Types Of Hackers

Hackers & Types Of Hackers


Hackers are unauthorized Computer users who break into Computers to steal, Change & destroy information, by installing dangerous malware without the knowledge of the computer owner.

Types Of Hackers

There are different categories in which Hackers are classified, based on their intention of hacking a system.
Types of Hackers are given below:

  • Black Hat
  • White Hat
  • Grey Hat
  • Red Hat
  • Blue Hat
  • Green Hat
  • Script Kiddies

(1) Black Hat Hackers:

Those Hackers, Who Hack into system in order to gain unauthorized access to a system to harm its operations or to steal sensitive information. They are also known Crackers.

Black Hat Hacking is always everywhere illegal, because of its bad intention like Stealing Data, Violating Privacy, Damaging System, Blocking Network Communication etc.

(2) White Hat Hackers

They are also known as Ethical Hackers. They always have a good intent to Search & find weak Points in a computer or in a network as a part of Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment.

Ethical hacking is legal & one of the demanding jobs available in the IT Industry. There are many Companies that hires ethical hackers for Penetration testing & vulnerability assessment.

(3) Grey Hat Hackers

The blend of White Hat Hackers & Black Hat Hackers makes Grey Hat Hackers. Grey Hat Hackers don’t steal money or information. They act without malicious/dangerous intent but they exploit security weakness in a computer or in a network without the knowledge or permission of the owner, for their fun only.

Their intent is to bring the weakness to the attention of the owner & get appreciation or little bounty.

(4) Red Hat Hackers

Usually, They are on the level of Hacking Government Agencies, Top Secret Information Hubs & anything that comes in the category of Sensitive Information. Red Hat Hackers are the vigilantes of the Hacker World. When they find malicious hackers, then instead of reporting malicious Hacker, they Shutdown him/her by uploading Virus, Dosing & his/her Computer to destroy it from the inside. They use multiple aggressive methods to force a cracker to buy a new computer.

(5) Blue Hat Hackers

If Script Kiddie take revenge, then he might become a Blue Hat. Blue Hat hackers take vengeance from those, on which they are angry. Like Script kiddie, they do not have desire to learn. They look for loopholes which can be exploited and try to close these gaps.

(6) Neophyte or Green Hat Hackers

Someone who is new to Hacking & has no knowledge & experience of workings of technology & Hacking is known as Green Hat Hacker. Unlike Script kiddies, they try to become full Hackers. They ask many basic questions from hacker community, & When their questions are answered, they listen like a child who is listening family story.

(7) Script Kiddies

A non-expert person who breaks into systems by using automated
pre-packaged tools which were written by others. Normally, They don’t care about Hacking (if they did, then they will be Green Hat). They copy codes & use it for virus or for SQL.

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