Whats New in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft made some big announcements at a press conference, including a major Windows 10 update called the Windows 10 Creators Update, as well as virtual reality, gaming, and communication.

We will talk about three main things that are going to be added in that new creator’s update.

The three main topics they focused on the keynote were the mixed reality, Gaming and sharing between contacts.

Mix Reality

The first thing they talk about are some new tools they were creating that allows everyone basically to make 3d art 3d scenes easily.

They said they wanted to bring 3d to everyone. One of the cool features they showed is the ability to 3d scan objects with a phone.

They used the windows phone to scan the object, but we assume that this will work with other phones as well.

They also announced they’re going to have a website where you can upload and share these creations you make but the interesting thing is that you’ll be able to download these creations and 3d print them if you have a 3d printer which I thought was pretty impressive.

They also show that a lot of these 3d features are going to be integrated with HoloLens as well so you can download these objects put them in your room with HoloLens or anything like that.

Also, an example they showed is if you are going shopping or something maybe for furniture you can download the 3d object of a chair and use HoloLens to project it into your room and see what that chair would look like to scale in your room.

That will be really cool very useful if you want to see what an object looks like in real life before you actually buy.

Finally, the big thing they announced for mixed reality is they’re actually creating virtual reality headsets so now we got Oculus, Vive, HoloLens and now Microsoft is working with other manufacturers to create some themselves.

Some of the specific manufacturers they mentioned were Lenovo, Asus, and HP.

They didn’t really mention any specific specifications, but they did say that the price would be starting at around 299 for some of these headsets which is a great deal compared to a lot of the virtual reality headsets you see.

They also have inside out tracking which is another big deal because it means it will work in any room without having to set up any base stations or sensors anywhere.

Depending on how well these actually work this is definitely really exciting they showed a demo of the guy wearing one of these and they had a virtual room that I guess he decorated and you could select apps and that sort of thing and they also had him do a virtual tour so it’s really cool.

windows 10 creators update


Next main topic they focused on was gaming, and one of the things they talked about was the new beam service they purchase it’s a streaming platform kind of like Twitch for gaming except it has some interesting features that allow interactions with the users.

We are not really sure how popular this beam service is definitely nowhere close to twitch, and I think it did get a boost in popularity since Microsoft announced that they bought it, so we’ll just have to see.

The Creators Update

Play Anywhere Feature

Another feature is the play anywhere feature between Windows 10 and Xbox one where if you buy a game for Xbox one or Windows 10 it works between them.

It will sync your progress, and everything will work on both, so you don’t have to buy the game twice.

Although if you’re playing on a computer you still probably have to use an Xbox controller I don’t think you can use a mouse and keyboard, but I could be wrong about that.

They also mentioned that because Xbox One S runs version of windows it’s going to be updated to and they’re going to be adding Dolby Atmos support.

So if you’re watching movies or bluray specifically you’ll be able to have a lot better audio if you’re using like a surround sound system.

Sharing and Community

In the final segment, they talk about sharing and community.

They introduced one feature with Skype where now your favorite contacts can show up in your taskbar and if you want to send a file to someone with through skype you basically just drag that file whatever it is whatever type of file onto the contacts picture in the taskbar and it will automatically send that file to the person.

So it makes it a lot easier to send files.

They also showed how some windows apps are going to be having sharing filters built-in like the Photos app will have a share feature where you click on it and then you can draw on it and that if it’s a picture and then automatically send that to your contacts.

Finally one of the more useful things they talked about was sharing is in some cases you’ll be able to actually choose which app you want to share with so if you use several of them like Skype or maybe Xbox live or something you can actually choose which app you want to use to contact that specific person.

That will be useful especially for people who don’t just use Skype.

new in windows 10 creators upadate

We hope this update goes more smoothly than the anniversary update as you may know that kind of broke a lot of stuff like the webcams it broke a lot of webcams so hopefully, they do a lot of beta testing with this one and nothing gets screwed up.

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