Windows 10 Last Chance to Upgrade: Should You Upgrade?

A lot of you have probably been holding off on upgrading to Windows 10 but there is a deadline coming up. So we will explain whether or not you should keep holding out on Windows 10 or just give up and upgrade if you haven’t already and some reasons why?

Windows 10: Should You Upgrade?

Now in our opinion you should just upgrade on July 29th. Windows 10 is not going to be offering a free upgrade anymore.

You’re going to have to pay probably around $99 to upgrade from your current windows version and why would you want to do that if you’re going to be able to get it free for now.

Lots of people have been saying that the windows 10 upgrade notification is really annoying they don’t want to upgrade they think they enjoy their current operating system it’s fine.

But really there’s no real downside to upgrading.

There were some compatibility issues but now everything is really being ironed out and if you are concerned about privacy there are ways to address that as well for example just enabling a local account as opposed to a Microsoft Lync account.

Windows 10 Should you upgrade

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Another thing to remember is you’re probably going to have to upgrade eventually anyway.

Windows always moving forward and they drop old versions from support meaning you’re going to have less security mostly less support in general and then you’re going to have to upgrade eventually anyway.

If you can get the free upgrade right now and get all the updates going forward the better security patches everything there’s no real reason to not do that. Security patches are probably the best benefit.

Windows 10 is releasing the anniversary update all around the same time as it was released last year.

Also come October you’re not going to be able to buy any more OEM windows 7 which means when you buy a new computer you’re not going to be able to get windows 7 on it.  it’s going to have to be probably Windows 10.

We don’t know if they’re going to even do windows 8 anymore because Windows 10 Microsoft is really pushing it the last version of windows and the reason for that is they will not push any big huge chunk updates like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1.

it’s going to be much more incremental updates with maybe some big free patches along the way such as this anniversary update.

Going further on these updates in addition to being able to get more frequent updates on Windows 10, Windows 7 is going to be much less frequently updated maybe except for security patches.

You’re not going to see any new features for windows 7 or even windows 8 everything is going to be focused on Windows 10.

So if you want to have the state of the art technology and features you got to go with windows 10.

Windows Seven was probably the best in terms of upgrading over previous versions especially vista.

Windows 8 was pretty terrible but Windows 10 it’s really fine you get used to it there’s aspects of the start menu that you can customize make it really closer to windows 7 even though it doesn’t look the same Windows 10 really has a lot of the same features and it works great.


Windows 10 is not that bad of an operating system. Jokes aside people criticize Windows 10 all the time but it’s totally fine.

There’s really no reason not to upgrade at this point and if you’ve been holding off you probably should before July 29th.

There’s not that much time left and you can save yourself a lot of money a lot of headache because you know maybe a year from now you do have to upgrade anyway and then you’re going to be shooting yourself in the foot because you have to spend an extra hundred dollars.


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