Top 10 Best New Features in Android 7.1 Nougat

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Android 7.1 Nougat has some big new features, as well as a few small but still cool features. We will share 10 best new features Google has added in Android 7.1 Nougat. For example Night Mode, Long press Shortcuts, Daydream VR and more.

App Shortcuts

The first one is apps shortcuts with a long press.

This is a pretty popular one most of you guys already know about this but basically now on many apps you can long press on the app icon and it will bring up some shortcuts that you can instantly jump to and do an action in that app so you don’t have to click on the app navigate to whatever button very similar to Apple’s force touch on their iPhone.

One specific example is in Google Chrome you can long press it and it gives you the option to bring up a regular or incognito tab right away.

These shortcuts do need to be added by the developers so there are not really that many apps yet that support it. it’s mostly just google made apps obviously but it’s still super convenient.

Night Light Mode

Night light mode is very similar feature to the iPhone night shift as well as the program flux if you have that on the desktop.

What this basically does is removes the blue light from the screen specifically at night and shifted more towards orange because we know several studies show that blue light bright screens tend to keep you up at night so this will remove that light that interferes with your ability to fall asleep.

Iā€™m glad they added this feature because before on older versions you have to use these third-party apps that didn’t really work they just going to overlay this ugly red filter it looked terrible I’m just glad they have it as a native feature now.

System UI Tuner

System UI tuner is actually kind of a hidden feature what you do to enable this is pull down the notifications menu and then you hold down the cogwheel and a wrench will appear to show that it’s enabled and now in the settings you have a system UI tuner menu.

This will give you some extra options that aren’t usually available so, for example, enabling the battery percentage to show up in the status bar and adding some extra toggles in the status bar that you can change.

It also gives you power notification tools which is really useful it lets you have way more control over what notifications each app can do or can’t do so for example if one app is being really annoying you can set it so it can’t wake up the screen or can’t interrupt anything or can’t even show notifications at all gives you a lot of fine detail control.

Just in Time Feature (JIT)

This is an awesome new feature for when android has to update before you guys might have known every time you update the phone when you reboot it you have to wait for every app to compile and if you had a lot of apps it took forever and you just couldn’t even use your phone.

Now with the just-in-time feature, it does that all in the background so you don’t have to wait for that to happen during boot so it boots instantly and the apps just compile when you can actually still use your phone.

So now updates are just going to be way more easier save you a ton of time no more waiting after you update.

Emergency Info

This feature lets you add the ability to add medical information that is relevant in an emergency that is accessible from the lock screen.

You can add information like blood type your name your medications you’re on etc so if you pass out or something paramedics can look at your phone and get all that relevant information.

The only issue I see is that it’s kind of hidden away from locks for you have to click emergency then click emergency information a couple times and then it shows you the information so i don’t think most people are going to even know that this is there so might not help as much but I guess if these medics are taught that that information is there might still be useful.


Moves are basically like physical gestures you can do to activate certain things for example on the fingerprint sensor you can swipe down your finger to bring down the status bar and show you notifications.

There’s also one where you can press the power button twice and anywhere you are will instantly jumped the camera although I think that is in a lot of phones already and if you’re already in the camera app you can twist your hand two times and it will switch between the selfie camera in the back camera without having to press any buttons.

So, these are just kind of neat there’s only a few right now but they might add more the future.

Daydream VR

Google recently implemented native virtual reality support and they also announced a headset physical headset that uses with this phone call the daydream view.

Call Blocking

If you go to the phone app then you go to the settings there’s an option to add specific numbers to a block list so if you’re getting a spam called a bunch of times a week or one person you just want to completely ignore you can add that number of the block list and you won’t have to hear from them.

Also, they added a spam blocking feature it’s on by default you can see that in the settings so this will just block spam and scams, so that’s nice.

Clear All

This is a small new feature but still appreciated. Now if you go into the app switcher and scroll all the way to the top it will now show a clear all options so if you want to clear out all the recent apps you don’t have to swipe each one individually anymore on stock Android.

Obviously, other phones & skins like Samsung have had this for a while but now it’s nice that they added it into the native Android.

New Emojis

Finally, the last one is hundreds of new emojis.

We can all appreciate this it complies now with Unicode 9.0.

One of the notable things is now for most of the people emojis you can have different skin color.

It’s supposed to be gender and race neutral so you can basically pick whatever one you want and what you do is when there’s a person emoji you can hold down on that and it will show you all sorts of different variations of that emoji.

If you want a white person or black person or a woman or man you can now pick any of those by holding it down and also does that on the hand emojis although I don’t really know if there’s any other emojis that have options besides the people ones like the object ones i think they’re all just the same

Those are 10 of the coolest features i thought they were added to android 7.1.

If i missed any big ones that you think i should mention let us know in the comments below.

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