What’s New in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

wordpress 4.7

A new WordPress 4.7 beta version released last week, and we hope that the final version is going to release in the upcoming month December 6th, 2016.In this article, we will tell you the screenshots and features of WordPress 4.7.

How to try out beta version on your computer

You can easily try out to bring the beta version on your computer or on a staging environment.

For this method, you have to use WordPress Beta Test plugin.

In this beta release, you cannot add any other new features until the final WordPress  4.7 is not released.

The final release may have some changes in features.

New Default Theme of WordPress 4.7

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

WordPress 4.7 will be the final release of 2016 and it will be the major release. For the next year, it will have a new default theme.

If we compare Twenty Seventeen version with the previous default theme so it has some difference.

This version mostly focuses on business websites, not on blogs and it helps with the starter content new user in setup their WordPress websites.The starter content feature is available for new sites only.

If the theme is released,we will be hoping the availability for sites and with existing content.

You can also use it as a blog theme. It has a large image features image, crisp typography.

Video Headers Support

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

Most of the WordPress  theme are giving permission to users for adding video headers.

Twenty Seventeen will be releasing with a default theme and with a video header support.

In this version, you can upload and also use your own videos in mp4 format. For the videos not only YouTube but also Vimeo videos can be used by entering the URL of the video.

Note: Incase your theme doesn’t support the video headers so in this method we are showing how easily you can add YouTube video as full screen background in WordPress without using of coding.

Theme Setup Flow

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

in WordPress 4.7 you will have site setup flow and  improved theme. You will see in customizer a more polished view of your installed themes and it will have better theme search and improved setup directly from theme customizer.

Custom CSS in Live Preview

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview) 

Do you want to add Custom CSS to your theme? Now you can have that directly from theme customizer.

You can take help from our guide on how to easily add custom CSS in WordPress, in case you want to change themes or don’t want your custom CSS limited to the theme.

Admin Language Control for Users

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

If you install WordPress in other languages, all the users can see the admin interface in the same language.

The new WordPress 4.7 will allow the users to with the admin language from their user profile then each user will able to choose the preferred language.

Thumbnail Previews for PDF Files

What’s Cooking in WordPress 4.7 (General Overview)

Now if you upload a PDF file, then WordPress shows only the file icon. You can use PDF plugin For WordPress.

When you upload a PDF file to media library then WordPress 4.7 will show you thumbnail preview of the first page in your PDF document. WordPress can also display thumbnail preview on a PDF file’s attachment page.

We hope this article can provide you help how to learn what’s coming in WordPress 4.7 if you have any complaint or suggestion please leave a comment.

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