Top 10 Best Games for the iPhone 7

iphone 7 games

The iPhone 7 has finally arrived and it’s an absolute gaming monster with a quad-core processor finally the hexa core GPU + 2 gigabytes of ram.

Here is the list of some of the best games you can play on your iPhone 7 if want to try some games out on it right away.


Transistor is an amazing game that originally came on console but had a perfectly done transition to mobile.

This is still one of the prettiest games available on iPhone and with the seven new stereo speakers you can lose yourself in the game’s incredible soundtracks.

It blends this sort of real-time top-down adventure game with a tactical pause option where you can unleash powerful combos on enemies but what’s even more interesting is the games RPG aspects allowing you to combine numerous powers to create customized special attacks or gaining passive bonuses.

It’s beautiful challenging and has a ton of replayability teamed up with the game satisfying story and incredible soundtrack.

If you haven’t played this before you’ve got to check it out now.

iphone 7 game transistor

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Submerged is a PC port. They’ve taken an entire PC game and scaled it down to an iPhone.

There are some sacrifices but this could just be the best looking game ever on a mobile.

It is beautiful it’s got in the same draw distances beautiful water physics the reflections you can see the Sun setting in the background it’s like moving postcard.

Submerged is an adventure game it’s all about finding secrets creatures landmarks and has a slower pace than a lot of these sort of action games that are released nowadays but it’s great fun.

Submerged ios game

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Infinity Blade 3

Infinity Blade 3 is not the most recent game but there’s no better place to enjoy this then on the latest and greatest iPhone.

The game still has the same graphics but its silky smooth 60 frames per second.

This is an RPG it’s a very deep RPG actually there is so much going on here it’ll take you ages to complete the game and mechanics are top-notch.

This is the OG infinity blade basically created the dodgers / genre and it’s since been refined and perfected.

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Bastian is a top-down 2.5D shooter with a hell of a lot of depth for a phone game.

It’s actually again a full PC port here and the graphics are barely been down scaled it looks like a moving living breathing painting.

Bastion ios

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Assassins Creed: Identity

Now we have a game that this list would not be complete without, Assassin’s Creed identity.

Now over the last five years developers have been constantly trying to have a hack making an assassin’s creaking work on mobile and they kind of pulled it off here and there but never has felt this close to the console versions.

With the power of the iPhone 7 you can actually explore full dynamic open worlds and it feels great.

Assassins Creed: Identity

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Oz: Broken Kingdom

The company’s taken characters from the popular TV show fuse them with final fantasy style turn-based mechanics and shoved in a whole lot of eye candy.

The game looks and feels beautiful it runs smoothly and colors pop out the screen.

The RPG elements are strong there’s a ton of spell things to unlock and secrets to solve and the world map is just gigantic.

Oz: Broken Kingdom

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NFS No Limits

We also need some racing games on this list and this is as good as you can get.

Need for Speed combines great car mechanics with a visual feast with a career mode that works really well there’s a nice rate of progression and constantly feels that you’re working towards something.

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Oceanhorn is not exactly the most demanding game but visually it’s still striking.

It’s kind of probably the closest you’re going to get to his elder on the go but the fact that is built from the ground up for mobile makes it feel very playable.

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Sky Force

Released back in 2014 Sky Forces remained the kind of staple go to top down shooter on the iPhone.

it’s beautiful. The water effects are just something else. The level of progression is great.

You’re constantly unlocking things for your ship but as lasers new armies shields and the so much variety when it comes to enemies as well as some pretty decent boss fights.

Sky Force ios game

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Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 never looked better.

Playing this game on the iPhone 7 will change the way you think because it’s just so slick everything looks clean everything run smooth.

There’s tons to unlock with the game is a little bit heavy on sort of encouraging you to buy stuff.

So these are the top games you can play on the iPhone 7.

We didn’t mention every great game out there is just some of them.

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