Is coding important for women?

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According to the new report of survey in the world that the number of men using the internet is more than the women. Every time from south to west, more men than women are online to the internet. Not only internet that is using by men, but also coding that is using a lot by men than the women. However, women learning code is seeking change. The average of women learning code or computer is getting high than the men. Moreover, there are some other programs and inventions that have created by the women, most cases happen in the present. In this article we are going to tell you whether coding is important to women or not.

Report of a LLC to women’s coding

LLC is an organization that is working to level the playing field for women online. The report of LLC is that 29 chapters across Canada, the nonprofit has already taught HTML, CSS, Python, web design, and other digital skills to over 40,000 learners. The results of the report showed 92percent of those learners identify as women that is quiet a great change. You can understand from the report that the coding value is getting more rather than the men.


It is a part of LLC that is working with the intention to let the girls or women to learn about the code. Mozilla had many crucial interviews with expert people for sharing the ideas about woman coding system. We are going to tell you about Melissa who is the CEO and Co Founder of LLC.

Melisa has reported that the women do program about code and their ambitions are to focus on girls and women to code. She added, we’re starting to work with our local parliamentarians and government officials about impacting systemic issues. It is inform to the people that they are advocating and supporting women and technology. However, we’ve only recently started trying the movement of the needle in a bigger way.

Melissa talked about a couple that in the classroom a girl said she can’t code because technology is for boys. She added furthermore that across many countries around the world, more men than women use the Internet. Likewise, I feel in our community that the parents choose their boys for technology camp, but not the girls. She thinks that there is a huge decline around women in technology, but technology is very much closer towards the boys.

Impacts of new programs about women

Finally, most programmers and women are planning to have an environment that can provide coding resources to females of all kinds. There are so many programs like LLC across the world that are struggling for the women. The programs are trying to motive the girls to pursue technology early on and provide them chances to get interest in technology.


Well, some of the programs run for girls specifically to make them aware of the technology. As we mentioned that both technology and coding is important to the women. We hope that our ideas can help you and for further information you can visit to our website. Our website is WWW.INTERNETSEEKHO.COM

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