular users. You will learn about working with domains, installing WordPress, managing content, using plug-in and theme that secure the websites and content. Regarding this article, we will tell you the important points to be noticed – Beginners Guide to Create a WordPress Website

The Domain Name should be proper

Domain name is an identification of your website to users. So the best way is to keep an easy domain name which should not be confused with the URL. The domain names are also a part of URL. The only part you shall focus in the domain name because this is the way where users will refer to get to your website.

Choose the Right Name

Choosing a domain name is not very easy because it needs some tips that domain keeps the name short and easy to type. In case you are having such a brand consist of proper English word, then the domain name will already be taken.  All tips can be finding in order to choose a domain name, but try to keep it short and memorable. The Smashing Magazine has a long domain name, now it lost much traffic due to the name. Finally we advise you to have short and sweet domain name for your website. You are not supposed to choose the copy name or copyright to your domain name

Buying a Domain Name

You can get hosting through buying a domain name and for sake of security, your domain and hosting should be separate. Someone could easily get into your hosting account to steal data and files; they could possibly transfer the domain away if your domain name is registered. So this will leave you with nothing, if this is your first project, I suggest you to buy domain name providing hosting. All this will make your process easier and you could easily transfer domain to another company at any time when you want. Two points that you must know while buying a domain, if you are serious about branding and have funds, you have to buy a number of TLDs with the same name. For example, if you want to register, so you might buy the .net, .org, .info or the local version likes Finally, if you are having funds then register for five or six years that is the most convenient way. &

Lets us to make it clear for you about and, but first it’s better to know about WordPress. WordPress is a source of software package that you can get it free from any part of the world. is a central location of WordPress software projects where you can download it, view the documentation, answer and ask questions in the forms. On the other hand, is a service serving websites that run on WordPress. You can get full functioning websites and sign up for free account. Here you will only use a subdomain like However, if you are a new user for the first time, the restrictions are negligible.

Choose anyone is same digging well for water, in somewhat places water is close to ground water commonly, which is better for watering garden for free. You don’t need or stress for the municipal water system. You can also dig a well if you have machinery where you won’t pay for water but for the service of forming well. So this all is same like, you are paying for using WordPress but to pay for subdomain, file hosting and management of the software.

Choosing a Hosting Package

It’ll be a bit difficult to choose a hosting package but switching hosts is easy enough where you can change it at any time. You have to follow one way among three if you are looking for a good package.

  • Shared hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • VPS hosting

Any one you are going to pick depends on your website’s needs and your funds. Because all of them are having their own pros and cons that can make you decision easier.

How to set up a domain?

First point is this that you must have a hosting package and a domain name and in case you buy a domain by your hosting provider then you can skip this step. All domains need to point to the hosting provider so that users access it by their browser; they are directed to suitable server. You’ll also need to log on into the website that you registered your domain name and change the nameservers for the domain. Through Media Temple, you can add nameservers by using an easy form. After that you host will inform you that what nameserver to specify and SiteGround account has different information like,

  • While changing nameserver, you’ll wait for 72 hours
  • It depends on where you relative to the server
  • If the server is in the US and you are in Europe, the website will work fine in a few hours
  • Changes usually take more time for propagating overseas

How to install the WordPress?

You can do this with the help of filling a simple form if you managed WordPress host. Adding a number of WordPress installations to your account depends on your account type. With Kinsta, you shall fill out a quick form and you will be finished. If you a VPS account or shared, then follow two options, first click installation  or manual installation and many hosts offer WordPress installation tools for minimizing the work in this step.

If you want to take the manual root which is not difficult, you need to download WordPress. Upload all the files in the domain folder, create database and then follow instructions on the screen. WordPress Codex is having a complete installation guide. In case you are stuck or want help to create a database then take a look for short time.

How to choose a Theme and Plug-in?

You can choose theme in many ways and plug-in are more specific where you can install one to perform a single task. Themes are simple to add the visuals to the front page and testing them are getting more complex. You might don’t know, theme has parts such as the 404 page, search page, the archive etc. Some themes provide many features like support for WooCommerce, bbPress and many more. Choosing plug-in depends on your website like having a personal blog, a store, a forum etc, you will need different sorts of plug-in.

Keep your WordPress Secure

We have already mentioned our steps with backup and security plugins; however, I’d love to provide you a section of simple rules to follow. Most of the time hackers follow the least resistance path. They find the common flaws to be exploit easily. There are two tips to get by all right with the help of these two rules;

1: Keep all plugins, WordPress and themes up to date.

2: Try to use strong password and change your password after every two months.

So follow these rules, you will get rid of all attempts 99% on your website. For the rest of 1%, use a variety of tactics. If you like our article, you can leave a comment. Moreover, for further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Best WordPress Themes

There are numerous premium WordPress Themes available on the Web designers’ market. You can use these themes for your business purposes and for other usages. We’d love to present you some of the best premium WordPress themes for 2017. Such are categorized according to their relative fields and features – Best WordPress Themes of June 2017 for Business & Personal use

Porto: WordPress + eCommerce Theme

Porto has the ability to work with indefinite variations. You can choose Header Style, Select Colors, and Styles etc. With Porto it’s easy to customize the styles, color and layout in a few minutes. Porto is also a fully responsive theme and suitable for any type of portfolio, business, blog and ecommerce sites. It’s a great choice for your custom projects. Porto is having almost 20 homepages and huge variation to be ready for every purpose.


  • Woo Commerce compatible
  • Different 17 headers
  • Many shop pages
  • Power full Page Option
  • Multipurpose design
  • WordPress Multisite tested and approved
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Indefinite Colors and Layouts
  • Having Wishlist, Ajax Search, Filtering & Sorting
  • Single Page Template
  • SEO Optimized
  • Social sharing features
  • WMPL support
  • Bunch of useful demos

Salient: Multi-Purposes Theme

It is multi-purposes WordPress theme that has many header layouts and responsive ready to Retina. Salient offers premium Woo Commerce integration with multi product form. This theme is a stunning and makes a great first impression. It builds a beautiful website without any prior coding knowledge.

Main features

  • Amazing theme option
  • Ability of creating online store
  • Feature of single-click demo
  • Lifetime updates & SEO optimized
  • Different 9 Portfolio styles
  • Having smooth animation
  • Strong social media integration
  • Highly documented
  • More heading layouts
  • Nectar full screen rows
  • Advance adaptive images
  • More than 500 short codes and configurations options
  • More than 150 useful templates

Shopkeeper: eCommerce WordPress Theme

Shopkeeper is a fully responsive Premium WordPress theme for Woo Commerce that comes with a great design. It puts your products in the best light and saves most of your time. It doesn’t require any coding and providing you unlimited header styles. You can sell anything of your own choice online through this theme. You can get that only for $69 online whenever you want

Main features

  • Custom header images to categories
  • Portfolio Functionality
  • Fully responsive designs
  • Fast loading & build for performance
  • Blogging in style
  • A flexible shop layout
  • Things can sell online
  • Drag and Drop page building
  • Saves most of your time
  • Support YouTube videos
  • Woo Commerce Theme

Uncode: Multi-use WordPress Theme

Uncode is a perfect creative multipurpose WordPress theme that is designed with terrific attention and performance. It is features by the biggest web design blogs and tech magazines. Uncode is fast and powerful with unique content block headers. If you are searching for any innovative, modern and clean WordPress Theme, we recommend you Uncode.

Main features

  • Fully integrated for Woo Commerce
  • Limitless layouts
  • 100% responsive
  • Superb media galleries
  • Intensive Thumbs variation
  • Easy to customize
  • More than 6 menu types
  • Smooth CSS3 Animations
  • Having big text fonts
  • Having custom maintenance page
  • Single blog layout
  • Modern Pixel and perfect design
  • Single Blog Layout

Bridge-Creative Multi Purpose Theme

Bridge is a creative multipurpose WordPress theme that can customize anything without going to the code. You can create the perfect website navigation for your needs. It also comes with a tremendous collection of flexible short codes and fast loading. In addition, Bridge is the feature rich, easy to customize, compatible with many plugins and other features are following below;

Main features

  • 100% customizable headers
  • Easy to use powerful admin interface
  • Customized title area
  • Customized mega menu
  • Full Screen menu
  • Section video background
  • Fixed and sticky headers
  • Different Logo Version
  • Section and content menu
  • Ajax Animation On/Off
  • Woo Commerce ready
  • Portfolio and Blog Layouts
  • Single page site
  • Full screen sections layout
  • Add custom styles and retina ready
  • Full responsive and fresh, modern, & professional designs

Finally, these are the best 2017 selling WordPress themes for your business, education and many more. We hope you can take enough information from our article. Moreover, you visit to our site for more information at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

What are the features in New WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8

WordPress 4.8 is released recently that is the first major release of 2017 with many new features. Before starting the update, you need to have a complete WordPress backup. Well, in this article we’ll present you the new features WordPress 4.8 that you could try after the updating of you website.

There are many features in the new WordPress 4.8, but the most important is the Widgets that are three in number. Most of the users had been asking for a long time for these widgets. We are going to describe all the widgets step by step.

Image Widget

When users wanted to add an image to WordPress sidebar, they used to write custom HTML or any plug-in. However, with WordPress 4.8, you have to just drag and drop the image widget to a sidebar. You can click on ‘Add Image’ button in the widget setting to have a familiar WordPress media up loader. Now it’s up to you whether you upload image from previous media library or from your computer.  Once you upload, just click on the ‘Add to widget’ button, you would see the image in the widget preview. Finally click on the save button to keep store your widget setting.

Video Widget

You are supposed to upload any video to WordPress sidebar or you display a video from YouTube, Vimeo or any other video provider app. We recommend you to select a video from hosting provider like YouTube or Vimeo. First, you have to click on the ‘Add Video’ button that will open up a media uploading popup. Second, click on the ‘Insert from URL’ and paste the video URL. As you paste it, WordPress will bring the video thumbnail and show the video. Finally, click on the ‘Add to widget’ button where you will see the video thumbnail in widget area. Never forget to click on the save button for storing your widget settings.

Audio Widget

Audio Widget is as same as the image and video widgets. It allows you to easily add any audio files to your WordPress sidebar. Simply click on the ‘Add audio’ button to upload your audio file. So the widget will easily embed the audio file in a HTML5 audio player. It also supports MP3, WAV and OGG and other audio file formats. If there is any setting then don’t forget to save the setting.

Visual Editor in Text Widget

In the previous the default text widget was simple a plain text area where you had to add your own HTML even for basic formatting. However, the new WordPress 4.8 serves new and improved text widget along with visual editor support. This is the light version of same visual editor for writing posts and pages. You can make the text italic or bold with the help of button that it takes. Furthermore, you add lists and different sorts of links.

WordPress News & Events Dashboard Widget

WordPress 4.8 introduces ‘WordPress News and Events’ dashboard widget this time. It is fixed on the dashboard screen of the admin area; it displays WordPress news and events closer to your area. Each user can see the events near their own location, in case you many users on site. Moreover, the widget automatically tries to guess the user location with the help of their IP address and timezone. You can also change the location in order to see events near to you or from different place almost all around the world.

Improvement & changes under the hood 

The new WordPress 4.8 has come up with some interesting changes for developers. We are going to present you some of those under the hood improvements.

  • Change in editor API: New API for the TinyMCE editor that is dynamically expressed via JS.
  • Variable Customizer Width: You might have used live theme on huge screens where you might noticed that sidebars are looking narrow. So WordPress 4.8 makes the customizer sidebar width that can be proportional according to the users screen size.
  • User’s name displayed on edit user screen: In WordPress 4.8 the edit user screen will display the user’s name in the heading where it’ll be very good for all the users.
  • Tag cloud widget won’t use title tag: The previous tag cloud widget was showing number of posts in the title popover. Now the title tag in the code is replacing with more accessible attribute.

Finally, this article served you a good scope of the new WordPress 4.8 version. If you want to share your own idea with us, so you are warmly welcome to our site. For more information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Change or Reset WordPress Password through MySQL / PHPMyAdmin

Reset WordPress Password

Many cases can be occur where you need to change password and email while using into WordPress dashboard, if the same case happen so you will be requested to a “Forget Password”, then the reset password will be mailed to the new email but to yours. The result will be that you are losing the manage over WordPress site. In this article we are going to tell you that how you will deal or get handled on such a problem.

We are having the easy methods for you to solve these problems out, the first step is to contact with the Hosting Store in case of restoring your WordPress, the restoration might get some time that can be an hour, a day or even more because it depends on the service provided by the Host.

Change & Reset WordPress Password from MySQL and PHPMyAdmin

We are going to tell you how to reset or change WordPress Password from MySQL or PHPMyAdmin. We can help you by two important methods to regain full manage over your hacked WordPress admin account.

1st Method: Long Way by PHPMyAdmin

This method involves the editing and updating the wordpress users’ table value to reset the lost WordPress password. This is such a method that is very lengthy and also easy without knowing some technical things. Some of the important points are mentioned here,

1: Head over to PHPMyAdmin that is using your cPanel or the hosting panel that is your hosting service supports.

2: Here you will click on WordPress database

3: Click on the table “wp_users” and navigate to it.

4: The row should edit with the help of your WordPress username.

5: Now if you look at the “user_pass” field, so change the function to MD5 and enter your password in the values section, but the password should be new.

6: You can update the table values by clicking “GO” or the similar options.

Method 2: Short way by MySQL

This is the second way to reset our hacked WordPress password by implementing the direct SQL query execution for updating the wp_users table. You can do it easily following our instructions step by step.

1: You need to follow our first 3 steps of the 1st method.

2: Go to SQL or MySQL in your PHPMyAdmin

3: After this you need to enter the given query “Update wp_users SET

user pass

= MD5 (your password) WHERE


=’your username’. After all you will put the new password here in place of your password and your username with your WordPress username.

4: At the end click on “GO” or similar option at the bottom for executing the query. 

Finally it’s great news for you that without keeping in touch with your hosting provider, you successfully changed your WordPress password and got full control over your WordPress admin. So we hope that you can follow our methods through which you can change your WordPress password and for further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How Attackers Gain Access to WordPress Sites?


You have all heard the news about most sites being hacked in different organizations or networks.  According to an average person, it is difficult to understand why a hacker would even want to try to break into WordPress. Most of the time, the target of the hackers are WordPress.  So, in this topic we are going to tell you about the ways that attackers are using to get access to WordPress sites.

What motivation do hackers have to a website?

There can be many reasons that the hackers do gain access into any website. But the important three reasons are following;

  • The first step that they want to use it to send out secret email.
  • They want to gain access to your data, mailing list, credit card information, and many more.
  • They want to gain access to your site and make reason it to download malicious software to your end user’s machine
  • In some cases they also want to install malicious software for use on your site

Inexperience of some site owners

In a survey 1032 respondent were including in recent past. The survey was about one question that how attackers gained access. So 62.5% didn’t know how the attackers compromised their websites. It isn’t easy to be confident that you have cleaned your site completely. The same it impossible to think that the vulnerability doesn’t still exists without knowing about the site.

Plug-ins is biggest mistake

Plug-in is very important in making WordPress as popular as it is today. WordPress is having its on plug-in directory in which 43719 plug-in are available to download. Well, this is the great selection of plugs and software to use. However, you have to be careful here with them. We are going to provide you easy steps to avoid plug-in vulnerabilities.

Make them updated

Most of the plug-in authors are very competent to fix vulnerabilities very quickly when created. Keeping them to update, you need to fix before the attackers can exploit them which is the good way. I recommend you must check for updates at least once a week. Moreover, I also recommend giving your attention to the alerts given by Wordfence scans. When your plug-in needs to be updated, so Wordfence make you alert.

Using Abandon plugins are not important

You need to use some plugins that their codes are free from vulnerabilities. The best way is to avoid such plugins that haven’t been updated from almost 6 months. The next important point is that you have to conduct an audit in which you have to sure none of your plugin have abandoned by the authors.

Download plugin from reputable sites

You need to download plugins from different sites. However, if you want to download plugins somewhere other than the official WordPress site, so the website should be reputable. This is one of the easiest ways for attackers to compromise your website in order to your secret data. The attackers will use this way by setting up a website that looks legitimate and getting you to download some compromised or null plug-in.

How to know reputable site

We are going to give you important tips to use which can determine whether the site is reputable or not.

  • Eye Test:

You have to check whether this is a professional site which is use to clear language for describing the product.

  • Company Information:

It is important to know that is the site belongs to a company to company name in the footer.

  • TOS and Privacy Policy:

You have to know about the term and privacy policy of the services.

  • Contact info:

Is it possible to provide a physical contact address on the contact page or in their terms of services?

  • Domain Search:

The Google domain name that is in quote like “”.  So, check if you find any reports of malicious activity or not. You can add the word ‘theme’ or ‘plugin’ that is next to the quoted domain name in your search.

  • Name Search:

Check whether a Google search for the name of the plugin and also check see if any malicious activity is reported. Secondly, add the phrase “malware” or “spyware” to the search that might reveal forums discussing a malicious version of the same theme.

  • Vulnerability:

You have to do search for theme and include the word “vulnerability”. This step will help you a lot to know that any vulnerabilities have been reported for the interested product in vendor.

Problem by Brute Force Attack

First to know what brute force attack is, it is a password to guess about an attack. It requires the user to know their password and have the possession of their cell phones also. This is 100% effective despite the availability of methods and technology. This is a huge problem of attack, but you can also avoid an attack via brute force attack by some important tips.

Using cellphone sign in

This is also referred to two other factor authentications; this approach requires the user to know their password and also having possession of their cell phones. You can prevent brute force attacks by this technology 100%. Wordfence premium also uses this feature.

Not to use obvious usernames

Wordfence provides a long list of login security features in a free version. You can get benefits from the following features;

  • Enforce strong password
  • After a defined number of login failures users can lock
  • Users are locking after a number of forgot password attempts
  • Locking out invalid usernames
  • WordPress is preventing to reveal valid usernames in login users
  • Quick blocking of IPs that try to sign in as a define list of usernames.

Secure your sites by these steps

There is not any serious version of vulnerabilities in the current WordPress version core. However, there are a large number of known vulnerabilities in older WordPress versions. That why WordPress core up-to-date is very important. The WordPress team responds quickly when an issue is reported. You can also secure your workstation by keeping your operating system and applications up-to-date. Running an old vulnerable web browser can make you vulnerable to phishing attacks that can compromise your workstation.


So stay safe and you can take the opportunity to make improvements to select plugins on your website. We hope that you review your approach to brute force attack protection. You can learn enough from our ideas and for further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM




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