Top Android Apps December 2016

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Each week, hundreds of Android apps are submitted to the Google Play Store. To help you out we have gathered best Android Apps December 2016.

2Face – Multi Accounts

This app will help you create multiple social media accounts like what’s up or Instagram.

Simply click on the plus sign and select the app which you want to clone and the app will create another account for the same social media.

You can also add some private apps for your privacy.

2Face - Multi Accounts

google play


Brave is a browser rather like Google Chrome but it has an additional feature it has an AdBlock built-in.

When using a website like putlocker you won’t get any ads, which is really good so everything’s really the same as so changing tabs as well as your menu everything is like google chrome apart from this top here where you have options to block things as well as only access https websites.

So it’s really nice there’s really not a lot to it because it’s just google chrome with this ad-block but I definitely prefer over chrome because I hate how ads pop up and get loads apks downloading if I go to a dodgy website and this simply gets around that.

Android Apps December 2016

google play

Button Remapper

Button remapper is really good if you’re not used to a Samsung phone and if you want to switch your recent apps with your back button.

You can also do other things for example if you hold down one of your capacitive buttons it will actually launch an application so I’ve said if I hold the back button it will open the Play Store it’s actually pretty handy like that as well, however, i mainly use it just to switch them around so if I want my back button on the left and the recent apps on the right I can easily do that in this app.

Now obviously when you’re using the buttons they won’t light up because it will light up with the default back and recents so will be a bit confusing when using if they did light up.

Button Remapper

google play

Wallpaper Modder

Wallpaper Modder allowed you to change your home screen wallpaper to suit your personal touch a little bit more.

If you don’t like the color of your wallpaper you can edit it with many filters like Hue, contrast, and invert colors.

You can also blur your background.

This is a great idea and actually make the wallpapers look much better for your personal taste using this app.

Wallpaper Modder

google play


Basically, this is a zooper widget Add-on.

You have some widgets in here as well as wallpapers which they’re all really nice minimal I don’t really like them as much as other wallpaper apps I have but they’re definitely nice to have in there I mainly use this for the widget.

There are some insane minimal material design widgets in here and you can simply set this on your home screen.

Now to do this you’re obviously going to have to buy zooper widget pro.

Once you get it you can simply apply one of these themes and you get a really nice-looking widget on your home screen so they’re very customizable a lot of them you can set your location and get weather and things like that.

Iconum for Zooper

google play

Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

This app may not interest you if you are not particularly into computing.

This app is basically a dictionary of all the technical jargon you can possibly find so you can search here or you can cycle through randomly using the dice but I like to search things I’m curious like ALU and it will simply tell me what it is all the definition and everything I need to know.

Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

google play

Tiny Core

This app allows you to monitor your CPU usage or your ram usage by adding a pixel high line in your status bar.

With the help of this app you can check which app is using all the CPU power of your phone and if the usage is too high then you can close the app to save your phone battery.

Tinycore - CPU, RAM monitor

google play

Device Frame Generator

This one is really nice if you want a device frame around your screenshot so if you’re taking a screenshot on your device and you want to send it to someone or maybe you want to set it as like a picture like a thumbnail for a video or something or if you want to post on social media Instagram or Google+ then you can easily insert your screenshot into a device window and it looks really nice and minimal it’s a material design look you can change your background there’s a bunch of different devices which you can choose from.

It looks really nice if you’re just displaying your screenshot just kind of gives it that extra bit all that uniqueness.

Device Frame Generator

google play


it’s basically a wallpaper app. There are some really nice minimal wallpapers and a lot of them are just really funky and cool.

I just really like that never seen such a diverse group of wallpapers in the one app they are really all crazily different and I really do like them.

best wallpaper app

google play


This is like your recent apps or frequently used apps and it will display notification bar so you can quickly access them it also shows on your lock screen however you can turn that off.

Basically, it allows you to quickly access frequently used apps so if you’re switching between apps you can simply swipe down and select the app and it will jump back to it.

There are not too much customization options but it’s just really handy.

Launchify- Quick App Shortcuts

google play

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