5 Features of Vloggers with Popular Youtube Channels

Popular YouTube Channels

You might be confused to decide with many YouTube channels updating content and topics; it’s difficult to trust that all the famous YouTube channels could have one thing in common. However, you don’t have to be worry that how their styles are change, you can know it easily because the famous YouTubers expresses these five features or traits with YouTube video or channel.

YouTubers Daily Engage With Their Viewers

The first step is that you don’t have to upload YouTube videos on daily basis or every day. But you need to engage or get busy with your vlog audience on your daily basis. It’s good to make a plan or schedule for daily social media posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other sites that can appeal to your audience.

Try to check the comments on your videos regularly and check in with any Facebook groups or Google+ communities related to YouTube channel. The more you get engage with your audience can make your brand loyality.

YouTubers are Consistent at Uploading YouTube Videos

Interaction and engaging with your audience isn’t enough to keep them with yourself. The famous YouTubers maintain consistent, having regular uploading schedules and they publish the schedules on YouTube channels.  You have to arrange a schedule that can control that you are stick to it. In other words the importance of schedule is also related to the famous YouTubers.

They Create Videos Only to Their Viewers

All the videos they are making are based on viewers’ topic request. The most popular YouTubers most of the time carry out the fans request. If you are making YouTube videos specifically for your viewers and also response to their questions, is a great way to show your care about them.

The next case when you mention your supporters by name by the time they inspire any topic or video, you have to motivate them to carry on with you. All the YouTubers are appreciating their audience the same you have to do.

Their YouTube Content is Having a Unique Angle

Most of the popular YouTubers search for unique angles for videos on their channel. You will always stand out if you find the right angle and niche for your vlog. It’s also very important to think about your personality, your style, your sense of humor, what makes you passionate about your niche and what purpose to create a YouTube channel for. All these detail could help you coming up with a great angle that always help to your content stand out.

They Focus on Creating a Channel Community

All the famous YouTubers are staying focus by creating communities around their channels. It will provide you help when your audience feels like they are in your community so they will do comment on your YouTube videos. They will also comment on you other social media accounts and share your videos with their friends. By creating community for your YouTube channel and producing contents specifically for your audience can make them to stay engage. It can make your YouTube channel to grow in months and years to come.

Finally working for a unique angle can also make you audience engage. We hope this article can help you the most. If you like our article, you can comment and for further information you can visit to our site at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

YouTube Views

Once again we are here to present you the best way of getting more YouTube views with the help of custom thumbnail images. Everyone is probably interested to get famous through the YouTube videos; however, there are many ways to use for getting more views. Custom thumbnail images are the easiest and best way and either doesn’t need to work hard for it. It isn’t very important to learn the entire skill to show to your audience what your YouTube vlogs are about. But you custom thumbnail can motivate your audience to click on your site and get aware what you want to say – Get more YouTube Views with Custom Thumbnail Images

Custom images can increase your YouTube CTR

It’s very easy to improve your CTR (Click through Rate) by video searches and on social media posts by creating good thumbnail images for YouTube vlogs. If you’ve already optimized your YouTube videos and when the viewers do search for the relevant contents on your vlog, so at least of them will likely to come on the SERP. SERP is the search engine result page. 85 % of the life might be showing up and when it comes to YouTube or Google search then you need to stand out or do a little more.

Use separate photo or relevant screenshot

YouTube uses a frame work of your videos like thumbnail, that’s why you can have so many videos with random images for thumbnail. We recommend you the best choice either a huge screenshot from the videos or have a separate photo for your YouTube thumbnail image. As comparison, the separate photo could be quite better to you. It’ll give you the flexibility for highlighting that what the video is about.

Never let Custom Thumbnail Images without Text

Most of the YouTubers don’t let it or leave but add some logical text with the images so that it can give an advertisement about the video. Well, you get understand with the help of this example. Just suppose you are writing the title for video or other information to any image like “Galaxy S6 – Complete review”.

For your YouTube videos, the important way is to observe different custom thumbnail images layout and designs. It’s also good to be creative to see what helps a lot for video thumbnails on your YouTube channel.

Never Create Misleading Custom Thumbnails

Be aware that the misleading thumbnails can draw the viewers in which is a bad idea. Because your viewers won’t get a hold to watch your entire video, if they click with the intention to watch something different. The building trust is very important to your YouTube channel’s viewers and this is the thing you need to avoid.

Big Thumbnail Images could get more Views

Such great thumbnail images are important to get more views and it should be relevant to the subject of your content. It also should be easy and stand out in reading to get understand the readers easily. If you apply these tips then you’ll feel more views on your YouTube channel.

When the viewers find your videos by searching on a social media and the image which they see for your thumbnail, so it must have a significant impact whether they click on it or not. So try to give some time while creating quality custom thumbnail images to all your YouTube videos.

We hope that our ideas can help you a lot while getting more views on your channel. For further information you can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Enable YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode Layout!

youtube dark mode

You may have already heard about the New layout for YouTube and also along with it a new secret YouTube’s Hidden Dark Mode feature. That’s been tested in the past couple months some people small number of people have been getting this test randomly but now you can actually enable it manually yourself if you want to.

So, the first way to do this is all the way at the bottom of the page on YouTube you can click the link that say test out new features and it will take you to the good old test tube for YouTube and it should have a way to test out the fresh new look for YouTube and you just enable it and then that should make YouTube look much different although the general layout is the same just looks much more fresh I guess as they just said.

YouTube's Hidden Dark Mode

If you don’t have this link to enable it in the test tube you can actually go into the google chrome console in the developer mode and enable it with the following command:

Dark Mode Console Command:


To enter in Chrome Console just press ctrl+shift+ and type the above code in the console press ENTER and that should enable the new layout.

With this new layout if you want to enable the dark mode you can go to just click the avatar top right like you normally do except this time the menu looks a little bit different and there’s an option to enable dark mode and it does exactly as it says you just click it and it makes the layout for YouTube from white to black.

So this could be useful especially if you tend to watch youtube videos late at night definitely a good thing to know about.

If you don’t like it you can disable it as well at the bottom right of the screen there is a little icon with a man running out of door and if you click that it restores the old version of YouTube and goes back to normal at least for now eventually I’m sure they’ll make it of course so you can’t disable it but for now while it’s just being tested you can.

youtube dark mode

How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media

Promote Your Youtube Videos

To get subscribers and views are very important for any YouTube channels. It seems complicated but possible, if you want to know How to Promote Your Youtube Videos on Social Media, it’s quite easy. You can take help from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and many more sites for your vlogging channel to have as much viewers as you want. Following are the important tips that could be very important for your YouTube channel according to promotion.

What should be the reason to follow?

First you must have a reason for users to be followed and provide unique contents that your users have never seen before. You need to avoid posting repeated posts or contents to social media platforms. In Facebook and other sites submit new and latest posts that your viewer can give more enough attention than before.

Connect to playlist in your Bio

This is the second important tip to promote your channel; it let the people to know who you are and what your role on social media channel is. You don’t have to miss the chance to write a portfolio and bio on each social media site you are using. The result of linking with your YouTube channel, your videos and posts will make a kind of list of your top hits or playlist. This way could be quite necessary for new viewers to get interest.

Use Hashtags for Extending Your Reach

The hashtags are interconnected with the users. If you use famous hashtags related with your vlog content, all your social media posts get to same category with other posts having those categories. You can also receive enough exposure by using hashtags. People who don’t follow you, suddenly they do like and share your YouTube videos.

Motivate your viewers to share your videos

The easy way is to motivate and encourage your viewers to share your YouTube videos without any hesitation. However, you have to make polite requests to your viewers sharing videos. It will show them that they can help you because they have liked your vlogs and YouTube channel, they’ll do it happily. Tell “Thanks” formally to your viewers as they comment, share your video and suggest you according to any new idea.

Twitter Chats

Besides hashtags, you can arrange a Twitter Chat by a proper time table when you can your fans or viewers get online on Twitter. You need to judge an official hashtag for your Twitter chat for example; you should keep the hashtag on your YouTube channel and give name of “chat”. After all you can ask them some questions and motivate them to reply by using such hashtags. When you search for your twitter chat hashtag, there you can notice tweets related with your chat and start rising up.

Start Google + Community

Google+ which is getting famous after each day, if you create a Google + for sake of promoting your channel can give your vlog viewers a productive place. It will be good while discussing topics that are relevant to your YouTube channel. With the help of them, they can post images, make suggestions and asking questions.

Maintain a tumbler blog

This is the important and underrated social networks that can use by a lot of people. It is very good to share with its simple “re-blog” options. This is a micro blogging platform that you make you share your videos with short form blog posts. This will gain more people to watch and share them with their friends. You can have more benefits of it like not only can you discuss your vlogs in detail but create more content. The relevant contents can help well in your YouTube community with Tumblr blog post.

Choose better Social Network for Audience

You won’t be involved in all the social networks related to your audience. It depends on you where your viewers are getting online a lot and try to focus on those networks. The technology is all over Twitter; therefore, tech vloggers have to have active Twitter presences.

Finally, use these social media marketing tips that can provide enough viewers to promote your YouTube channel. For more information you can visit to our website on WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

How to Make Money by YouTube?

New Feature to Make Money by YouTube


There are many way to earn money, online earning money is of them by which you can earn a handsome amount of money. In the internet there are many websites that arrange the chance to earn money. Fortunately, for the first time YouTube has introduced a new app that let you to earn enough money. This app is called “Super Chat” that will help the content writers to make money by connecting with users during live stream. We are going to tell you about the steps and ways of how to earn money by YouTube in this article.

 Earn Money by Super Chat

How to earn by Super Chat

For content creators, it is the easiest way to make money with the help of YouTube’s new feature. You are supposed to connect with their fans during live stream. This new feature is named as Super Chat. If you are live video streamer, so this function is very important to you. Actually live streaming is a traditional and typical method that is using by gamers and other personalities, who are having more than million of subscribers.

Fortunately, this app is very useful for streamer or viewer because it can help them in many ways. You can easily make money from your live content. If you are a good streamer so you can have as much money as you want. According to a competent blogger that when you are watching a live stream which purchases Super Chat, there is a highlighted message in the chat stream that stands out from the crowd to get your favorite creator’s attention. Super Chats that remain pinned at the top of chat for up to 5 hours and giving more airtime for your messages.

For creators this is very good, because this means Super Chat is doing double keeping their conversations and connections with fans meaningful. It is lively and also giving creators a new way to make money. Anyhow, this is the major step from Google. The feature has added by YouTube which is the official invention of features for creators. There are more than 40 countries viewers about the report of this features survey.

 How to use Super Chat?

If you are interested to use Super Chat, you must give money and then your comment will remain pinned to the top of chat for up to almost five hours. You have to keep in mind creators can blacklist certain chat words and ban harassing viewers. The YouTube creator receives all Super Chat contributions. Basically this is one another way for creators to make money.

Important instructions for using Super Chat

  • Select the dollar sign within a visible live chat.
  • Next you have to select “SEND A SUPER CHAT”
  • You can drag the slider or type any of values to select amount.
  • Enter your specific message.
  • Select BUY AND SEND.
  • In the last finish your purchase and follow the instructions.


Well, these are our steps and methods of how to use Super Chat and how to make money using it. Likewise, Google is providing different ways to make money, the same YouTube does provide a feature that you can make money.  For further information you can visit our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM.


Best YouTube Channels of December 2016

Best YouTube Channels of December 2016

YouTube is the most boy-targeted media that is using specially by young men for violence, explosions, and hiding their feelings on YouTube. This huge website having a lot of entertainment not only for young but also for kids. YouTube is also the original video-sharing channel known for those people who want to find educational, enriching, and fun videos. So in our today article we want to tell you about the best YouTube channels that are very useful all the time for December -Best YouTube Channels of December 2016

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YouTube Backstage: Soon YouTube Will be Complete Social Network

youtube backstage

YouTube is releasing a new feature called YouTube Backstage. This feature will allow creators to release not only videos but also text posts, links, polls, pictures that sort of thing to make it more kind of like a traditional social media network in addition to just video gives you more options and it could be pretty interesting.

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