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Top Android Apps November 2016

android app november 2016

Each week, hundreds of Android apps are submitted to the Google Play Store. To help you out we have gathered best Android Apps November 2016.

Touch Retouch

With this app, you can remove unwanted objects in your photos.

You do have a couple of different ways to do this you can use the brush to sort of color over the object that you want to remove or you can use the lasso tool to trace a general area that you want to be edited.

This works extremely well and I was genuinely impressed with the results that I got.

You have the ability to check what your photo looks like before and after you have additional tools to help you remove facial blemishes you’ve got a clone stamp you can mess around with some mirroring effects and there’s a whole tutorial section which is super useful so you can really take advantage of what this app can do.

It’s totally worth the money the app is nicely put together it works very well.

android apps november 2016

google play

Life Hacks

I found out a lot of great things from this app here it tells you some really interesting ways of doing things.

For example, if you want to download a YouTube video you can simply add ss in front of the YouTube in the URL.

This app is pretty neat it gives you some nice little features and overall I think it’s nice you can add stuff to your favorites you can download them share them.

life hacks

google play

Frame Wallpapers

it’s another super simple wallpaper app that instantly caught my attention.

This is pretty much a client app as it gets its walls from .

The wallpapers themselves are top-notch you’ve got the photo of the day popular and featured sections and you can also choose to download the wallpaper in their raw format to get the highest quality possible.

The application itself is very well made the layout is nice it’s comfortable and easy to use definitely give this one a shot.

frame wallpapers

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If you’re not aware of the site already this is a great marketplace for buying and selling mobile devices.

So if you have a smartphone a tablet a laptop or wearable that you want to sell or you’re looking to snatch one up for cheap then this is the place to do just that.

Now someone who’s normally sold devices on eBay in the past I found this to be a much better option because it presents a much easier process compared to other sites.

Everything on the site is 100% authentic you’ve got 24/7 support and overall it’s just a great community.

If you haven’t already give it a shot if you’re looking to make a quick buck or if you’re looking to save a little while making a purchase.

sell on swappa

google play


Canopy lists really awesome things you want to buy an

There’s some really nice stuff in trending most popular new and it just has really minimal but yet functional products you might want to buy and also they’re all pretty much a budget price.

So it’s very cool to check out if you’re looking for something to buy as a present or something but you’re really just not sure.

There’s some really cool stuff for example USBs and your wall plugs invisible bookshelves they have old-timers as well as some really cool old fashioned light bulbs they look really stylish.

canopy amazon

google play

Paper Planes

It’s super simple application with a pretty neat concept.

Basically what you got going on here is you’ve got some paper and you can place the stamp on it and it’s based on your current location you can tap multiple times to change the stamp style then after that you can go ahead and fold it up and get ready because you’ll actually have to perform a throwing motion just make sure you don’t actually throw your phone.

Then after that, the plane will travel all over the world for other people to catch.

Now that’s going on you can catch other people’s paper planes can open them up and see where they’ve been.

You can then place your own stamp on it and send it back out.

You can check to see how many times your plan has been caught by visiting

paper planes

google play


It’s pretty simple game in which you have to defend your perimeter so pretty much don’t let anything outside of the circle.

You have a nice amount of power-ups and when you lift your finger off the display the game will pause which is nice and as you can expect the game does get pretty darn challenging.

The game itself is nice and fast the graphics are colorful and smooth and overall this is a great and very challenging time waster.

circudroid game

google play

Ango Icon Pack

In this pack, you’re looking at a little over 1,300 icons with 21 wallpapers to match and as you can expect it will work with just about any launcher on the market.

There are some very well-made flat and colorful icons that are sure to add some kick to your home screen.

Ango icon pack has also all the OEM icons.

ango icon pack

google play


MNML has 50 different zooper skins to choose from and twenty wallpapers to match.

The widgets really speak for themselves they’re very well made and they look fantastic and the best part is that the whole collection is free.

zooper skins

google play

Text Emoticons

It’s pretty self-explanatory you’ve got a huge collection of text-based emoticons.

So for those of you that like to further express yourself in your text and social media posts, this is definitely something that you’re going to want to try out.

You’ve got a bunch of different collections to choose from you can keep a list of your favorites and there’s a DIY section where you can make your own.

All you have to do is long press to copy to your clipboard and you’re good to go.

text emojis

google play

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