The Underground 3D Tunnel System by Elon Musk

In a recent interview of Elon Musk who unveiled the concept behind his new project that is the 3D tunnel system and Hyperloop. The idea that is behind the company is confirm to build tunnel. In this article we are going to tell you about the projects descriptions with detail.

The project of Elon Musk is including the Boring Company, Tesla, SpaceX, Solar City and Hyperloop. Musk declared the two projects as his hobby and The Boring Company is being run by a part time internees and workers. On the other hand the Hyperloop is a testing section for motivating new and innovative transportation solution.

Why Musk wants to dig tunnel for?

It’s a time when the interests and favors are increasing in flying cars. However, Musk chooses the opposite way where he’ll take the entire multi tier network underground. The newest project of Musk is “The Boring Company” which is the task to perform it in less time. The Boring Company has already started digging a hole in the parking lot of Musk’s SpaceX/Tesla Los Angeles office.

Musk wants to build three dimensional networks of underground tunnels with a high speed. Musk also stated that the network would scale to accommodate at any arbitrary increase in the volume of congestion.

Structure of Tunnels & Building

In the structure the deepest mines are deeper than the height of tall building. You might know that an underground network of tunnels can easily absorb any amount of escalation in traffic congestion. Musk provides many suggestions to make the project cheaper. He also suggests reducing the diameter of the tunnels, improving the efficiency of boring machines, easy to maintain hardware to machines and building a machine which digs and reinforcing the tunnel walls at same time progressively.

According to Musk, the number of flying cars overhead can never be comforting situation and it doesn’t decrease the suspense. For example a person hasn’t fixed his hubcap properly so it can fly down and can hurt someone.

How to get into the tunnel?

The underground tunnels network would to the surface and integrate with the roadways in the city. The cars in the tunnel can move 200 kilometers per hour by automated pods. In the vision of Musk for the self driving cars, it is possible to get to the vehicle in two years and sets a destination in advance. Musk also said that the entire technology never be accident free however, if one case happen in a hundred then people might comfort falling off to sleep. The autonomous vehicle can mitigate damage during accident that’s why Musk said that now its finish making autonomous vehicles safer as human drivers.

Structure of Semi Truck

For the first time Musk expressed the image of under working prototype of an electric Semi Truck. It produces a lot of torque where it can pull a diesel Semi uphill in a show of tug of war. In the vehicle there isn’t gear or gear system, easy to control and bases on a test drive in car park of Tesla. The vision of Musk that has been showed for a common family house with power walls on the outside and solar panels that blend with architecture. According to Musk who said that most houses will be having a solar roof in almost forty of fifty years. After fifteen years there will be no roof without solar.

When did the Solar Panel Introduce?

The solar panels were introduced last year by Musk in different pattern. Musk was hoping that the creation of solar panels will boost the adoption of the solar energy for most of the domestic reasons. Musk also wished to see the first Mars colony trips starting almost in eight to ten years time. In the future he sees the real enormous spaceships. When he was asked that why he likes to make colony Mars, he said that the future of the human is to be in the star.

Finally Musk believes in the increment of speed in current machine which will able to dig about 300 feet per week.   that they can increase the speed of the current machines, which are able to dig about 300 feet per week, to up to 1 mile per week. So that’s all, you can have more information about the new project of Elon Musk on our website. You can visit to our website at WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM


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