Unreal vs Unity The Best Game Engine For Your Project

So today we will be talking about Unreal vs Unity Engine which one is best and which one to choose so today all of your confusion will be removed and we hope that by the end of this article you will understand what works for you, So lets get started.

Hi there, Welcome if you are new to the website and if you are an old visitor mean returning visitor welcome hope you are doing great So when every some one is starting any thing they first take the right tool so do the developers or to be more specified game developer. When ever they are willing to start new project they first think about which game engine to use or if you are just willing to start game development its again more difficult what choose, Don’t worry if you are new or an old game developer we got you covered because today we will discuss both of most reputability game engine and try to clear your mind about which is best and which one would work for you… So lets get straight into it.

If you are game developer then you might have heard about both of these engine if not don’t worry and you are not a game developer still don’t worry cause i am about to explain what they are well Unity 3d and Unreal engines used in the gaming industry all over the world, Now to be honest and talk about both unbiasedly they both have their own specific qualities like unity is famous with its simplicity while Unreal with its performance and great graphics now both can be used to create some really high quality game and both of them are free up to some extincts ( As i say terms and conditions applied ) so you can choose any one for your project and work with it but what is that thing that keeps both of them separated well if you are beginner and don’t know anything we suggested you to choose unity cause that’s simple and easy to work also it don’t have much problems or complex thing just you need to understand simple C# scripting and some drag and drop thing the rest is really some while Unreal is also simple but in start your might face problem working with specifically with c++ cause that abit difficult for starter to get their head hold of but they also have a really nice blue print system for non technical people like you can even create some games without writing a single line of code.

Now that we know a little bit about both of them let go to abit more details and discuss both of them separately.


Lets start our thing by watching the latest trailer of unity so that you can take an idea what we are taking about.

Now that you have watched the video, Lets go further Unity 3d is considered one of the best engine out there having an average of 4.5 million subscribers and a market share of 48% which is because of the unity 3d is offering its users a wide range of tools and feature which are easily accessible with few clicks even if you are not tech savvy.

The of the most liked thing this platform provide is the cross platform support which allows you to create a game then ship to any platform you want the platform could be either IOS, Android Web GL etc. To elaborate this point more the Unity 3d supports as many platform as 25 which is a ton as compare to its competitor which supports just 10.

Unity 3d

Now lets talk about its community well unity 3d has a very large community having 4.5 million member which are ready to help you over come any type of problem also it do have a lot paid and free course just our channel on youtube. (Click Here if you want to check it out ) One the other best feature that unity 3d is popular for is it supports various number or 2d and 3d formats and say the least it just the best 3d gaming engine just because of this reason. The formats it supports are as follows 3D applications including 3D Max, Blender, CINEMA, Maya, Softimage and many more.


Further one of the other best thing about unity is its assets store consisting of more than 15,000 free + paid 3D models, audio, animations, editor extensions, materials, scripts, and shaders.

To say some last words about unity 3d it support C# language which is an industry standard language pretty easy and pretty straight forward also if you learned and you didn’t wanted to go with game development you can also use it for more other thing like desktop application development and mobile apps development etc.


Ok so finally let talk about UE4 or lets just first look at its intro.


Now that you have watched the trailer and you know little something about UE4 lets discuss it in details, So this is an engine which is quite famous in the market for its cool graphics and its been made by an American game making company know as Epic Games. The UE4 is inherited by the Unreal development kit know as UDK in the development industry.

UE4 comes with some incredible graphics straight from the git go that’s why its famous in the developer, because ultimately good graphic provide you good gaming experience. For achieving this goal UE4 uses something called advanced dynamic lightnings. The other that makes this engine one of the best is its particle system which is able to handle as many as million particles with in a single scene.

The other best thing about UE4 is that its completely free like you can download it completely free of charge and create your game and ship it once done, and you start earning then you will have to pay 5 % to the Epic Games which is an awesome thing for the companies who are just getting started. To sum it up Epic Games will get 5% in everything you make from ads or purchase or in game purchases but hay its worth the full version of unreal engine.

The other good thing about UE4 is it uses Blueprint Visual Scripting technology, which allows you to create game just using blue prints, so this mean even a non-programming person can also create games up to some limit But the only bad thing about this engine is that cannot create games for the past generation consoles also its way to heavy so you do indeed need a power full system in order to run it.

My Personal Opinion on Unreal vs Unity

For some final words both of the engines works great and both are usable to create some AAA Games and also both do have their pros and corns but I like Unity 3d more its because unity 3d is very easy to work with also its light, you can run on a slow system while UE4 is very heavy so you indeed need a power full system in end if you are very new and just starting your career in game dev i would suggest you start from unity and C# also also past a link to my channel which would help you getting started with game dev so have please day and by for see you soon…

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