How to Enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode Layout!

youtube dark mode

You may have already heard about the New layout for YouTube and also along with it a new secret YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode feature. That’s been tested in the past couple months some people small number of people have been getting this test randomly but now you can actually enable it manually yourself if you want to.

So, the first way to do this is all the way at the bottom of the page on YouTube you can click the link that say test out new features and it will take you to the good old test tube for YouTube and it should have a way to test out the fresh new look for YouTube and you just enable it and then that should make YouTube look much different although the general layout is the same just looks much more fresh I guess as they just said.

YouTube's Hidden Dark Mode

If you don’t have this link to enable it in the test tube you can actually go into the google chrome console in the developer mode and enable it with the following command:

Dark Mode Console Command:


To enter in Chrome Console just press ctrl+shift+ and type the above code in the console press ENTER and that should enable the new layout.

With this new layout if you want to enable the dark mode you can go to just click the avatar top right like you normally do except this time the menu looks a little bit different and there’s an option to enable dark mode and it does exactly as it says you just click it and it makes the layout for YouTube from white to black.

So this could be useful especially if you tend to watch youtube videos late at night definitely a good thing to know about.

If you don’t like it you can disable it as well at the bottom right of the screen there is a little icon with a man running out of door and if you click that it restores the old version of YouTube and goes back to normal at least for now eventually I’m sure they’ll make it of course so you can’t disable it but for now while it’s just being tested you can.

youtube dark mode