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Top 7 Best Chrome Extensions for 2016

Google Chrome is known for its simplicity and features it offers to the customers. Chrome web store has lots of extensions but we can’t try all of them. Below is the some useful extensions for best Chrome extensions.

Password Alert

Password alert is a security extension provided by Google. Password alert extension will warn you if you enter your Google account details in a site that is not actually Google. It means that password alert is only for Google Accounts. If you are being phished it will alert you to change your username and password.

If you value security and privacy then its a very useful extension.

password alert



If you are trying to get some work done but are distracted by all those addictive websites out there  like Youtube, Reddit, Twitter etc. If your day-to-day productivity is taking a hit by wasting time on these websites, this productivity extension is just for you. Citrus is a very simple and easy to use extension. Add all the websites that distracts you from your work to the blocklist and set the timer. Once you have started the timer it can’t be stopped (well, unless you remove the extension) and the websites you have added to blocklist will be blocked. After the timer runs out you can access the blocked websites but make sure you set the timer so that you can get the maximum work done without distractions.




Whenever we search for gif image on google we only see the static images. The result which google display is not animated. So without clicking on it how do we know if the image is actually a gif?

With this chrome extension it will actually play those gifs instead of showing us the static images. You will get the preview of the gif instead of clicking on it.

image from GoogleGIFs


HTTPS Everywhere

Hyper Text Transfer Protocol is the protocol used to transfer data between your browser and the websites you visit. HTTPS  is a more secure and encrypted version of HTTP and it gives you privacy. As the communication is encrypted no third party can tamper with the communication between you and the website you visit. this protocol is specially useful for the online shopping websites and similar websites which include money transaction as you can be confident that your credit related details are encrypted and can’t be accessed by a third party.

HTTPS is an encrypted and more secure but not all websites offer the user to use it by default. By using HTTPS Everywhere you can  access the HTTPS  version of any  website  whether  the website allows it by default or not,  provided it supports HTTPS. When enabled, HTTPS Everywhere will force the  HTTPS  on any website that supports it.

https everywhere internetseekho



This extension allows you to hover over an image and if is shrink it will expand it so you don’t have to click through it. it support thousands of sites across the web, including the popular ones such as Reddit/Imgur, Wikipedia (or any WikiMedia based site), deviantART, Google services (Images, YouTube, G+, Picasa…), Facebook, Twitter, Flickr…

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One tab is a great extension. It allows you to clean up your tabs and put them in one place. It can also be used to save them so you can revisit them, or organize them. Overall it just makes your browsing experience more organized and also save some amount of memory for you.

one tab internetseekho


Magic Actions for YouTube

Magic Action is a great extension for youtube with many useful tools which you can set up very easily. It adds a TON of features to YouTube like dark theme, infinite loop, cinema mode, force a specific resolution, mouse wheel volume control, filters, screenshots of the video etc.

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