Top 5 Apps to Enhance Multitasking in Android

multitasking apps

Today we are sharing five apps that we feel help enhance the multitasking in android devices.


First up we have SwipePad. it’s basically a launcher panel that’s compatible with any third party launcher.

It’s got something called as pads and hot spots.

A pad is basically open that you get to see when you swipe in from the sides.

You can choose where to swipe in from to get to the pad like the top left corner bottom left corner and so on and every such part is called as a hotspot.

Once you swipe in and get the pad you can drop the circular pointer on one of the empty portals where you can set the action like a shorter to a contact a music playlist or even the app drawer.

From then on what you can swipe in from within any app to get to the pad.

In the free version though you’re allowed to have only one pad to have more than one you need to get the paid version.

Apart from that you can change the appearance and styled by going into look and feel.

You can change the themes enable or disable haptic feedback set background transparency and so on.

swipepad android app

google play


Next up we have Flynx. This app lets you open web pages from different apps.

For example, launched Google Now search something here and then open the link and tap have open Flynx.

It opens in the background and then you go to Twitter open another link and it opens in the background along with the other one.

You can also increase the font size and change the background color.

Flynx also shorten URL you choose to share.

To close all these pages at once just drag and drop it at the bottom of the screen.

flynx android

google play

Edge Launcher

The next app we have is the Edge Launcher.

This lets you access quick settings favourite apps and more at one place.

It’s all simple and elegant and you can have a maximum of four quick settings by recent apps five favourite apps and five favourite contacts.

If you want to have more than that you’re going to have to get the paid version.

When you swipe from a predefined position on the screen and a card pops up on one side you have the options to open the app drawer go home and simply close the card.

On the other side you have the music controls you also get an option to hide these. The recent apps are displayed above your favourite ones you can even change the appearance of the card in the app like the card width icon size text margin and so on.

edge launcher

google play

Finger Gesture Launcher

Finger Gesture Launcher lets you draw gestures to open apps and more.

I’ve seen this on custom roms and I felt it’s a pretty good add on.

Enabling it will bring a small circular icon onto the screen the size of the icon can be changed and the position of the launcher can also be set.

The first thing you need to do is tap on the plus button choose an action then draw a gesture for it.

The accuracy is good it can recognise your gesture quite easily.

finger gesture launcher

google play

Omni Swipe

Omni Swipe shares certain similarities with the Edge Launcher and Swipepad.

Omni Swipe looks great enhancing the overall app experience.

First off there are a lot of things to choose from you can set the list of apps you want to be notified by through Omni Swipe.

The first thing you do is set the trigger method and the trigger area position like bottom left by the left and so on.

By swiping from the corner you can see three different tabs one for recent apps, one for favourite and one for toolbox apart from these you get to see a circular icon hanging from the top pulling it down will bring your news and weather information. Tapping on one of them opens up the web page you can read and close articles right away without deviating from what you’ve been doing.

The paid version allows you to have custom taps and remove advertisements.

multitasking in android

google play

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