Whats New in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft is planning an update for Windows 10 it’s a major update called the Windows 10 Anniversary update. It’s called Anniversary Update because it’s going to be released around the same time that Windows 10 was first released and it says got a lot of big features that are pretty exciting.

Security Updates

First we can talk about the security updates.

There are several that they mention, first of all Windows Defender apparently has a lot of improvements and they say that this is going to make Windows 10 the most secure windows ever.

We’ll see if that’s true. We know this isn’t notoriously secure compared to say Linux, but they have been making improvements over the years.

Windows Defender Microsoft antivirus is not exactly known for being that great but it’s decent and free so if they can improve it even further it might be a pretty good choice.

windows security update

Windows Hello

There’s also going to be new features for Windows Hello.

That’s a feature that allows you to log into windows using your face or other biometric data.

With this update apparently it’s going to also let you log into certain websites using your face and recognizing who you are and then logging into the site.

We¬†don’t know if it’s going to be tied directly into the site as like a partnership or maybe it’ll be a plugin that saves your data and fills it in if you have your correct authentication or something like that but it should be pretty interesting to see what they do.

windows hello

More Security for Enterprise Users

For Windows Enterprise customers there’s two security features that are going to be added.

These are Windows Defender Advanced Protection and Windows Information Protection.

Respectively these are going to protect Business Networks from attack not necessarily just individual computers and the windows information protection allows you to more separate business and personal information so it protects against data loss.

windows 10 anniversary update

Windows Ink

Windows Ink will let you write and use handwriting to interact with some apps.

We expect this is mostly going to be just for tablets like their surface but you theoretically could use it on a desktop with a mouse or maybe with a writing.

Certain apps are going to allow this to be used with it such as Microsoft Office.

You may be able to hand write notes in word for example or in edge you can do handwritten annotations on websites or in their Maps app you could hand draw roots and then that would be used for driving instructions.

windows ink

Cortana Improvements

There’s going to be a couple improvements for Cortana for example being able to remember information they say like your flight information or maybe where you parked.

You’re also going to be able to get notifications across different devices where you’re logged in to the same account.

windows 10 upgrade

Extensions Support for Microsoft Edge

For Microsoft edge we think this is really exciting that they are finally adding extensions.

It’s been long overdue this is pretty much the last browser to get extensions.

We don’t know why they took so long to allow extensions in edge the default browser for Windows but maybe now it will actually be a competitive browser.

A lot of people including myself that’s one of the main reasons peoples never even really considered the Edge browser. it is because people’s use a lot of extensions that they find useful maybe now they will actually take a look at it.

microsoft edge extension

Gaming Features

Windows 10 and Xbox have been becoming more integrated recently.

So for example Xbox anywhere is a feature that will let you buy the game once and played on both Xbox and Windows 10 for certain games and then also let you play on both and share progress such as achievements.

windows 10 gaming

So this is obviously a pretty big update for Windows 10. We think that this is basically the equivalent of a service pack although windows 10 isn’t calling it that anymore.

Microsoft has been known to say that this is going to be the last version of windows where instead of big updates and service packs they’re just going to be incremental updates continuously and eventually it’s probably just going to be called windows.

if you haven’t yet upgraded to Windows 10 and you want to now would be the time because the windows 10 free upgrade is only going to be available until the end of July so if you want to update now’s the time where else you’re going to have to pay up later.

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